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World War 2

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Brickhill,Paul REACH FOR THE SKY - the story of Douglas Bader. 12.00
Collins 1st, 1954, 384pp, 21 photos; vg, good d/w
BN: 21712

Briggs, Homer & James L Bass  FAIT ACCOMPLI -  a historical account of the 457th Bomb Group (H).  Published by authors, 1995; 408pp, a few photos in text, Glatton airfield map, attached addemdum listing burial locations for some of the aircrew; colourful picture boards; fine; signed by both authors & dedicated to B. Bains, who was the enthusiastic local historian in Peterborough for the Group and is mentioned in the book as a contributor to the history and a "Friend of the 8th".    ALSO - "Fait Accompli II" (Signed by author James L Bass & dedicated to Bernie Bains as above; fine - 25 (both vols 65.

Largely a "mission-by-mission" account of the actions of the Group
BN: 31496

Brown, Sqn Ldr A.J.  GROUND STAFF -  (a personal record).  E & S 1st, 1943; 183pp; fine inc d/w; AUTHOR SIGNED & INSCRIBED. 

Account, by a Bomber Command Intelligence Officer, of pre-war Austria & Poland and life in Ops Rooms, Messes etc.  
bn: 23466

Brown, David  CARRIER OPERATIONS IN WORLD WAR II -  Vol II - the Pacific Navies Dec 1941 - Feb 1943.  Ian Allan 1st, 1974; 152pp, 91 photos; fine (Owen Thetford bookplate), sl faded d/w.

Although this covers the opposing navies some of the carrier aircraft are also portrayed.  
BN: 31653

Brown, Capt Eric M.  DUELS IN THE SKY -  WW 2 naval aircraft in combat.  Airlife 1989 from USA 1st of l988; 26 x 18cm, 222pp, f.illus (photos & maps); fine inc d/w. 

Valuable comments by renowned test pilot on what the various WW 2 naval aircraft were like to fly; illustrations still well reproduced in this reprint.  
BN: 23751

Brown, George & Michael Lavigne  CANADIAN WING COMMANDERS -  Battleline Books 1st, 1984; 336pp, 45 photos, combat records; fine inc d/w.

BN: 30487
Brown, Joseph E. YESTERDAY'S WINGS - The great aircraft of WW 2 and the C.A.F. pilots who fly them today. £15.00
W.H.Allen 1st (UK), 1983; 29 x 22cm, 202pp, f.illus (some col); fine inc d/w. Photos by Dan Guravich - some vg colour.  
BN: 22083

Brown, Malcolm  SPITFIRE SUMMER -  when Britain stood alone.  Carlton Books 2000 (limited edn); 207pp, 16 photos plus 14 col illus (posters etc), maps, biblio; fine inc d/w.

Life on the ground and in the air, 1940.
BN: 30308

Bryan, Lt Cdr J. & Philip Reed  MISSION BEYOND DARKNESS -  Duell, Sloan & Pearce USA, 1945; 133pp, ep maps, 33 photos; vg. 

The carrier battle of the Philippines, 1944 featuring Hellcats, Avengers & Dauntlesses.  
BN: 31322

Bryant,Arthur & Edward Shanks  THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN - AND - THE FEW -  Hard-bound, 32pp; reprinted from "The Daily Sketch of Sept 25, 27 & 28th 1944; fine; No 20 of special edn of 300; signed by Bryant

"The Few" comprises 4 poems by Shanks.
BN: 21810

Buchan, William (Ed'r)  -  Pilot Press 5th, 1941; 28 x 22cm, 72pp; f.illu THE ROYAL AIR FORCE AT WARs; vg inc d/w. 

Good period photos of production, aerodromes, ground crews & aircraft.  Rarely found with vg d/w.
BN; 21661

Buckland, S/Ldr Jiohn RAAF - ADRIATIC ADVENTURE -  Italian barbed wire and beyond.   Robertson & Mullens, Australia 1945; 87pp, 9 photos; nr fine inc d/w. 

Prison experiences after capture in the Mediterranean.
BN: 31655  

Burke, Edmund  GUY GIBSON VC -  Arco 1st, 1961; 19 x 13cm, 128pp; vg inc d/w except pages sl browned.

war career biography.
BN: 31652
Burns, Michael G. BADER - THE MAN AND HIS MEN - £15.00
A & A.P. 1st, 1990 ; 322pp, 22 photos, diags, maps; fine inc d/w. Searching analysis of Bader's successes & character.  
BN: 27108

Bushby, John  GUNNER'S MOON -  A memoir of the night assault on Germany.  Ian Allan 1st, 1972; 189pp, 25 photos; fine inc d/w; AUTHOR-SIGNED (on small plate stuck to title page; other cuttings stuck in at front - squadron crest & note re author's death; stamped Chaz Bowyer collection.

Ground crew with 601 Sqdn pre-war & through the Battle of Britain - then as an air gunner in Manchesters & Lancasters; rather scarce.  
BN: 24008
Campbell, J.M & D.Campbell. WAR PAINT - Fighter nose art from WW2 & Korea. £16.00
Airlife 1st, 1990 (from USA 1st 1990); 27 x 31cms, f.illus (some col.); fine, vg d/w. One of the world's largest nose art collections.  
BN: 24327

Capka, Jo  RED SKY AT NIGHT -  Blond 1st,1958; 192pp, 34 photos; fine, torn d/w (ex my collection)

Story of Czech Air Force/RAF pilot.
BN: 23808
Ian Allan 1st, 1990; 30 x 22cm, 112pp, f.illus (photos, drgs, maps) summaries in appendices; nr fine inc d/w. The USAF squadrons (422nd, 858th & 803rd) which specialised in psychological & electronic warfare in WW 2.  
BN: 26691

Casey, Robert J.  TORPEDO JUNCTION -  with the Pacific Fleet from Pearl Harbour to Midway.Halcyon House USA, 1944 (from 1942 1st); 435pp, 17 photos; vg int, cloth faded

Record of the naval war in the Pacific Region - with, of course, many references to aviation..
BN: 31944

Caygill, Peter  SPITFIRE MARK V IN ACTION -  RAF Operations in Northern Europe    Airlife 2001; 262pp, many illus in text; near fine inc d/w (ink inscription on fep)

Story of the most numerous mark of Spitfire, the squadrons within 10, 11 & 12 Groups in WW 2.  
BN: 31434

Celis, Peter  ONE WHO ALMOST MADE IT BACK -  Story of Sqn Ldr Edward Blenkinsop DFC  Grub St, 2008; 260pp, 59 photos; fine inc d/w.

Shot down in Belgium in 1944 died in Gergen-Belsen concentration camp; research uncovered his story -a testament to all his comrades.
BN: 31139
Chappell F.R. WELLINGTON WINGS - An RAF Intelligence Officer in the Western Desert. £13.50
Kimber 1st, 1980; 282pp, many photos, maps in text; fine inc d/w. Based on detailed day-to-day diaries written at the time.  
BN 26667

Charlton, A.Comm. L.E.O.  THE ROYAL AIR FORCE - Vol 1   From Sept 1939 to Dec 1940   Hutchinsons "Britain at War" 19 x 25cms, 288pp, f.illus; vg.

First vol of a really well illustrated record of the RAF in WW 2; becoming scarce. (The volume numbers are shown by the number of stars on spine).  
BN: 21772
Chennault, Claire Lee, Maj-Gen, US Army (ret'd)  WAY OF A FIGHTER -  Memoirs   Putnams, New York, 1949;375pp, 18photos, 2 maps, ep maps; vg int, cloth sl worn 15.00
BN: 35688
Cheshire, Sqn Ldr Leonard   BOMBER PILOT -  Hutchinson 1st nd (c1943); 136pp, 21 plates; vg. 14.00
"A Squadron Leader's chronicle of bombing offensive 1939 - 42".
BN: 22332

Cheshire, Leonard VC  THE FACE OF VICTORY -  Hutchinson 1st, 1961; 180pp; ex-library but with minimal marks, good inc vg d/w.


Cheshire describes the change of life and thinking that caused him to seek ways to serve suffering humanity.
BN: 24587

Chichester, Francis  PINPOINT THE BOMBER -  The Great Air Game.  A & U 1st, 1942; hard covers, 33 x 18cm, 46pp plus large (110 x 32cm) fold-out map of Northern Europe. Excellent copy of this scarce navigation exercise game with full instrctions for locating the bomber on the map.Near-fine with vg d/w.

Much poorer examples of this game have appeared on book websites at higher prices.
BN: 31584
Childers,James S.(Col, USAAF) WAR EAGLES - the story of the Eagle Squadron. £12.50
Heinemann 1st 1943; 20 x 14cm, 261pp, 47 photos, roster, diags in text, ep maps; vg.  The first book on the American participation in the RAF. Also - 1st (Appleton-Century, USA), 1943; ex-library with few stamps etc; only fair - 12  
BN: 21521
Chisholm, Roderick COVER OF DARKNESS - £10.00
Chatto 1st ,1953; 222pp, unillus; good-vg, torn  d/w. Personal memoirs of night fighting in Blenheims, Beaufighters & Mosquitos, followed by Intruder Ops.  
BN: 22333  

Christie, Carl A.  OCEAN BRIDGE -  the history of RAF Ferry Command.  Midland 1st, 1995; 458pp, 50 photos, map, extensive notes & list of losses; fine inc d/w.

During WW 2 the Command flew almost 10,000 aircraft, mainly from the USA, to squadrons overseas.  
BN: 27712  

Clark, Blake  PEARL HARBOUR -  an eye-witness account.  J Lane (London) 1st, 1942; 19 x 12cm, 75pp, 4 photos; vg, ragged d/w. (ex my collection)

(this was sold in the USA as "Remember Pearl Harbour")  
BN: 31630  

Cleveland, Reginald M.  AIR TRANSPORT AT WAR -  Harper 1st,(New York) 1946; 324pp, 49 photos; vg inc d/w (except front endpaper cut) 

An account of the work of the U.S. Air Transport Command and Naval Air Transport Service in WW 2.   
BN: 31453  

Clostermann, Pierre  FLAMES IN THE SKY -  Chatto 1st, 1952 (2nd Imp); 200pp, 16 photos; near fine, vg d/w. 

Well & lesser-known stories, Europe & the Far East.    
BN: 21261  

Coffey, Thomas M.  DECISION OVER SCHWEINFURT -  The 8th Air Force Battle for Daylight Bombing.  Hale 1st UK, 1978 (from 1977 1st); 373pp, 14 illus; near fine, vg d/w.

Detailed description of two Schweinfurt raids, Aug & Oct 1943 - lots of personal anecdotes.   
BN: 23960

Collier, Basil  THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN - Macmillan USA edn, (from Batsford 1st), 1962; 183pp, 47 photos; nr fine inc d/w.

Mainly a day-by-Day account.
BN: 23188
Collier, Basil JAPANESE AIRCRAFT OF WORLD WAR 2 - £13.50
S & J 1st, 1979; 25 x 19cm, 144pp, f.illus (some col); fine inc d/w.
BN: 21393

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