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Osprey "COLOUR" Series

(all 23 x 21 cm, approx 130 pp, full colour; fine) each £6

Airshow USA.(P.Handleman).

American Warbirds.(Pealing).

Antique & Classic Airplanes.(Davies & Vines).

Asian Airpower - Exotic warplanes in action (P Steinemann)

Bombing Iron;Airworthy bombers of WW2 and Korea.(M.O'Leary).

Dogfight; Jet Fighters in Combat.(C.Allen)

 Fast Jets (Chris Allen)

Fast Jets 2 (Chris Allen).

Fighter Interceptors; America's Cold War Defenders. (Francillon,Lewis,Dunn).

Gunfighters;Airworthy fighters of WW2 & Korea.(M.O'Leary).

Gunsmoke USAF worldwide gunnery meet (J.W.Shehan)

Jet Combat (Ian Black)

Mirage! - Dassault's Mach 2 Warriors (Duchateau & Huertas).

Phantoms Forever.(R.F.Dorr).

Recce Tech - Phantom & Dragon Lady (Crickmore).

Reno Air Racing Unlimited (Moll).


Spitfire;A Living Legend.(J.Flack).

T-6 Texan: The Immortal Pilot Trainer.

US Navy Air Wings;Flamboyant markings 1965-1975.(Francillon & Lewis).

Valiant Air Command.(Pealing & Savage).

Warbirds (Jerram).

Wild Weasels - Elite Radar-killers of the USAF (Thornborough & Mormillo)

Superbase 9:Yuma (Hall).

Superbase 16

Superbase 19 Dijon; The Mirage Masters; (Blackman)


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