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World War 2

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Freeman, Roger A. THE BRITISH AIRMAN - £12.00
A & A.P. 1st, 1989; 175pp, 8O photos; fine, vg d/w ."Experiences of War" series - new angles on the RAF's WW 2 history plus some unusual photos.  
BN: 25889
Freeman, Roger A. THE MIGHTY EIGHTH - A history of the U.S. 8th Army Air Force £14.00
Doubleday version of 4th Imp, 1973 (from Mc & J 1st of 1970); 28 x 23cm, 311pp, f.illus (photos of air personnel, unit histories, col views of aircraft types); near vg inc d/w. The celebrated original work.    
BN: 23157
Freeman,Roger THE U.S. STRATEGIC BOMBER - the doctrine, the war plan, ops against Germany & Japan, the arms, training. £7.50
McD & Jane's 1st, 1975; 160pp, f.illus, statistics; nr fine inc d/w.
BN: 21984

Freeman, Roger A.  MIGHTY EIGHTH WAR MANUAL -  Jane's 1st, 1984; 28 x 23cm, 320pp, f.illus (photos, airfield plans, maps); fine inc d/w. 

The organisational achievement behind the successes.
BN: 25174
"After the Battle", 5th, 1989; 31 x 22cm, 240pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w. maps & photos of all 8th AF stations, "Then & Now".  
BN: 23156

Freeman, Roger A.  UK AIRFIELDS OF THE NINTH THEN AND NOW - After the Battle 1994; 30 x 22cm, 256pp, f.illus (location maps, photos); fine inc d/w. 

Illustrated descriptions of 62 airfields used by the Ninth AF.
BN: 30291

Freeman, Roger A.  RAIDING THE REICH -  the allied strategic bombing offensive in Europe.  A & A.P. 1st, 1997; 28 x 22cm, 160pp, f.illus; fine, vg d/w.

A picture of the bomber operations of RAF & USAF crews; many illustrations of the damage some surviving aircraft sustained.  
BN: 29784
Friedman, Kenneth I. AFTERNOON OF THE RISING SUN - The Battle of Leyte Gulf. £18.00
Presidio USA 1st, 2001; 414pp, 30 photos, maps & diags; fine inc d/w.
BN: 30490

Fry, Garry L. & Jeffrey Ethell  ESCORT TO BERLIN -  

Arco (USA) 1st, 1980; 226pp, many photos (some col), col scale drgs, individual personnel histories; nr fine inc d/w; SIGNED BY JEFF ETHELL   Story of the 4th Fighter Group, formed from the "Eagle Squadrons", flying Spitfires, Thunderbolts, then Mustangs.
BN: 27374

Fry, Garry L.  EAGLES OF DUXFORD -  the 78th Fighter Group in World War II.  Phalanx USA, 1991; 29 x 22cm, 140pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w.

Well-illustrated account of the unit's Lightnings, Thunderbolts & Mustangs in action.
BN: 27364

Gallico,Paul  THE HURRICANE STORY -  Joseph 1st, 1959; 19 x 13cm, 144pp, 25 photos; fine, sl torn d/w. 

Popular-style story of the fighter's service in WW 2.  
BN: 24928  

Gardner, Charles  A.A.S.F. -  Hutchinson 1st, 1940; 255pp, 30 photos; good int, cloth faded, fair d/w. 

Personal account of the early months of the war - references to "Cobber" Kain; becoming scarce.   
BN: 20885  

Garello, Giancarlo  REGIA AERONAUTICA E ARMEE DE L'AIR -  1940-1943    Edizione Bizzarri, Rome, 1973; 29 x 21cm, 190pp, f.illus; nr fine inc d/w.

Italian lang; a history of the French and Italian air forces in WW 2 and their aircraft  
BN: 31689  

Garnett, David WAR IN THE AIR - Sept 1939 - May 1941. £7.50
Chatto 1st, 1941; 200pp, 9 illus; vg.  Early WW 2 history covering all Commands & theatres; (other copies available)  
BN: 21525
Gelb, Norman SCRAMBLE - A narrative history of the Battle of Britain. £14.50
Joseph 1st, 1986; 286pp, ep maps, 30 photos; fine, near fine d/w (d/w lettering faded).
BN: 21595

Geust, Carl-Fredrik  UNDER THE RED STAR -  Luftwaffe aircraft in the Soviet Air Force.  Airlife 1st, 1993; 26 x 21cm, 168pp, f.illus (photos, line drgs), scource biblio; fine inc d/w.

German aircraft were purchased by the Soviet Air Force before WW 2 and used for reference bt the Soviet aircraft industry in design ; during WW 2 some Luftwaffe aircraft were captured and some "evaluation" data were obtained at the end of WW 2 on advanced German designs.  
BN: 31682
Gibbs, Wg Cdr Patrick TORPEDO LEADER - £16.00
Grub St, 1992; 206pp, 22 photos; fine inc d/w .Written in 1943 but unpublished until 1992; intended as sequel to "Not Peace but a sword"; author's success as Beaufort Flight Commander is claimed to have altered the strategic policy of the time. Also - Grub St card-cover edn, 2002; fine - £7.50  
BN: 25395

Gibbs, Wg Cdr Patrick  NOT PEACE BUT A SWORD -  Cassell 1st, 1943; 256pp; vg. 

Development of the Beaufort torpedo attack tactics and a personal account of the author's war.
BN: 25887
Gill,Anton  THE GREAT ESCAPE -  Review, 2002; 270pp, 30+ photos, diags, maps; fine inc d/w  12.00
The story of the tunnell escape from Stalag Luft III .
BN: 34219

Glancey, Jonathan  SPITFIRE -  the illustrated biography.  Atlantic Books 1st, 2006; 28 x 22cm, 278pp, f.illus, Clark cut-aways on eps; fine inc d/w. 

Full type story, from Schneider precursors through development & operation to latest Marks - including the Seafires.
BN: 31891

Goddard, A.M. Sir Victor  SKIES TO DUNKIRK -  a personal memoir.  Kimber 1st, 1982; 269pp, 17 photos; near fine inc d/w. 

The author had the task of organising the RAF's force in France in 1940 and of supporting Lord Gort in effecting the eventual evacuation - he describes the chaos in between.
BN: 25890

Godwin, George     MARCONI 1939-1945 -  a war record.  Chatto, 1946; 127pp, f.illus; near fine.

A record of some of the innovations that the Company contributed.
BN: 31688

Golley, John  HURRICANES OVER MURMANSK -  Flying with the RAF in Northern Russia.  PSL 1st, 1987; 215pp, f.illus; biblio; fine inc d/w. 

Story of the squadrons sent to the aid of Russia in 1941.
BN: 23761

Golley, John  "...SO FEW" -  W.H.Smith for the RAF Benevolent Soc., 1992 (from the limited 1990 edn). 34 x 24cm, 273pp, photos, drgs; fine inc d/w.

From the original, 1,600, signed edn;  artistic impressions of 25 of the surviving participants in the Battle of Britain; facsimiles of the pilots' written stories & signatures; attractive.

Golley, John  AIRCREW UNLIMITED -  the Commonwealth Air Training Plan during WW 2.  

PSL 1st, 1993; 192pp, 61 photos; nr fine inc d/w.
BN: 27373
Goodenough, Simon GREAT LAND, SEA AND AIR BATTLES OF WORLD WAR II - WAR MAPS - WW 2, from Sept 1939 to Aug 1945 air, sea & land, battle by battle. £10.00
Peerage Books 1988 (from 1982 M & J 1st); 31 x 23cm, 192pp, col maps & descriptive text; col boards; fine. Colour maps give chronology of movements & direction of attacks.  
BN: 29695
Gordon, Yefim & Dmitri Khazanov  SOVIET COMBAT AIRCRAFT OF THE 2nd WORLD WAR   Vol 1; Single-Engined Fighters     Midland, 1998; 29 x 22cm, 184pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w 16.00
Edited by P Jarrett & K Ellis
Grant, William Newby P-51 MUSTANG - £7.50
Bison 1980 (from US original; 29 x 22cm, 64pp, f.illus (some col); fine inc d/w. Good picture of the famous fighter and some of its contemporaries.  
BN: 27109
10-vol set; Macdonald 1961/2 (mostly 1st edns) 14 x 13cms, approx 190pp each; photos, line drawings, data;  (Excellent reference books on WW 2 aircraft types);  vg or fine inc d/ws; Also a set without d/ws - 50.    Also - Separate vols; -    Vols 4,7 & 8 (nr fine inc d/ws 8 ea); Vols 1 ,2 , 3, 5 , 6 & 10 (fine, torn d/ws 7 ea)), 4,7 & 8 (, vg inc d/ws - 8 ea); ; vol 2, 6 & 10 without d/ws - 6.  
BN: 22343
Macdonald 1st, 1957; 28 x 19cm, 128pp, f.illus; fine; AUTHOR-SIGNED DEDICATION. This vol covers 17 types.Also - Second series, 1st, 1962; fine, vg, torn d/w (covers 12 further types) - 8.  
BN: 22345
Macdonald 1st, 1959; 25 x 19cms, 134pp, photos, shaded drgs, line drgs; nr-fine,  (Usual 1st edn quality of paper and photos).1st series covers 12 types.  .Also - combined edn; fine, good d/w - 10  
BN: 22346

Gribble, Leonard R.  HEROES OF THE FIGHTING R.A.F.-  Harrap 1st, 1941; 204pp, 16 photos; nr fine, vg d/w. 

Stories of WW 1 & WW 2 actions.
BN: 21347

Gribble, Leonard R.  EPICS OF THE FIGHTING R.A.F. -  Harrap 1st, 1943; 192pp, 15 photos; vg, fair d/w.

More stories, following the style of the previous book," Heroes of the Fighting R.A.F.", with one story representative of the F.A.A.
BN: 25398

Grimwood A.R.  FLIGHTS AND FANCIES -  New Zealand, 1943; 19 x 13cm, 180pp, cartoons in text; near fine, torn remains of d/w; AUTHOR-SIGNED.

Selected short stories about service life in both world wars. (mostly WW 2) Also another, nr fine (unsigned) 14
BN: 28826

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