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World War 2

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Smith, Peter C.  INTO THE ASSAULT -  Famous dive-bomber aces of the second world war.    Murray 1st, 1985; 223pp, 36 photos, biblio; nr fine.

Stories of 7 outstanding dive-bomber pilots, Japanese, American, Italian, British & German.  
BN: 23790  
Smith, Peter C. CURTISS SB2C HELLDIVER - £15.00
Crowood1st, 1998; 29 x 23cm, 224pp, f.illus (photos, line drgs), data appendices; fine inc d/w.  
BN: 30312
Smith, Peter C. VENGEANCE! - The Vultee Vengeance Dive Bomber. £14.00
Airlife 1st, 1986; 25 x 19cm, 188pp, f.illus, appendices; near fine inc d/w.Appendices on Squadrons, serials, cockpit layout; notes.  
BN: 25686
Smith, Peter C. DIVE BOMBERS IN ACTION - £15.00
Blandford 1st, 1988; 28 x 22cm, 160pp, f.illus; fine, nr fine d/w. Theory, practice & operations of various Air Forces in WW 2.  
BN: 23789
 Smith, Richard C.  HORNCHURCH SCRAMBLE - The definitive account of the RAF fighter airfield, its pilots, groundcrew and staff.   Grub St 1st, 2000; 210pp, 77 photos, appendices of personnel lists etc; fine inc d/w.   £18.00
 Volume 1 of a two-vol work covering 1915 to the end of the Battle of Britain (but mostly  WW 2 history)  
 BN: 30747

Smith, Richard C.  HORNCHURCH EAGLES -  Life stories of 8 of the airfield's distinguished WW II fighter pilots.   Grub St 1st, 2002; 224pp, 78 photos; fine inc d/w

BN: 30771

Smith R.I.A.  THE SPITFIRE SMITHS -  a unique story of brothers in arms.  Grub St 2008; 216pp, 56 photos; fine inc d/w.

Canadian pilots Rod & Jerry Smith both became Spitfire pilots,, served together in the defence of Malta; Jerry was killed in 1942, Rod became a Squadron Commander, clained 6 Messerschmitts , won the DFC & bar and became one of Canada's highest-scoring aces.
BN: 31138

Smith, Sydney  WINGS DAY -  the man who led the RAF's epic battle in German captivity.  Collins 2nd Imp 1968; 252pp, 22 photos; nr fine inc d/w; AUTHOR-SIGNED WITH SIGNATURES inside d/w of German interrogating officer Rumpel & Luise Nitschmann.

Interesting provenance
BN: 31851
Snyder, Earl   GENERAL LEEMY'S CIRCUS -  a navigator's story of the 20th Air Force in world war II.     Exposition Press, New York, 1955; 175pp, unillustrated; vg, except front endpaper torn out; vg d/w2. 15.00
Graphic description of flying in S-E Asia under Gen LeMay.
BN: 31295

Soward, Stuart E.  A FORMIDABLE HERO -  Lt R.H.Gray VC DSC RCNVR  CANAV Books, Canada 1st, 1987; 187pp, many illus; fine (no d/w) 

Story of the carrier HMS Formidable and her crew, especially Gray's career.
BN: 31863
Spaight J.M. THE SKY'S THE LIMIT - a study of British air power: £6.50
H & S reprinted 1st, 1940; 19 x 13cm, 160pp, 60 photos; vg, fair d/w.The RAF in the early months of WW 2.  
BN: 21962

Spaight J.M.  THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN 1940 -  Bles 1st, 1941; 231pp, 24 photos; near fine.

BN: 21811

Spaight J.M.  BLOCKADE BY AIR -   The Campaign against Axis Shipping.  Bles 1st, 1942; 159pp, 17 photos; ex-lib. With stamps on fep only; cloth sl marked; rather scarce.

An analysis of the maritime air operations of early WW 2.
BN: 23792
Spick, Mike ALLIED FIGHTER ACES OF WORLD WAR II - the air combat tactics and techniques of WW 2. £15.00
Greenhill 1st, 1997; 239pp, 40 photos, many diags; fine inc d/w.The evolution of fighter tactics in every WW 2 theatre.   
BN: 30222

Spurdle, Sqn Ldr Bob  THE BLUE ARENA -  Revised edn, Crecy, 1995; (from Kimber 1st, 1986); 249pp, 49 photos, 8 other illus; nr fine inc d/w.  

Spitfire pilot in 74 Squadron; later 91 & 80 Sqns.  
BN: 27581

Staff Officer  THE DIARY OF A STAFF OFFICER -  (Air Intelligence Liaison officer at Advanced HQ, North BAFF, 1940)   Methuen 4th, 1941; 19 x 13cm, 79pp, maps; vg.

Covers period May 10th -June 18th 1940 & the events leading up to the fall of France.
BN: 21847

Stainforth,Peter  WINGS OF THE WIND -  Falcon Press 1st, 1952; 257pp, 2 illus, 11 maps; vg inc d/w except lacks front endpaper.

1st Parachute Brigade, Tunisia, Sicily, Italy & Arnhem.
BN: 22060

Stewart, Adrian  HURRICANE -  the war exploits of the fighter aircraft.  Kimber 1st, 1982; 336pp, 49 photos, 4 maps, biblio; fine inc d/w.

War history of the aircraft & its pilots. Also another, fine inc d/w with author's dedication & a few added written notes - 25
BN: 22433
Stewart,Major Oliver THE ROYAL AIR FORCE IN PICTURES - including aircraft of the Fleet Air Arm. £10.00
Country Life 2nd, 1941; 26 x 20cSpooner. Tony  m, 111pp plus many adverts; vg, ragged remains of d/w. Good contemporary picture.  
BN: 21950

Stokes, Doug  WINGS AFLAME   The biography of Gp Capt Victor Beamish DSO & bar, DFC, AFC  Kimber 1st, 1985; 191pp, 42 photos;  fine inc d/w.

Victor Beamish, as fighter station commander, flew 126 fighter sorties during the Battle of Britain & was killed leading his wing on the 28th March 1942.
 Stroud,John  THE RED AIR FORCE - the history of Soviet aviation & a survey of aircraft at present in service.  £6.00
 Pilot Press 1st, 1943; 27 x 22cm, 48pp, f.illus; vg, chipped d/w. Inc some good historic photos.  


Stroud, John  JAPANESE AIRCRAFT -  Harborough 1st, 1945; 28 x 22cm, 64pp, photos, silhouettes, col side views; near fine. 

One of the earlier Harleyford books, less common than some; v colourful artists' impressions of Japan's main WW 2 military aircraft & photos/details of earlier WW 2 Japanese types.
BN: 26998

 Sunderman, Major James F  -WORLD WAR II IN THE AIR    Europe   Franklin Watts Aerospace Library, 1963; 345pp, f.illus, table of operational aircraft types; d/w 

BN: 31514

Sunderman, Major James F.  WORLD WAR II IN THE AIR -  The Pacific  Franklin Watts Aerospace Library 1962; 306pp, f.illus, table of principal aircraft types involved; nr fine, ragged remains of d/w.

BN: 31515
Sutton,Barry   THE WAY OF A PILOT -  a personal record.   Macmillan 1943 reprint from 1st of 1942; 19 x 13cm, 117pp; vg. 10.00
Author was fighter pilot, wounded in France, Spring 1940, escaped from burning Hurricane in Battle of Britain - after recovery from burns continued to serve in the Far East.
BN:: 21990
Sweetman, John, David Coward & Gary Johnstone THE DAMBUSTERS - £14.00
Time Warner 1st, 2003; 25 x 19cm, 192pp, f.illus (some col); fine inc d/w. The result of much new research in recent years.  
BN: 30493

Tangye, Derek  WENT THE DAY WELL . .  Harrap 1st, 1942; 20 x 13cm, 240pp; vg. 

A collection of stories from the war lives of 41 military and civilian service people, including  serving RAF officers & NCOs.  
BN: 31852  

Taylor, J.W.R, & M.F Allward  SPITFIRE -  Harborough 1st,1946; 119pp, 28 x 22cms, f.illus (photos, 3-view drawings, details & cut-away drawings); fine, near fine d/w (d/w fine except price clipped inside) RARE IN THIS CONDITION!.

The first Harborough Spitfire history - now scarce.  also anpother, fine, without d/w - 38  
BN: 22436  

Taylor, Telford  THE BREAKING WAVE -  The German defeat in the summer of 1940.  Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1st, 1967; 378pp, 58 photos; extensive source notes & biblio;

The aspects of the Battle of Britain caused by errors by the "other side" - strategic & operational. An American view  
BN: 31853  
Terraine, John THE RIGHT OF THE LINE - the RAF in the European War 1939-1945. £22.00
H & S 1st, 1985; 841pp, 30 photos; fine inc  d/w.  Also card cover edn, fine - £5  
BN: 26443    
The Times AN AIRMAN'S LETTER - £9.50
Putnam 1st, 1940; 19 x 13cm, 28pp, drawings, hard covers; near fine.Letter, published in The Times of 18th June 1940 as its leading article, found amongst the belongings of an RAF bomber pilot, addressed to his mother, to be sent if he were killed.  
BN: 21033  

Thetford, Owen. G  CAMOUFLAGE OF 1939-42 AIRCRAFT -  Camouflage pubs, (Harborough) 1st 1946; 22x15cm, 108pp, photos, colour diags; fine.

BN: 24343  

Thomas,Gil  SHOULDER THE SKY -  the biography of a fighter pilot.  Barker 1st, 1959; 182pp, 6 photos; near fine inc d/w. 

Biog. of Wg Cdr M.L.Ffrench Beytagh DFC, C.O. of 602 Sqdn 1942/3.  
BN: 22438  

Thomas, Gordon & Max Morgan Witts  ENOLA GAY -  MISSION TO HIROSHIMA  Dalton Watson (UK) 1995 from Stein & Day (USA) 1st of 1977; 24 x 21cm, 288pp, f.illus (some col), , biblio; fine, vg d/w; SIGNED BY MAX GORDON-WITTS. 

First hand stories of the bombing of Hiroshima from people on the ground and from crew mwmbers of the bombers. A vg, well-illustrated version of this history.  
BN: 28836  

Thomas, Graham A.  TERROR FROM THE SKY -  the battle against the flying bombs.  Pen & Sword 2008; 236pp, 34 illus; list of units etc; fine inc d/w.

BN: 31409  

Thomas, Lowell  BACK TO MANDALAY -  Muller 1st, 1952; 255pp, 18 photos; vg (sl staining to page edges only), vg d/w.

The war correspondent describes the war in Burma, General Wingate's command and inc the glider-borne attacks.  
BN: 31861  

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