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World War 2

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Thomas, Capt Rowan T. BORN IN BATTLE - Round the world adventures of the 513th Bombardment Sqdn. £20.00
Winston USA 1st, 1944; 367pp, many photos, ep maps; vg (fine int). Scarce unit history.  
BN: 25424  
Thomas, Gordon & M.M.Witts RUIN FROM THE AIR - the atomic mission to Hiroshima. £12.00
H.Hamilton 1st, 1977; 386pp, 28 photos, 4 maps, biblio; nr fine inc d/w. The developments & decisions leading to the dropping of the atom bombs on Japan.  
BN: 23354  
Thomas,Gil SHOULDER THE SKY - the biography of a fighter pilot. £18.00
Barker 1st, 1959; 182pp, 6 photos; nr fine inc d/w;  Biog. of Wg Cdr M.L.Ffrench Beytagh DFC, C.O. of 602 Sqdn 1942/3.  
BN: 22438  

Thorburn, Gordon  NO NEED TO DIE -  American flyers in RAF Bomber Command.  Haynes 1st, 2009; 246pp, 37 photos; fine inc d/w

Volunteers for the war, even into Bombers. Many died, some were prisoners, a few reached decorated leadership rank.  
BN: 31722  

Thrower, Derek  THE LONELY PATH TO FREEDOM -  Hale 1st, 1980; 159pp, near fine inc d/w 

A young bomber pilot who escaped twice from captivity and a firing squad, finally survived to freedom.  
BN: 31862  

Thruelsen, Major Richard & Lt E Arnold  MEDITERRANEAN SWEEP -  Air Stories from El Alamein to Rome.  Duell, Sloan & Pearce USA, 1944; 278pp, 16 attractive col paintings by Major J Lavalle, ep maps; near fine, sl chipped but clean d/w

Over 50 authentic stories of the U.S. Air Forces in the area. Scarce in UK.  
BN: 31319  

Tickell, Jerrard  MOON SQUADRON -  Wingate 1st, 1956; 19 x 13cm, 204pp; nr fine inc d/w. 

Story of the flights from Tempsford & Tangmere in support of Allied agents & the French Resistance.  
BN: 23599  
Tillman, Barrett HELLCAT - The F6F in World War 2. £12.00
PSL 1st UK, from USA 1st 1979; 264pp, photos, maps, biblio & notes; vg except several relevant photos stuck in front & rear endpapers by previous owner (the author, Owen Thetford).Illustrated operational history of the type.  
BN: 22439  
Naval Inst. Press, USA, 1976; 232pp, f.illus, biblio, ep maps; vg except additions by previous owner Owen Thetford. Also - Airlife edn, 1993; fine inc d/w - 15.  
BN: 24160  

Townsend,Peter  DUEL OF EAGLES -  Simon & Schuster, New York 1st (USA) 1970; large 8vo, 455pp, 14 photos, 3-view drgs of relevant aircraft;nr fine, good (sl chipped) d/w & minor ink annotations made by late author, Robert Wright.  

The years leading to WW 2 & the Battle of Britain from both sides. Also French version "Un Duel d'Aigles"; soft covers, vg - 7.  
BN: 21205  

Turner J.F.  V.C.s of the AIR -  Harrap 1st, 1960; 20 x 14cm, 187pp, 32 photos; vg inc d/w; heavily annotated by an unidentified previous owner; including a list of operations, marks identifying pilots or aircraft types, (In this case the annotations might be considered a "plus".

Graphic accounts of actions leading to VC awards.  
BN: 31854  
rom 1975 1st; 25 x 19cm, 143pp, f.illus (some col), intro by Bader; fine, sl ragged d/w.  
BN: 23372  
Turner, John Frayn  THE BADER WING -  Airlife, 1990, from Midas Books 1st, 1981; 156pp, 30 illus; fine inc d/w  13.50
BN: 36241  
Turner, John Frayn THE BADER TAPES - £13.50
Kensal Press, 1986; 221pp; fine inc d/w.Based on taped conversations the author had with Bader and many of his friends.  
BN: 24947  

Turner, John Frayn  THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN -  

BCA 1999; (from Airlife 1st of 1998); 25 x 19cm, 176pp, f.illus; nr fine inc d/w.
BN: 30801

   Turner, John Frayn   FIGHT FOR THE AIR -  Air Battles of World War 2.  Airlife 2000; 248pp, f.illus (photos in text); fine inc d/w.

BN: 30900


 Van der Kop, Hans  THE FLYING DUTCHMAN - an exiting true story of war in the air.  PSL 1st, 1985; 248pp, 47 photos;  fine inc d/w.  £15.00
 Flying in the B-25 Mitchells of the 220 (Dutch) Squadron in Europe, c1944.  
 BN: 21867
Various authors WINGED WORDS - our airmen speak for themselves. £7.50
Heinemann 1st, 1941; 261pp, 25 illus; vg. Stories selected from broadcasts, Dec 1939 to Feb 1941 about early WW 2 flying operations.  
BN: 22051  
Veale,Sydney E. WARFARE IN THE AIR - the RAF at war since the Battle of Britain. £8.00
Pilot Press 1st, 1942 (2nd Imp); 27 x 22cm, 48pp, many good photos, Clarke cut-away drgs of Halifax & Stirling; vg (rear cloth soiled). Good typical publication of the period.  
BN: 21533  

Verity, Hugh  WE LANDED BY MOONLIGHT -  Air Data, 1995, from Ian Allan 1st, 1978; 255pp, photos in text;  biblio; nr fine inc d/w

Classic account of the missions to occupied France mainly by Lysanders. Author's postscript for this revised edn.  
BN: 28372  

Verrier, Anthony  THE BOMBER OFFENSIVE -   Batsford 1st, 1968; 373pp, 53 illus, 7 maps; vg near (fine mint) , good d/w. 

Detailed study of all aspects, with comprehensive notes & references; ends by criticising the indiscriminate destruction of 1945.  
bn: 22442  

Vigors, Tim  LIFE'S TOO SHORT TO CRY -  the compelling memoir of a Battle of Britain ace.  Grub St 1st, 2006 (2007 reprint); 265pp, 21 photos; fine inc d/w.

The author served in 222 Sqdn over Dunkirk & in the B of B; then in the far east with 243 Sqdn; transferred to 453 RAAF flying Buffaloes.  
BN: 31407  

Vintras R.E.  THE PORTUGUESE CONNECTION -  Bachman & Turner, London, 1st, 1974; 183pp, 8 photos, biblio; fine inc d/w.

How Portugal agreed to allow allied air and naval forces to use the Azores as a base for operations against German submarines; also the espionage activities in Lisbon.  
BN:@ 31920  
Vorozejkin, Arsenij Vasil'evic  AEREI DA CACCIA  Longanesi, Milano, 1969; 19 x 12cm, 243pp, 20 photos; fine inc d/w 14.00
Translated from Russian into Italian; ; air action in Manchuria in the Russia/Papanese war, which preceded WW 2  
BN: 42015  

Wainwright, John  TAIL-END CHARLIE -  One man's journey through a war.  Macmillan 1978 reprinted 1st; 187pp, fine inc d/w.

One of the few accounts by a tail gunner - survivor of 72 raids. A WW 2 classic.  
BN: 25197  

Walker,Sqdn Ldr Nigel  STRIKE TO DEFEND - "A book about some of the men who served in RAF Bomber Command during WW 2"  Spearman 1st, 1963; 128pp, 14 plates; nr fine, vg d/w.

Memoirs of an RAF Navigator.  
BN: 21790  
Wallens, R.W  FLYING MADE MY ARMS ACHE -  SPA 1990; 24 x 16cm, 254pp, photos; fine inc d/w  20.00
An account of flying in the Battle of Britain, being shot down &severely injured, spending endless months recovering, then back to flying, delivering aircraft, then Air Sea Rescue.  
BN: 24392  

Watts, Anthony J.  THE U-BOAT HUNTERS -  M & J 1st, 1976; 25 x 18cm, 192pp, f.illus, tables, biblio; vg. 

Largely naval but also air operations.  

BN: 31522



in combat with the B-24 Liberator over Europe.   Schiffer, 2005; 29 x 22cm, 424pp, f.illus; large appendix giving summary of combat missions flown; fine inc d/w.   
Super art-paper Schiffer presentation.  
BN: 31270  
Webster, Sir Charles & Noble Frankland THE STRATEGIC AIR OFFENSIVE AGAINST GERMANY 1939-1945 - £30..00
Vols 2,3 & 4 from a set; fine, near fine d/ws.         Also - separate Vols;-   Vol 3 (ex-lib but vg) 20;  One of the official histories of the second world war. ea
BN: 26958  
Weeks, John ASSAULT FROM THE SKY - a history of airborne warfare. £12.00
Westbridge Books 1st, 1978; 30 x 22cm, 192pp, f.illus (some col), glossary, biblio; near fine, good d/w.Mainly WW 2, covering German, British & American forces.  
BN: 26962  
Wells, Kevin W.  AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF THE NEW ZEALAND SPITFIRE SQADRON   Hutchinson, New Zealand, 1984; 30 x 21cm, 168pp, f.illus (photos, sketches, maps, cartoons, 485 Squadron badge; near fine except some Hornby Working -Mens Club stamps on title page. 25.00
Excellent description of the WW 2 history of 485 Squadron with many illus of aircraft and pilots. Lists of pilots and vg portrait sketches by Olive Snell.  
BN: 31628  

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