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World War 2

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Fairhead, Ralph  AN AIRMAN'S DIARY -  New Horizon 1st, 1982; 104pp, 11 photos; few ink annotations, o/w nr fine inc d/w 

Engine fitter in Fighter Command, then Flight Engineer/Second Pilot in Bomber Command; crash, hospital, instructing; thoughts about politics and the causes of the war.    
BN: 31664    
Falconer, Jonathan RAF BOMBER AIRFIELDS OF WORLD WAR 2 - £15.00
Ian Allan 1st, 1992; 30 x 23cm, 128pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w. Details of bases, some with maps; organisation; graphic accounts of action.  
BN: 25732  

Farrar, James  THE UNRETURNING SPRING - Williams & Norgate 1st, 1950242pp, portrait photo; vg inc d/w (spine of d/w sl faded) 

Killed trying to destroy a flying bomb in 1944, aged 20, the author had already produced much outstanding literature (poems, sketches, letters and a nature diary; the book contains a description of his experiences and impressions training in the RAF and early service. A literature classic, edited & introduced by Henry Williamson.  Scarce.  
BN: 31675  

Fellowes, A.Comm.P.F.M.  BRITAIN'S WONDERFUL AIR FORCE - Odhams c1942; 316pp, f.illus, blue cloth, torn remains of d/w.

A good contemporary picture of the early WW 2 operations of all branches of the RAF.  
BN: 22773  

Field, Peter J.  CANADA'S WINGS -  Lane 1st, 1942; 19 x 13cm, 126pp; vg, torn remains of d/w. 

Accounts of the Canadians who flew in the early part of WW 2, with some introductory pages on WW 1 participants. Lists of some of the decorations awarded to date.  
BN: 28019  

Fochuk, Stephen M.  METAL CANVAS -  Canadians and World War II Aircraft Nose Art.  Vanwell (Ontario) 1999; 29 x 22cm, 191pp, pictorial (some col); fine inc d/w.

A good reference to the markngs and decorations used on Canadian aircraft.  
BN: 31307  

Ford, Corey & Alastair MacBain  FROM THE GROUND UP -  Scribners USA, 1943; 197pp, 4 colour paintings (across 2 pages each), endpaper diags showing a typical programme from a training day; vg, v torn d/w

Scarce (in UK) account of training for USAF service.  
BN: 31287  
Foreman, John  BATTLE OF BRITAIN -  the forgotten months, Nov & Dec 1940.  Air Research 1st, 1988; 222pp, photos, data; fine inc d/w. 15.00
Day-by-day account with details of actions & casualties on both sides.  
BN: 23753  
Forrester, Larry  FLY FOR YOUR LIFE -The story of The Immortal Tuck.  Muller 1st, 1956; 367pp, 28 photos;near- fine.(withour d/w) 12.50

Foster, Capt John M. USMCR  HELL IN THE HEAVENS -  The story of The Immortal Tuck. - the true combat adventures of a marine fighter pilot in WW 2.   Zenger USA (from Putnam 1st), 1961; 320pp, 27 photos; fine, nr fine d/w. 

the true combat adventures of a marine fighter pilot in WW 2.  
BN: 30489  
Franks, Norman L.R. THE BATTLE OF THE AIRFIELDS - 1st January 1945. 17.50
Kimber 1st ,1982; 224pp, 48 photos, maps, appendices (units, losses etc), biblio; fine .Describes an "eleventh hour" attack by 800 Luftwaffe fighters on allied airfields in Holland, Belgium & France.  .  
BN: 24616  

Franks, Norman  HURRICANES OVER THE ARAKAN -  PSL 1st, 1989; 238pp, 72 photos, orders of battle, claims & losses; fine inc d/w (owner's bookplate inside f. cover))

The first two years of the Japanese war over Burma.  
BN: 24037  

Franks, Norman & Wg Cdr Paul Richey  FIGHTER PILOT'S SUMMER - Grub St 1st, 1993; 248pp, 54 photos, diag; nr fine inc d/w. 

Starting as Paul Richey's sequel to his book "Fighter Pilot" and continued, after Paul's death, as the further history of the Squadron, written by Franks with help from records. Appendices include details of Paul Richey's RAF career and 609 Squadron.  
BN: 31679  
 Freeman, Roger   THUNDERBOLT - a documentary history of the Republic P-47.
 McD & Jane's 1st, 1978; 29 x 22cm, 152pp, f.illus (some col); vg (no d/w).  Details of versions, performance, squadrons, engines; pilot opinions etc.  
BN:  24595  

Freeman, Roger A.  THE HUB -  fighter leader.  Airlife 1st, 1988; 256pp, many photos; fine inc d/w. 

The story of Hub Zemke, America's great WW 2 fighter commander as told to Roger Freeman.  
BN: 27234  

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