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World War 2 - softcover

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Aeroplane Spotter  INVASION AIRCAFT - FRIEND OR FOE?  Photographs and details   May 1944; paper covers, 13 x 12cm, 40pp, photos; vg  4.00  
BN: 42111    
Air Historian (Australia)  AIR HISTORIAN Book 1  Regency House, Australia, 1973; card covers, 28 x 21cm, 52pp, f.il;lus; good 4.00  
BN: 40853    

Air Ministry  THE ROCKET RACKET -  An A,B.C. of R.P. Firing      AMP 187, Sept 1944; 20 x 15cm l'scape, 24pp, pictorial (diags); vg

Scarce official booklet.    
BN: 31480
 unusual assembly of data, apparently only used at eovilton;fair-good

Allen, Michael  DFC**  PURSUIT THROUGH DARKENED SKIES -  an ace night-fighter    -crew in World War II.  2001 card-cover version of Airlife 1st, 1999; 347pp, photos & diags in text, biblio; fine.

The tactics and experiences of the team (the author with Harry White) in operations with 141 Squadron, under Bob Braham.  
BN: 29180

Berger, Monty & B.J.Street  INVASIONS WITHOUT TEARS -  The story of Canada's top-scoring Spitfire wing in Europe in WW 2.  Vintage Books (Canada) 1994; card covers, 240pp, 26 photos; glossary & biblio; fine.

BN: 28772

Billings, Ray    GET DOWN! -  Personal recollections of a School Boy.  Author published, 2000. card covers, 145pp, f.illus; fine. 

Memories of an aviation enthusiast during WW 2 (Mainly in Croydon,) 
BN: 31063

Bishop, Patrick  FIGHTER BOYS  Harper card cxovers, 2004; 440pp, many photos; nr fine

BN: 31513
Bond, Charles R. & Terry H.Anderson   A FLYING TIGER'S DIARY -  Texas University Press 1st, 1984; card covers, 248pp, 43 photos, Roster; fine, AUTHOR'S SIGNED DEDICATION. 30.00
BN: 30498
Bowden, Tim CHANGI PHOTOGRAPHER - George Aspinall's Record of Captivity. £10.00
Australian Broadcasting Corp., 1985; card covers, 22 x 21cm, 144pp, f.illus; fine.
BN: 30104

Bowers, Peter M.  5OTH ANNIVERSARY, BOEING B-17 FLYING FORTRESS -  1935-1985.  Museum of Flight, 1985; card covers, 28 x 22cm l'scape, 100pp, f.illus (photos, col paintings, 3-viewline drgs, diags); fine. 

Celebration of the type's history, from progenitors to post-war civil uses.
BN: 29342

Bowyer M.J.F.  DUXFORD -  it's first year of war.  Undated; 21 x 15cm, 28pp, photos; fine.

Includes serials of aircraft known to have flown from Duxford during the period.
BN: 26101
Bowyer, Chaz  GUNS IN THE SKY -   The air gunners of World War Two.  Dent 1st, 1979;1979;; 24 x 19cms, 18opp, 120 photos; nr fine.except 1 corner sl bumped. 12.50
Dent 1st, 1979;1979;; 24 x 19cms, 18opp, 120 photos; nr fine.except 1 corner sl bumped.
BN: 22326
Brathwaite, Errol  "WE'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS" -  Caxton Press, New Zealand, 1994; card covers, 275pp, f.illus (photos, cartoons); fine.  8.00
Anthology of extracts from books by N.Z. airmen in WW 2.
BN: 29337
Caine, Philip D.  SPITFIRES, THUNDERBOLTS AND WARM BEER -  an American fighter pilot over Europe.   Brassey's (USA) 1995 card-cover edn; 231pp, 31 photos; fnear ine. 7.50
The WW 2 story of LeRoy Grover, who served in the RAF in 1941, then transferred to the USAAF.
BN: 30810

Caruana, Richard J.  VICTORY IN THE AIR -  Malta George Cross  Modelaid Publications, 1996; card covers, 24 x 17cm, 254pp, f.illusbiblio; fine.

Very well illustrated history of the Malta war..
BN: 31925,,

Caygill, Peter  THE DARLINGTON SPITFIRE -  A charmed life.  Airlife 1999; card covers, 174pp, many photos in text, Log of operations & operator pilots, biblio; fine

Built from donations in Darlington, this Spitfire Vb was flown by an amazing number of pilots from 15 different bases.  
BN: 31539

Childs, Edgar M. ("Jumbo")  KISMET -  A Flight Engineer's Story.  Author-published, 2001; card covers, 30pp; fine (AUTHOR-SIGNED)

1942 onwards with the Pathfinder Force.
BN: 31477
 Cluett, Douglas, J.Bogle & B.Learnonth  CROYDON AIRPORT AND THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN, 1939-1940    £6.00
 Sutton Libraries, 1984; 166pp, f,illus; fine.  Well-illustrated picture of British airline activities of early WW 2, at the fall of France etc.  
 BN: 25566

Collyer, David  BATTLE OF BRITAIN DIARY -   East Kent, July-Sept 1940.  Kent Aviation Historical Research Soc., 1980; card covers, 120pp, photos, diags; near fine.

BN: 26359

Cox, Brian  TOO YOUNG TO DIE -  The story of a New Zealand fighter pilot in the Pacific War.  Hutchinson, New Zealand, 1987; card covers, 290pp, f.illus (photos, maps, 3-view silhouettes; fine.

BN: 31660

Davies, Ken  NINETY DAYS TO NORMANDY -  Niche, undated; card covers, 56pp, f.illus (photos, airfield maps); fine 

Describes the advanced landing grounds, hastily requisitioned as "back-up" to the vulnerable established stations in the South-East of England, in preparation for the Normandy landings of 1944.
BN: 31926

Deal, Lewis E.  THE MANSTON SPITFIRE - TB752 -  North Kent Books 1st, 1981; card covers, 66pp, f.illus; fine.

BN: 31673  Also Revised edn, 1986; fine - 5.50

Dickinson, Jack   THE TIME OF MY LIFE - 1940-1945 -  Life with 218 and 623 Squadrons, Bomber Command.        Compaid, 1999; card covers, 261pp, 18 illus; fine.

BN: 31770

Donnelly G.L.  THE WHITLEY BOYS -   Air Research, 1991 card covers; 222pp, 47 photos; fine; AUTHOR-SIGNED.

Author's war career, from training as wireless operator to Whitley flying, with notes of each raid.
BN: 27961

Donovan, Rita  AS FOR THE CANADIANS -  The remarkable story of the RCAF's "Guinea Pigs" of WW 2.  

BuschekBooks 1st, 2000; card covers, 303pp, many photos, lists; fine.  Individual stories of some of the Canadian burns patients.  
BN: 30262
Dymond, F.E.  A VERY SPECIAL LANCASTER -  A history of Lancaster Mk 1 R5868  RAF Museum, undated; card covers, 22 x 19cm, 32pp, f.illus; fine. 4.00
BN: 35850

Dymott, Roderick  FLEET AIR ARM -  1939-45 Portfolio.  Ian Allan, 1981; card covers, 24 x 18cm, 96pp, pictorial; fine.

BN: 25794

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