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World War 2

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Collier, Richard EAGLE DAY - The Battle of Britain. £14.00
H & S 1st, 1966; 316pp, 40 photos, extensive biblio, order of battle etc; nr fine inc d/w. Concentrates on the period Aug 13th to Sept 15th 1940.Also 1981 Shere card-cover edn, 1981; near fine - £7.50.  
BN: 21884  
Collins (pub'r) WINGS OF BRITAIN - £6.50
Collins c1940; 19 x 13cm, 0.7cm thick; f.illus; g-vg .A very "period" pocket picture of flying before & during early WW 2; chapters on "Peace-time flying", "The sporting contests", "The Royal Air Force" & "Aircraft & the Navy". Also. another version, containing only Chapters 1 & 2, picture cover, good-vg - £5.  
BN: 25436  
Confederate Air Force THE GHOST SQUADRON OF THE CONFEDERATE AIR FORCE - Pictorial history of the preservation of the greatest combat aircraft of WW 2. £20.00
Taylor Pub Co, USA, 1975; 31 x 23cm, 256pp, pictorial (much good colour), silver badge on f cover; nr fine.(previous owner's bookplate inside front). Superbly illustrated picture of the CAF, its development, aircraft & structure. Also the card-cover "Story of the Ghost Squadron" (24pp, f.illus, all col) - 5  
BN: 25172  
Dodd, Mead, New York, 1969; 24 x 18cm l'scape, 64pp, f.illus; near fine, good d/w. Describes & illustrates British, American & Russian types.  
BN: 28393  
    These were some of the recognition bibles in WW 2 as well as being references for modelling.    Stock of separate vols always changing - please advise requirements. Current stock -Vol 1 (1st edn) vg (spine faded) 10; Vol 1 (3rd Imp) 12[ Vol 1 (Dec 1941 "fineline" edn); vg - 15; Vol 2 1941; vg - 12 & another 10; Vol 3 poor but complete 8; Vol 3 (vg) 10; Vol 4 (few plans mis-folded, cloth worn ) 8; Vol 5 (vg, worn d/w - 14; another Vol 5 (vg, ragged d/w - 18Vol 6 (vg, fair d/w 20 ); Vol 6  good (no d/w) - 14; Also - Argus reprint of Vol 6  fine  inc d/w 10                                                                                                                                                                      
BN: 22335  
Cooper, Alan AIR BATTLE OF THE RUHR - RAF offensive, March to July 1943. £16.00
Airlife 1st, 1992; 220pp, 32 photos; appendices; fine inc d/w. Appendices include lists of crews lost & related statistics.  
BN: 26234  

Cooper, Alan  BORN LEADER -  the story of Guy Gibson VC.  

Independent Books 1st, 1993; 192pp, many photos, diags; fine inc d/w.
BN: 28381

Copp, DeWitt S.  FORGED IN FIRE -  Strategy & Fecisions in the Airwar over Europe 1940-1945.  Doubleday USA, 1982; 531pp, photos in text, biblio; vg, ex-USAF libwith minimal stamps, endpapers sl marked, vg d/w.

Wartime politics, strategies & the birth pains of the independent USAF; sequel to the author's "A few great captains".  
BN: 31499  
 Cotton, M.C. "Bush"  HURRICANES OVER BURMA -  Grub St, 1995 (from Titania Pub. (Australia 1st of 1988);  357pp, f.illus (photos, diags, drgs);  fine inc d/w.  £19.50
 The author came to England from training with the Empire Training Scheme, served in 43 Squadron , became flight commander in 17 Sqdn; after recovery from wounds then commanded 17 Sqdn in Burma. Book includes the memoirs of Wg Cdr "Bunny" Stone DFC.  
BN:  29340  

Coughlin, Tom  THE DANGEROUS SKY -  Canadian airmen in World War 2.  Ryerson Press, Toronto 1968); 24 x 22cm, 292pp, f.illus, lists of aircraft types, aces, biblio; fine, vg d/w

BN: 23816  
Office of Air Force History, 1948-1961;   separate vols:- Vol 5 (1983 edn) "The Pacific; Matterhorn to Nagasaki", June 1944 to Aug 1945; 878pp, photos, maps, extensive notes; with extra foreword to the new edn; fine. - £20; Also similar Vol 6 (1984 - £20) & Vol 7 (1st edn, 1958; fine - 20. OR - the 3 vols - 45  
BN: 28206  

Crook, Flt Lt D.M.  SPITFIRE PILOT -  Faber 4th imp of 1st, 1942; 104pp, 13 photos, portrait by Cuthbert Orde; fine (no d/w)

Story of 609 Squadron pilot, early WW 2.  
BN: 23958  
Crosby, Harry H. A WING AND A PRAYER - The "Bloody 100th" Bomb Group of the 8th A.F. over Europe. £18.00
Robson Books 1st UK, 1993; 336pp, 2 maps, 3 diags, 72 photos; fine, vg d/w.Personal story of 100 Group navigator who survived over 30 B-17 missions over Europe.  
BN: 25885  

Crosley, Cdr R.M. "Mike"  THEY GAVE ME A SEAFIRE - Airlife 1st, 1986; 271pp, 14 photos; fine inc d/w

Appendices including lists of squadrons & pilots, naval air power, Seafire problems etc.Also card-cover edn - 10  
BN: 23381  

Cross, Roy  MILITARY AIRCRAFT 1939-1945 -  Hugh Evelyn 1971; 35 x 24cm, 43pp plus 16 full-page col side view drgs; ex Owen Thetford coll with his bookoplate & ink annotations giving aircraft types etc.

Useful colour pictures.  

Cull, Brian with N.Malizia & R.Baxter  SPITFIRES OVER SICILY -  The crucial role of the Malta Spitfires in the Battle of Sicily, Jan-Aug 1943.

Grub St 1st, 2000; 234pp, 74 photos; fine inc d/w. Inscribed by previous owner, Raymond Baxter
BN: 30820
 Cull, Brian (with Paul Sortenhaug & Marx Haselden)   BUFFALOES OVER SINGAPORE -  £16.00
 Grub St 1st, 2003; 254pp, 76 photos, biblio, individual aircraft histories; fine inc d/w.   An account of the Brewster Buffalo in service in Asia; foreword by Geoff Fisken, one of the pilots involved.  
BN: 30586  

Cumming, Michael  PATHFINDER CRANSWICK - Kimber 1st, 1962; 208pp, 17 illus, foreword by A.v.M Don Bennett; nr fine, good d/w

Scarce book in any condition!  
BN: 31500  

Dalton-Morgan, Gp Capt Tom  TOMMY LEADER -  Griffon 1st, 2007; 208pp, 66n photos, aircraft type diags;   vg inc d/w except front endpaper cut.

The author's service biography, from 1934 till retirement in 1982 - his WW 2 career included Command of 43 Squadron.    
BN: 31976    

Darlington, Roger  NIGHT HAWK -  Biography of Flt Lt Karel Kuttelwascher, the RAF's greatest night intruder ace.  Kimber 1st, 1985; 221pp, 48 photos, biblio; fine inc d/w.

Kuttelwascher won 2 DFCs in 42 days on night intruder operations after serving at the end of the Battle of Britain; his final score was 18.    
BN: 25388    
Darlow, Steve  SLEDGEHAMMERS FOR TINTACS    Bomber Command combats the V-1 menace, 1943-1944. £16.00
Grub St 1st, 2002; 212pp, 70 illus; fine inc d/w.  The title quotes Sir Arthur Tedder's statement that to attack the sites would be to use a sledgehammer for a tintack.
BN: 30799

Darlow, Stephen  LANCASTER DOWN! -  The exraordinary tale of seven young airmen at war.  Bounty Books 2007 (from Grub St 1st of 2000); 215pp, 30 illus, biblio; fine, nr fine d/w.

The author's grandfather , a pilot in 405 RCAF Squadron, with a British & Canadian crew was shot down but survived.    
BN: 31545    

David, Dennis "Hurricane"  MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY -  Grub St 1st, 2000; 216pp, 45 photos; fine inc d/w. 

Flying Hurricanes in France and the Battle of Britain, the author finally completed 30 years in the RAF, including spells as staff officer & attache - in the latter role he met many famous people & experienced the Hungarian revolution of 1956.    
BN: 30164    

Davidson, Martin & James Taylor  SPITFIRE ACE - Flying the Battle of Britain.  Channel 4 Books, undated (c2003); 25 x 19cm, 256pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w.

The Channel 4 TV programme about four young trainee pilots and Caroline Grace's 2-seat Spitfire, against the background of the B of B period and pilots.    
BN: 30377    

Davis, Burke  GET YAMAMOTO -  Random House USA 1st, 1969; ; 231pp, 22 photos, fine, vg d/w.

Full account of the mission to ambush General Yamamoto with P-38s.  
BN: 24913  

Deighton, Len  FIGHTER -  The true history of the Battle of Britain.  BCA edn of Cape 1st, 1977; 304pp, 62 photos; fine inc d/w; AUTHOR-SIGNED 

Story from the British and German points of view.  Also unsigned, nr fine inc d/w 9  
bn: 21241  
Deighton, Len BATTLE OF BRITAIN - £12.00
Cape 1st, 1980; 26 x 20cm, 224pp, f.illus (part col); fine inc d/w. Well-illustrated popular-style account with some preceding history.  
BN: 23205  

Dibbs, John & Tony Holmes  SPITFIRE - FLYING LEGEND -  60th Anniversary 1936-1996.  Osprey 1st, 1996; 29 x 24cm, 192pp, f.illus (much col); fine inc d/w.

Well illustrated tribute to the famous fighter.  ALSO-card coversfine; 13.50  
BN: 31420  

Dibbs, John & Tony Holmes  FLYING LEGENDS - a photographic study of the great piston combat aircraft of WWII.     MBI 1998; 34 x 24cm, 243pp, f.illus (mostly full-page col photos); fine inc d/w.

Much of the best of Dibbs' aircraft photography.  
BN: 31428  

Dickson, Lovat  RICHARD HILLARY -  Macmillan 1951 reprint of 1st, 1950; 202pp, 9 photos, Kennington portrait; fine, fair (chipped) d/w.

Celebrated biography of the author of "The Last Enemy".  
BN: 22337  

Dodds, Flying Officer R. Denis  HIS DIARY -  Privately printed , c1946; 19 x 13cm, 55pp, photographic print of a group pasted to fep (No note of how many printed)

Rare copy of private diary, written while the author was a P.O.W. in Japanese hands; he died of heat stroke in the Red Sea in 1945 on a hospital ship on his way home. The diary was sent to his parents after he died  
BN: 31671  

Donahue, Arthur G.  TALLY-HO! -  Yankee in a Spitfire.  Macmillan 1st, 1941; 190pp, 8 photos; vg, d/w worn at edges but with front picture intact. Now scarce.  ALSO - US-printed version with portrait photo, 190pp (larger print) and better near-vg d/w  40

Minnesota farm boy who was the first American to fight in the R.A.F.  
BN: 31662  

Donahue, Flt Lt Arthur G.  LAST FLIGHT FROM SINGAPORE -  Macmillan 1st, 1944; 154pp, 13 photos, map; near fine, vg d/w

Story of Hurricane squadron in Singapore, Palembang; by author of "Tally-ho - Yankee in a Spitfire".  Scarce.  
BN: 27110  

Donnet, Mike  FLIGHT TO FREEDOM -  Ian Allan 1st, 1974; 108pp, 63 photos; vg inc d/w. 

Fantastic story of restoration of a Stampe under German noses, then escape flight & service in RAF.  
BN: 25387  
Dorr, Robert F. US BOMBERS OF WORLD WAR TWO - £12.00
A. & A.P. 1989; 28 x 22cm, 160pp, f.illus; nr fine.10 pages plus and many photos on each type.  
BN: 25389  

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