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World War 2

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West, Bruce  THE MAN WHO FLEW CHURCHILL -  McGraw-Hill Ryerson (USA), 1975; 201pp, 19 photos, ep maps; vg inc d/w

The story of William Vanderkloot who proved his long-distance flying ability flying bombers from North America to Britain - was then selected to pilot Churchill.
BN: 31918

White, Roger Henshaw  SPITFIRE SAGA -  with a spell on Wellingtons.  Kimber 1st, 1981; 221pp, 32 photos; fine inc d/w.

Wellingtons in North Africa & Spitfires in Italy.
BN: m23815

White W.L.  QUEENS DIE PROUDLY -  H.Hamilton 1943 reprinted 1st; 19 x 13cm, 227pp; vg, torn remains of d/w.

Stories of the individual crew members of the "Swoose"; (last surviving B-17 out of 12 that remained in the Philippines after the others in their original group of 35 were destroyed in the Japanese advance).  
BN: 25198

Whitnell, Lewis  ENGINES OVER LONDON - Carroll & Nicholson 1st, 1949; 164pp, 4 photos; near fine, good d/w 

Fighter pilots' in training and in the Battle of Britain. This edn includes the publishers' disclaimer about the truth of the author's participation, as related, in some of the incidents described. It has also had Lord Douglas's introduction withdrawn.

BN: 28055

Williams,James N.  THE PLAN - Memories of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.  Canada's Wings Inc, 1st, 1984; 29 x 22cm, 222pp, f.illus; fine (no d/w); AUTHOR-SIGNED.

Well illustrated picture of RAF pilot training in Canada, WW 2.
BN: 23170
Willis, John CHURCHILL'S FEW - The Battle of Britain Remembered. £15.00
Joseph 1st, 1985; 258pp, 22 photos; fine, good d/w. Spotlights the lives of Geoffrey Page, Cyril Bamberger, Bob Doe, Joseph Szlagowski, Geoffrey Myers & Ulrich Steinhilper.  
BN: 24790
Wilson, Sergeant A.J. SKY SWEEPERS - £24.00
Jarrolds 1st, 1941; 19 x 13cm, 128pp, 10 photos, lists of awards; vg (spine faded), good d/w; .Fighter & night bomber ops of early WW 2.  
BN: 23796

Wilson, Kevin  BOMBER BOYS -  The RAF Offensive of 1943.

Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1st, 2005; 479pp, 37 photos; fine inc d/w.  Detailed description with many anecdotes.  
BN: 30783
Winchester, Barry EIGHTY FOUR DAYS - A rhyming appreciation & comment on the Battle of Britain. 18.00
Privately published, 1974; 176pp plus appendices; near fine inc d/w.The HMSO 1940 booklet "The Battle of Britain" is reproduced at the rear as an appendix.  
BN: 25429

Winfield, Dr Roland  THE SKY BELONGS TO THEM -  Kimber 1st, 1976;188pp, 37 illus; fine inc d/w.

Aviation medicine researcher who flew in various posts in bombers on operations, studying the anatomy of courage!.
BN: 21959

Wing Commander (a)  BOMBERS' BATTLE -  the story of Bomber Command's three years of war.  Duckworth 1st, 1943 (reprinted 1943) ; 220pp, 15 photos; fine, sl ragged d/w.

Survey of the development of Bomber Command, with some anecdotes.
BN: 21115

Winn, Godfrey  ON GOING TO THE WARS -  Collins 1st, 1941; 192pp, 21 photos; hard brown cloth, few pps sl stained; (no d/w)

General description of war-time Britain, with sections on the Army, the Navy, the Air Force (5 chapters) & the Home Front.
BN: 24950
Winslow T.E. FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED - a history of the Royal Observer Corps. 16.00
Hodge 1st, 1948; 290pp, 33 illus, lists of honours & awards & of officers at stand-down; Near fine (no d/w).The authorised history, through both world wars & the period between.  
BN: 22447

Winton, John  FIND, FIX & STRIKE - The Fleet Air Arm at war 1939-45: Batsford 1st 1980; 152pp, 60 photos, 8 maps; fine inc d/w.

BN: 22448

Wisdom T.H.  WINGS OVER OLYMPUS -  the story of the Royal Air Force in Libya & Greece.  A & U 1st, 1942; 20 x 14cm, 229pp, 56 photos, ep maps; fine, vg d/w.

A first-hand account.
BN: 23371

Wolff, Leon  LOW LEVEL MISSION -  Longmans Green UK 1958 edn; 240pp, 23 photos, 6 maps, biblio; nr fine, vg d/w except with signature & some ink annotations from Robert Wright, (well-known author)(interesting provenance?)

The complete story of the low level raid on the Ploesti oil refinery.
BN: 23606

Wood, Alan  FLYING VISITS -  Dobson 1st, 1946; 19 x 13cm, 149pp; fine, vg d/w

A journalist's wartime air journey to Australia - and back via China, India & Cairo; the flights, the local scenes and politics of the time.
BN: 27505
Wood D. & Dempster D. THE NARROW MARGIN - The battle of Britain and the rise of air power 1930-1940. 16.00
Hutchinson 1st, 1961; 536pp, photos, maps, 3-view line drgs of aircraft types, comprehensive appendices inc lists of Battle of Britain pilots; near fine, torn d/w.  
Also - card-cover edn, 1970 (with more ilus.); near-vg - 6.00; Also - Tri-Service Press edn, 1990; 28 x 21cm, 384pp, better illustrations; inscribed "to Raymond" (from Raymond Baxter's collection); fine, vg d/w - 35.  
BN: 24339
PSL 1st, 1990; 312pp, 57 photos, diags, maps, drgs & details of glider types; fine inc d/w. Mostly WW 2.  
BN: 28437
Woods, Gerard A. WINGS AT SEA - A Fleet Air Arm Observer's War, 1940-45. £15.00
Conway 1st, 1985; 272pp, photos in text, glossary, aircraft type details; nr fine inc d/w.  FAA/Carrier memoirs.  
BN: 23801
Woolnough, Lt Col J.H.  THE 8TH AIR FORCE YEARBOOK -  News8th A.F. News 1981; 31 x 24cm, 224pp, f.illus; e3mbnossed cover; fine;; AUTHOR SIGNED DEDICATION (to B Bains)  30.00
Fine profusely-illustrated picture of the 8th in WW 2 with scarce author's signature.
BN: 25274

Wordell, Lt M.T. & Lt E.N. Seiler (as told to Keith Ayling)  "WILDCATS" OVER CASABLANCA -  Little, Brown USA, 1943; 309pp, ep maps; vg int, spine sl faded. 

Story of fighting squadrons operating from a U.S. carrier during the invasion of North Africa.  
BN: 31318

Wright, Lawrence  THE WOODEN SWORD - the untold story of the gliders of world war II.  Elek 1st, 1967; 258pp, 15 photos; nr fine (no d/w)

Allied glider-borne forces.
BN: 30258

Wright, Stuart J.  AN EMOTIONAL GAUNTLET -  from life in peacetime America to the war in European skies.  

Pen & Sword, 2004; 334pp, f.illus; notes, glossary & biblio; fine inc d/w.  The trials and tribulations of the American daylight bombers - mentioning many of their British bases.  
BN: 30955

Young, Scotty  DESCENT INTO DANGER -  Wingate 1st, 1954; 240pp, 2 photos; sl browning to page edges, o/w vg.

Halifax crew, shot down on a raid to Chemnitz,  - and the experiences of some of them in Russian hands.
BN: 31921

Younger, Calton  NO FLIGHT FROM THE CAGE - Muller 1st, 1856; 20 photos; nr fine inc d/w

Story of Stalag Luft 3, with particular reference to Diixie" Deans and the relationships with the German guards.
BN: 31922

Ziff, William B.  THE COMING BATTLE OF GERMANY - H Hamilton 1st, 1942; 207pp, biblio; vg except one corder bumped, ragged d/w.

The author, writing as an American, makes a strong argument for the need for air power in the fight against the axis powers.
BN: 31924
Zijlstra, Gerrit DIARY OF AN AIR WAR - Allied flights over Fortress Europe in WW 2. £20.00
Vantage Press USA, 1977; 487pp, many photos in text, biblio; fine inc d/w. The day-to-day U S air operations, from data collected post-war by the author, who was during the war a Dutch teen-age witness to much that passed overhead.  
BN: 25435

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