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      Published as individual numbers and in a variety of bound volumes at different times. The volume numbers do not always contain the same item numbers, this varying from edition to edition, making it necessary to collect only one edition's bound vols to get a satisfactory set.

     The first "red" issues numbered 1 to 204. Later "red cover" issues were also bound in green/black cloth with numbering as the "blue cover" vols.   The later "blue" series repeated the 204, then continued to 262. "Red" and "blue" issues are not quite the same dimensions, so do not satisfactorily mix. 

     The only certain thing is that each profile number always applies to the same aircraft type

Loose Run in Binders. No 1-204 comp. 120

Loose Run. Red Series 1-204,less 120. 100

Bound Volumes RED - original issues:-

Vol 1 (1965) Profiles 1-24 - fine. 12

Vol 6 1967 Profiles 169-192 - fine, vg d/w 10

RED-Doubleday:-(same colour cloth as originals)

Vol 1 Profiles 1-24 - fine inc d/w. ` 12

RED - black & green covers.

Vol 4 Profiles 73-96 - fine except rear d/w torn. 10

Vol 6 Profiles 121-144 - fine inc d/w. 12

BLUE - (larger format, black & green covers)

Vol 1 in 2 vols - Profiles 1-24 - fine inc d/w. the pair 12

Vol 1 Part 1 - Profiles 1-12 - nr fine inc d/w.. 6

Vol 1 Profiles 1-24 - fine but d/w torn. 12

Vol 4 Profiles 73-96 - nr fine int,torn d/w. 12

Individual Profiles Many in stock (both red & blue versions) if vg/fine each £2

I am offering the following Profiles @ 1 or 50p (where shown *)


"Flypast". Card bound assorted selection of the original Red Profiles,all vg-fine. each 6

Vol 1;Profile Nos.14,152,149,186,179,154,110,176,132,156.

Vol 2;Profile Nos.170,188,105,198,159,182,173,66,155,120.

Vol 3;Profile Nos.178,201,185,119,44,172,153,146,168,180.

Vol 4;Profile Nos.107,63,71,174,104,194,195,162,158,72.

Vol 6;Profile Nos.103,121,181,74,62,109,157,175,163,115.



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