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World War 2

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Popham, Hugh  SEA FLIGHT -  A Fleet Air Arm pilot's story.   Kimber 1st, 1954; 200pp, 15 photos, ep maps; fine, vg d/w. 

After over 100 deck landings (Hurricanes on HMS Indomitable and Spitfires on HMS Illustrious), author transferred to escort carriers on Russian convoys.   
bn: 22398  

Price, Alfred.  INSTRUMENTS OF DARKNESS -  Kimber 1st, 1967; 254pp, 37 photos, 16 diags; fine, vg d/w Now scarce 1st edn. 

The development of electronic aids to air fighting, location & navigation in WW 2.   
BN: 24349  

Price,Alfred  BATTLE OVER THE REICH -  Scribners, 1973; 208pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w.

From the point of view of the German, British and American participants.  
BN: 21093  

Price, Alfred  THE BOMBER IN WORLD WAR II -  Macdonald 1st, 1976; 25 x 18cm, 150pp, f.illus (photos, diags); fine inc d/w.

includes extracts from 6 reports on operational trials by the Air Fighting Development Unit of the RAF (He 111, Ju 88, Mosquito 4, Lancaster, Liberator & Mitchell), details of armament, bomb sights etc.  
BN: 23405  
McD & J 1st, 1977; 28 x 22cm, 159pp, f.illus (photos, cut-away, line drgs etc); fine, near fine d/w. Attractively illustrated review of the variants and precursors of the Spitfire.  
BN: 22404  
Price, Alfred BATTLE OF BRITAIN; THE HARDEST DAY - 18 August 1940. £12.00
McD & J 1st, 1979; 223pp, photos and maps; near fine inc d/w; Comprehensive appendices on aircraft strengths & locations etc on the day.  
BN: 22402  
Price, Alfred AIRCRAFT VERSUS SUBMARINE - The evolution of the anti-submarine aircraft, 1912 to 1980. £16.00
Jane's 2nd, 1980 from 1973 1st; 272pp, 74 photos, diags; fine inc d/w.History of the use of aircraft to hunt submarines, from WW 1 to the Nimrod. Also 1st, 1973; fine, nr fine d/w - £16.  
BN: 22400  

Price,Alfred  THE SPITFIRE STORY -  Jane's 1st, 1982; 28 x 23cm, 256pp, f.illus; appendices (data on performance & tactical trials), photos of all marks & variants; fine inc d/w.

The result of much research and input from Geoffrey Quill and other people involved in design, construction & testing. ALSO - rev-d 2nd edn, 1995; fine inc d/w - 16  
BN: 22405  

Price, Alfred  -   COMBAT DEVELOPMENT IN WORLD WAR TWO - FIGHTER AIRCRAFT       A & A.P. 1989; 25 x 19cm, 128pp, f.illus; nr fine inc d/w.

Based on the author's 1976 work, "WW 2 Fighter Conflict".   
BN: 22440  

Price, Alfred  COMBAT DEVELOPMENT IN WORLD WAR TWO - BOMBER AIRCRAFT -  A & A.P. 1989; 25 x 19cm, 128pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w. 

Based on the author's 1976 work, "The Bomber in WW 2".  
BN: 21958  

Price, Alfred  BATTLE OF BRITAIN -  A & A.P. 1990; 28 x 22cm, 96pp, f.illus (some col); near fine inc d/w. 

well illustrated review marking the 50th Anniversary of the battle.  Also - card cover edn, vg - 5  
BN: 25202  

Price, Alfred & Paul Blackah  SUPERMARINE SPITFIRE - 1936 onwards - Owner's Workshop Manual   Haynes 1st, 2007; 27 x 20cm, 160pp, f.illus (some col), picture boards; fine.

"An insight into owning, restoring, servicing and flying Britain's legendary WW 2 fighter" Includes many photos of details taken during restoration, cut-away drgs of aircraft &Merlin 45 engine, insurance & running costs!  
BN: 31889  

Pudney, John  WHO ONLY ENGLAND KNOW -  Log of a war-time journey of unintentional discovery of fellow-countrymen.   J Lane1943 (1944 reprint); 19 x 12cm, 160pp, 15 photos; vg 

War-time thoughts by the famous writer/poet.  
BN: 31819  

Quill, Jeffrey  BIRTH OF A LEGEND: THE SPITFIRE -  Quiller Press 1st, 1987 reprint from 1986 1st; ; 26 x 19cm, 160pp, f.illus (photos, col & line drgs), specifications; near fine.

Mainly a design study inc history of the Spitfire's progenitors.; amusing foreword by A.v-M."Johnny" Johnson.    Also card-cover edn, nr fine - 12.  
BN: 25244  

RAF Flying Review  HEROES OF THE R.A.F. -  Jenkins, 1961 (2nd Imp from 1960 1st); 142pp, 19 photos; nr fine, torn d/w.

.The best adventure stories from the RAF Flying Review, including accounts of Johnny Johnson, Paddy Finucane, & Cobber Kain,.    
BN: 24161    
"Raff" (Bill Cooper)  BEHIND THE SPITFIRES -  Methuen 1st 1941; 19 x 13cm, 106pp, cartoons; good-vg (spine faded) 15.00
Rather scarce book of classic RAF humour.
BN: 24623

Rawnsley C.F. & Robert Wright  NIGHT FIGHTER - Collins 1st, 1957 (2nd Imp); 382pp, 6 illus, map; vg.

Earliest, & one of the best, books on the WW 2 night-fighters. Rawnsley was navigator to John Cunningham & Wright was also for a time a radar navigator as well as, later, a successful author.
Raymond,Sqdn Ldr R. & Sqdn Ldr David Langdon (Ed'rs) SLIPSTREAM - a Royal Air Force anthology. £9.50
Eyre & Spottiswoode 1st, 1946; 260pp, 9 illus; vg, v torn d/w.; Contains 60 stories by the editors & over 30 by other authors - all descriptions of RAF action.  
BN: 22409

Raymond, Robert S. A YANK IN BOMBER COMMAND -  D & C 1st, 1977; 159pp, 7 photos, map; fine inc d/w.

Volunteer bomber pilot's story of 30 operational flights over Germany & Italy with the RAF - from letters and diary. (He later transferred to the USAF and served as an instructor in Tech. Training Command).
BN: 23442
Redding, Major J.M. & Major H.I.Leyshon  SKYWAYS TO BERLIN -  With the American Flyers in England.  Hutchinson 1st (UK) c1943; 19 x 13cm, 124pp, 20 photos; vg, 14.00
Fairly scarce account of the early USAF operations.
BN: 23814

Reid,John P.M. SOME OF THE FEW - (portraits by Cuthbert Orde)  Macdonald 1st, 1960; 19 x 13cm, 60pp, 25 Orde portraits; fine.

Book of fine portraits, now becoming scarce.
BN: 21767

Reynolds, James  WING COMMANDER PADDY FINUCANE - a Memoir  Hackett, New York, 1942; 74pp, 3 photos; green cloth; fine; scarce.

Credited with 32 victories by the time of his death in 1942 at 21 years of age, Finucane was the "star" of the early WW 2 fighter pilots
BN: 31378
Richards, Denis & Hilary St G. Saunders ROYAL AIR FORCE 1939-1945 - £42.00
HMSO 1sts, 1953/54; complete 3-vol. set; "The Fight at Odds", "The Fight avails" & "The Fight is won"; total 1,286pp, photos, fold-out maps, appendices; all vg with owner's plates & good d/ws. The official account - an important reference work. Also - cheaper sets and some individual vols usually available inc boxed soft-cover set, vg - £24. Also  Special boxed de Luxe set - fine - £49.50 Also same de Luxe set without box - 45  
BN: 22410
Richardson,Anthony  WINGLESS VICTORY -  the story of Sir Basil Embry's escape from occupied France in the Summer of 1940  Odhams 1st, 1950; 256pp, 10 illus; near vg, fair d/w. 8.00
BN: 22054

Richarz, Perry & Robinson (Members of the Group, 1943-1945)  THE 390th BOMB GROUP ANTHOLOGY -  Vol 1.  390th Memorial Museum, 1983; No 135 of a deluxe edn limited to 500; 306pp, col frontis, many photos in text, fine, vg d/w (Signed by Col J A Moller, former commander.)

Scarce in this form and a desirable companion to the major 390th History (see UBN 30674 on this site)  
BN: 31280
Richey, Wg Cdr Paul FIGHTER PILOT - A personal record of the campaign in France, Sept 8th 1939 to June 13th 1940. £12.00
Batsford reprinted 1st, 1941; 122pp, 25 photos; vg, torn d/w. The classic of early WW 2 in France, inc. much on 73 Squadron & "Cobber" Kain. Other edns also available inc Jane's 1980 (with extra photos); fine, vg d/w - £11.50.  
BN: 22411
Rickenbacker, Capt Edward V. SEVEN CAME THROUGH - Rickenbacker's full story. £14.00
Doubleday, Doran 1st, 1943; 21 x 15cm, 118pp, 18 photos; vg, torn d/w. WW 2 career including forced landing in the Pacific, rescue & message to America.  
BN: 24632

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