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World War 2 

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Barnato-Walker, Diana  SPREADING MY WINGS -  one of Britain's top woman pilots tells her remarkable story. PSL, 1994 reprinted 1st; fine inc d/w;  Also -  Grub St card cover edn, 2008 from 2003 original; 224pp, 84 photos; fine 12. 22.00
The daughter of Woolf Barnato (chairman of Bentley Motors & 3-times winner at Le Mans), Diana learned to fly in 1938, joined the A.T.A. & flew from Nov 1941 throughout the war as ferry pilot - a very special lady.    
BN: 28373  
Bavousett, Glenn B. WORLD WAR II AIRCRAFT IN COMBAT - 45 famous warplanes depicted in raging conflict. £12.50
"Aero pub. Co, USA, 1976; 27 x 22cms, 144pp, full-page col paintings by Tony Weddell; vg, torn d/w. "  
BN: 22320

Baxter G.G., Owen & Baldock  AIRCRAFT CASUALTIES IN KENTPart 1; 1939 to 1940   Meresborough 1st, 1990 for Kent Aviation Historical Research Soc. ; 126pp, photos, diags, picture boards; fine

Lists all events with aircraft details, biblio & index to allied and enemy personnel involved as well as locations. Useful reference.  
BN: 31649

Beaton, Cecil  AIR OF GLORY -  a wartime scrapbook.  HMSO 1st, 1941; 28 x 22cm, 88pp, pictorial; vg. 

Photographic study of the RAF in action & at leisure, the Blitz damage, home life etc.
BN: 26944

Beaton, Cecil  NEAR EAST -  Batsford 1st, 1943; 150pp, many photos; vg inc d/w.

Description of service life in 1942 - covering all three services, their leaders & other personnel; many fine photos, typical of the famous author's work.  
BN: 28379

Beauman, Katharine Bentley  WINGS ON HER SHOULDERS -  a vivid picture of life & work in the W.A.A.F.  Hutchinson 1st, c1943; 23 x 17cm, 119pp, 33 illus; vg, good d/w.

Well-illustrated account of the wartime WAAF.
BN: 23748

Bednall, Dundas SUN ON MY WINGS -  Paterchurch pubs, 1989; 140pp, photos, maps; fine inc d/w (AUTHOR-SIGNED). 

Recollections of pre-war training & RAF war service, mainly in Sunderlands.
BN: 29834
Bell, Dana US AIR FORCE COLOURS 1926-1942 - £9.00
A & A.P. 1st, 1979; 29 x 22cm, 95pp, f.illus (part col inc squadron insignia); fine, vg d/w.  
BN: 23299
Bendiner,Elmer THE FALL OF FORTRESSES - a personal account of one of the most daring & deadly air battles of WW 2. £15.00
Souvenir (1st UK) edn, 1981 (from US 1980 1st); 258pp, 14 photos; fine inc d/w.  Story of the August 1942 Schweinfurt raid.  
BN: 22322

Bennett, Tom  617 SQUADRON -  The Dambusters at War.  PSL 1st, 1986; 272pp, 36 photos; fine inc d/w.

The author was a navigator in the squadron and then its official archivist; he describes some of the key personalities as well as the actions, with many anecdotes.  
BN: 31935

Bergel, Hugh (intro & commentary)  FLYING WARTIME AIRCRAFT -  ATA Ferry Pilots' Handling Notes for seven WW 2 aircraft.   D & C 1st, 1972; ,193pp, aircraft & cockpit photos; fine inc d/w. 

Contains the ATA notes on Hurricane, Airacobra, Typhoon, Mosquito, Beaufighter, Wellington & Liberator.  
BN: 25583

Bergel,Hugh  FLY AND DELIVER -  A ferry pilot's log book.  Airlife 1st, 1982; 126pp, 34 photos; fine inc d/w. 

Personal story of ATA flying.
BN: 22323
Bickers, Richard Townsend THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN - The greatest battle in the history of air warfare. £15.00
Salamander 1st, 1991; 29 x 27cm, 206pp, f.illus (some col), diary, list of pilots with some brief histories; nr fine inc d/w. Much information extra to other "B of B" books (e.g. uniforms, tactical patterns, orders of battle etc).  
BN: 24960

Binder, Jeanne Patterson  ONE CROWDED HOUR -  William-Frederick Press (USA) 1947; 171pp, 2 photos; nr fine.

Story and diaries of an 8th Air Force Fortress crewman, shot down over Germany in 1944. Scarce in UK.  
BN: 28377
Birdsall, Steve FLYING BUCCANEERS - the Illustrated Story of Kenney's Fifth Air Force. £18.00
D & C 1st (UK), 1978, from Doubleday USA 1st,1977; 27 x 19cm, 312pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w.well-illus story, with intro by Kenny.  
BN: 23417

Birkby, Carel  DANCING THE SKIES  Timmins (S.Africa) 1st, 1982; 198pp, 29 photos; fine, nr fine d/w. 

Aspects of flying in South Africa, largely WW 2 but inc some WW 1 & other periods.
BN: 27276

Bishop, Cliff  FORTRESSES OF THE BIG TRIANGLE FIRST -  East Anglia Books 1st, 1986; 30 x 22cm, 320pp, f.illus; extensive indices & appendices; fine inc d/w.

A "magnum opus" - history (Aug 1942-March 1944) of the 1st Bombardment Wing & 1st Bombardment Div. of the 8th Air Force, USAF. History by month, by Unit, by aircraft type; unit airfield location maps etc.  
BN: 26943

Bishop, Edward  HURRICANE -  Airlife 1st, 1986; 25 x 19cms, 155pp, f.illus; vg inc d/w. 

History, including production Serial numbers & allocations to squadrons.
BN: 21365

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