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World War 2

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Dover, Major Victor M.C. THE SKY GENERALS - £15.00
Cassell 1st, 1981; 215pp, 33 photos, 7 maps; nr fine inc d/w. The generals of the airborne forces, who flew and fought with the men.
BN: 26946

Downing, Taylor & Andrew Johnston  BATTLE STATIONS -  Decisive weapons of the Second World War.  Leo Cooper 1st, 2000; 232pp plus 16pp of col photos; many other monochrome photos in text; near fine inc d/w with AUTHORS' SIGNATURES to dedication and a written note thanking recipient for help with  the series.

Stories about the wartime contributions of the Spitfire, Dakota, Sherman tank & DUKW.
BN: 31511
Drake B & C. Shores  BILLY DRAKE, FIGHTER LEADER -  The autobiography of Gp Capt B. Drake DSO   Grub St 1st, 2002; 160pp, 41 photos; near fine inc d/w. 16.00
BN: 31167

Drake, Francis Vivian  VERTICAL WARFARE -  Doubleday USA 1st, 1943; 142pp, f.illus (photos, diags; vg (fine int). 

Rather scarce contemporary description of USAF precision bombing in Europe.
BN: 28066

Drummond, John D.   H.M. U-BOAT -  Allen 1st, 1958; 228pp, 15 photos; vg, sl ragged d/w. 

Story of the capture of U-Boat 570 by a Hudson of 269 Squadron Coastal Command.
BN: 31661

Dudgeon, A.v-M. A.G.  THE WAR THAT NEVER WAS -  Airlife 1st, 1991; 186pp, maps; fine inc d/w.

Description of the defence of the Habbaniya RAF Base by the Training School, where the author had gone "for a rest"!.
BN: 26186

Dudgeon, A v.M A.G.  HIDDEN VICTORY -  The battle of Habbaniya, May 1941.  Tempus 1st, 2000; 25 x 18cm, 146pp, maps, 28 photos; fine inc d/w.

The fight against the Iraqui army & air force by No 4 Flying Training School at Habbaniya using Hawker Audax & Airspeed Oxfords.
BN: 31746

Dudley-Gordon, Sqdn Ldr Tom  COASTAL COMMAND AT WAR -  Jarolds 1st, 1940s; 20 x 14cm, 211pp, 40 photos; nr fine, vg d/w (few pages have small ink annotations)  Also another, without d/w - 14.

Describes early WW 2 operations.
BN: 23757

Dundas, Hugh  FLYING START -  A fighter pilot's war years.  Paul 1988 reprint of 1988 1st; 180pp, 32 photos, map, letters; fine inc d/w. 

Famous fighter pilot, later Gp Capt Sir Hugh Dundas, describes the intensity of war flying; Battle of Britain, Wing Commander at 22, Tunisia & Italy, ended war as youngest Group Captain at 24.
BN: 24614

Dunmore, Spencer  WINGS FOR VICTORY -  the remarkable story of the British Commonwealth Training Plan in Canada.  McClelland & Stewart (Canada) 1994; 399pp, 49 photos, notes, biblio; fine inc d/w.

Account, with many anecdotes, of how uver 130,000 aircrews were trained in Canada
BN: 27369

Dunmore, Spencer  ABOVE AND BEYOND -  The Canadians' War in the Air, 1939-45.  McClennand & Stewart (Canada) 1st, 1996; 384pp, 44 photosnotes & biblio; fine inc d/w

BN: 31068

Dunn, William R.  FIGHTER PILOT -  the first American ace of World War II.  Univ. Press of Kentucky 1st, 1982; 234pp, 40 photos; fine. 

Memoirs of an Eagle Squadron flying Spitfires; later in the USAF in Europe & Asia.
BN: 31620
Dupuy, Trevor N. THE AIR WAR IN THE WEST - JUNE 1941-APRIL 1945 - £8.00
Watts "Illustrated History of World War II", 1965 edn, from 1963 USA 1st;22 x 19cm, 66pp, f.illus; near fine inc d/w.
BN: 21505
Ward 1st, 1966; Illustrated History of WW 2, Vol 13; 22 x 19cm, 88pp, f.illus (photos & maps); nr fine inc d/w.
BN: 24179
Dupuy,Trevor N. THE AIR WAR IN THE WEST - SEPT 1939-MAY 1941- £8.00
Ward (UK) "Illustrated History of WW 2" series; 1964 (from Watts USA, 1963 1st); 22 x 19cm, 76pp, f.illus (photos & maps); fine, vg d/w.  
BN: 21506

"Ellan B.J."(Sqdn Ldr)  SPITFIRE! -  The experiences of a Fighter Pilot.  Murray 1st, 1942; 19 x 13cm, 99pp, 22 photos; vg int, cloth sl soiled.

contains much wartime anonymity but also photos of pilot groups & some vg flying shots.     
BN: 23469    
Emory, John M.G. THE SOURCE BOOK OF WORLD WAR II AIRCRAFT - a complete directory and bibliography. £14.00
Blandford 1st, 1986; 269pp; fine inc d/w. Source information on WW 2 subjects.  
BN: 30153  

English Electric Ltd.  WAR DIARY OF THE ENGLISH ELECTRIC COMPANY Ltd -  March 1938-Aug 1945.  Hard-bound, 28 x 22cm, 255pp, f.illus, decorated boards; near fine.

Chronological picture of highlights from the Company's war history, with a section on D.Napier (taken over in Dec 1942).  
BN: 26881  

Escott, Sqdn Ldr Beryl E.  OUR WARTIME DAYS -  The WAAF in World War II.  Alan Sutton 1st, 1995; 26 x 18cm, 196pp, f.illus; nr fine inc d/w (last page of index creased)

life in the WAAF at home and overseas.  
BN: 31663  

Ethell, Jeff & G.L.Walbrun  EAA WARBIRDS OF AMERICA. Inc -  Vol 1, 1989.  Turner Pub Co, USA, 1989 (Ed'n limited to 1,000); 31 x 23cm, 88pp, f.illus (some col); fine. 

History of "Warbirds of America" with biog. notes & list of members. Photos illustrate surviving WW 2 aircraft (many Mustangs!).  
BN: 28374  
Ethell,Jeffrey & Alfred Price TARGET BERLIN - Mission 250, 6 March 1944. £15.00
Jane's 1st, 1981); 212pp, 73 photos, 11 maps & diags, biblio, statistics; near fine inc d/w. Also A & A.P. 1989 edn; fine, vg d/w - £14.  
BN: 21481  

Euler, Helmut  ALS DEUTSCHLANDS DAEMME BRACHEN -  Die wahrheit ueber die bombardierung der Moehne-Eder-Sorpe-Straudaemme 1943.    Motorbuch, 1984; 224pp, many photos; fine inc d/w. German lang. 

"When the German dams broke - the truth about the bombing of the Moehne-Eder-Sorpe dams in 1943"  
BN: 31666  

Evans Sdn Ldr A.J.  ESCAPE AND LIBERATION 1940-1945 -  H & S 1st, 1945; 238pp, unillus; fine, good d/w.  

Author of "The Escaping Club" (about WW 1 escapes) describes 7 individual WW 2 escapes in detail; also chapters on escapes on the Russian side.  
BN: 31333  

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