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World War 2

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Munson, Kenneth AIRCRAFT OF WORLD WAR II - £7.00
Ian Allan 1st, 1962; 255pp, f.illus; fine, vg d/w. Good photos & data. Also - Ian Allan 2nd, 1972, reprinted 1980; 272pp, f.illus (some colour); fine inc d/w - £7.50.  
BN: 27112  

Musgrove, Gordon  PATHFINDER FORCE -  A history of 8 Group.  McD & J 1st, 1976; 302pp, 64 photos, figs, maps; Foreword by A.v-M. Bennett; near fine , sl chipped d/w.

BN: 24021  

Myers, Alys  IMSHI -  A fighter pilot's letters to his mother.  W.H.Allen 1st 1943; 168pp, 6 plates; vg (fine int).   Also another, fine int, sl marked cloth - £16

Story of acting Sqn Ldr E.M.Mason DFC with foreword by Sir Arthur Longmore and various epilogues. Most of the letters describe service in the Middle East.  
BN: 22383  

Nagatsuka, Ryuji  I WAS A KAMIKAZE -  the Knights of the Divine Wind.  Abelard-Schuman 1973 (translated from French of 1972); 212pp, 18 photos;near fine inc d/w.

A "failed suicide pilot" tells his story of training, of the decision to join the fated cadre of volunteers and the shame of his failure to die for Emperor and Country - one of the few survivors from among several thousand.  
BN: 28039

Naito, Hatsuho  THUNDER GODS -  The Kamikaze pilots tell their story.   Kodansha, 1989 from the original "Ohka hijo no tokko heiki" of 1982; 215pp, 38 photos, ep maps & 3-view line drgs; fine inc d/w.

The human aspects of the "die for honour" philosophy which motivated so many young fighting pilots.  
BN: 31410

Narracott A.H  WAR NEWS HAD WINGS -  a record of the RAF in France.  Muller 1st, 1941; 224pp, 30 illus; vg, fair d/w.. 

Times war correspondent's account of the first year of WW 2, mostly the A.A.S.F. in France, with official Air Ministry photos.
BN: 21527

Narracott, A. H  UNSUNG HEROES OF THE AIR -  F Muller, 2nd 1943; 19x13cm, 168pp, 33 photos; vg, sl soiled d/w. (Signed by an ex-chief medical officer of the ATA ans later of BEA.)

One of the author's several small wartime books.
BN: 24043
Narracott, Arthur H.  AIR POWER IN WAR -  Muller 1st, 1945; 19 x 12cm, 168pp, 26 photos; fine, good d/w 14.00
Interesting end-of-WW 2 commentary on the different ways air power and its use developed in UK, USA, Germany, Japan & Russia.
bn: 31798

Naydler, Merrton  'YOUNG MAN - YOU'LL NEVER DIE'  A World War II Fighter Pilot in North Africa, Burma & Malaya.     Pen & Sword 2005 (from 1st of 1996); 191pp, 19 photos, map; fine inc d/w

Hurricanes & Spitfires including No 11 Sdquadron in the far east.
BN: 32055

Neillands, Robin  THE BOMBER WAR -  Arthur Harris and the Allied Bomber Offensive, 1939-1945.  J Murray 1st, 2001; 445pp, 30 photos, notes & biblio; fine inc d/w AUTHOR-SIGNED.

Book mainly centred on the with a large chapter on the moral issues. justification & effectiveness of the bombing offensive  
BN: 31440

Nesbit, Roy Conyers  TORPEDO AIRMEN -  Missions with Bristol Beauforts, 1940-42.  Kimber 1st, 1983; 234pp, f.illus, biblio & notes; fine inc d/w.

Record of one of the most dangerous specialisations in the WW 2 RAF.
BN: 25902

Nesbit, Roy C.  THE ARMED ROVERS -  Beauforts & Beaufighters over the Mediterranean.  Airlife 1st, 1995; 224pp, 36 photos, ep maps; fine inc d/w. 

Mainly covering attacks on shipping.; includes references and photo of the tennis professional Tony Mottram.  
BN: 28040
Nesbitt-Dufort, W Cdr John   BLACK LYSANDER -  Jarrolds 1st, 1973; 184pp, 23 photos; vg m inc d/w.(fep price-clipped) 25.00
After working as instructor for the pre-war D H School of Flying, the author flew, most famously, with the Special Duty squadrons, flying agents into occupied France. Now scarce.
BN: 27686

Newman, Bernard  THEY SAVED LONDON -  Laurie 1st, 1952; 192pp, 3 maps; vg inc d/w; AUTHOR-SIGNED. 

How allied espionage delayed and limited the V 1 attacks on London.
BN: 31801

Newton, Dennis  A FEW OF THE FEW -  Australians and the Battle of Britain.  Australian War Memorial, 1990; 25 x 18cm, 291pp, f.illus; fine, nr fine d/w.

A day-by-day account.
BN: 31802

Newton, Dennis  FIRST IMPACT -  Combat Diary Series; Australians in the Air War of WW 2"; Vol 1; 1939-40.  

Banner Books,, Australia, 1997; 240pp, f.illus; biblio & list of Australian airmen in the RAF 1939/40. Fine inc d/w.  
BN: 31018
 Nichol, John & Tony Rennell  TAIL-END CHARLIES -  the last battles of the Bomber War 1944-45.  Penguin (Viking) 1st, 2004; 470pp, 22 photos, maps, extensive reference notes; fine inc d/w. Also - card cover edn; fine - £6 £16.00 
BN:  30631

North, Peter  EAGLES HIGH -  The Battle of Britain - 50th Anniversary.  L. Cooper, 1990; 24 x 18cm, 125pp, pictorial (artwork throughout); fine inc d/w. 

The history of the B of B portrayed in action paintings, maps, aircraft cut-away drgs etc; full colour.  
BN: 31624

Odhams Press THE WAR IN PICTURES - Vol 1 (1939-Aug 1940)

Vols 1 to 4 from set of 5 vols ("First Year" to "Fifth Year") Hard-bound, 26 x 19cm, 320pp, pictorial; vg. Contains much aviation content. Also separate Vol 1 - vg - £7.  ea
BN: 28155  

Odhams Press  BRITAIN'S WONDERFUL FIGHTING FORCES -  Odhams c1943; 384pp, f.illus; nr fine, sl chipped d/w.

Much content on aviation inc a chapter on the Fleet Air Arm.  
BN:  32088
Olmstead, Merle  THE 357th FIGHTER GROUP OVER EUROPE -  Phalqanx, USA, 1994; 29 x 22cm, 160pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w  35.00
Full history of the "Yoxford Boys" Fighter Group flying Mustangs fron Britain in WW 2
BN: 36044

Olsson,Carl  FROM HELL TO BREAKFAST -  A & U 2nd Imp of 1st, 1943; 19 x 13cm, 133pp, 20 photos; one corner crushed, vg int. 

Short stories, mainly about flying operations, obtained at first hand from sailors, soldiers & airmen.  
BN: 21300

Ommanney F.D.  FLAT-TOP -  the story of an escort carrier.  Longmans Green 1st, 1945; 19 x 13cm, 63pp, 11 photos; fine, good d/w.

BN: 21262

Orange, Vincent  THE ROAD TO BIGGIN HILL -  a life of Wg Cdr Johnny Checketts.  Airlife 1st, 1986; 192pp, 30 photos, map, notes & biblio; near fine inc d/w. 

The New Zealand fighter pilot (DSO, DFC, American silver star, Polish cross of valour) who flew throughout the war and served post-war in the RNZAF  
BN: 29023

Ottaway, Susan  DAMBUSTER -  a life of Guy Gibson VC  Cooper 1st, 1994; 196pp, 48 photos; fine inc d/w

Gibson joined the RAF in 1936, took part in the first aerial attack of the war and eventually became famous for the dams raid of 1943.
BN: 31805

Overy R.J.  THE AIR WAR, 1939-1945 -  Europa 1st, 1980; , 263pp, 18 photos, comprehensive notes, biblio ; fine inc d/w. Also card-cover edn, vg - 7.50

BN: 24041

Owen, Roderic THE DESERT AIR FORCE -  Hutchinson c1948; 274pp, 14 illus, ep maps; vg (sl foxing to page edges), vg d/w. 

Thorough history of the subject; foreword by Lord Tedder.
BN: 25682

Oxpring, Gp Capt Bobby  SPITFIRE COMMAND -  Kimber 1st, 1984; 196pp, 42 photos, 4 maps, biblio; fine inc d/w.

Most of the photos are from the author's collection; foreword by A.v-M. Johnnie Johnson.
BN: 26170

Page, Geoffrey  TALE OF A GUINEA PIG -  the exploits of a WW 2 fighter pilot.   Pelham Books 1st, 1981; 218pp, 12 photos, 16 line drgs in text of aircraft types; fine inc d/w.

WW 2 career story, including severe burns  treatment by McIndoe and formation of Guinea Pig Club.    
BN: 26957    
Pape,Richard BOLDNESS BE MY FRIEND - £10.00
Elek 4th Imp, 1953; 309pp, maps, 13 photos; vg, good d/w.Famous escape story.Also - 6th Imp, 1955; 314pp; nr fine, vg d/w. £8.  
BN: 21110

Parkinson, Roger  DAWN ON OUR DARKNESS -  the summer of 1940.  Granada Pub., 1977; 236pp, 15 photos, maps, biblio; fine inc d/w. 

The decision-making on both sides and the effect on the outcome of the Battle of Britain.
BN: 31623

Passmore, Richard  BLENHIEM BOY -  Harmsworth 1st, 1981; 254pp, 16 photos; fine inc d/w. 

Story of a survivor of the early Blenheim actions.
BN: 25188

Partridge,Major R.T.   OPERATION SKUA -  Friends of the FAA Museum 1st, 1983; 159pp, f.illus; col covers; fine with photo cuttings added by previous owner Owen Thetford whose bookplate is inside f. cover.

Story of the author's training as a "flying marine", service before & during WW 2, his forced landing on a Norwegian lake; post-war, he took part in a rescue of the remains of his Skua.
BN: 24040
Airlife 1st, 1996; 26 x 20cm, 176pp, f.illus; appendices & biblio; fine inc d/w.
BN: 29840

Phelps, Anthony  I COULDN'T CARE LESS -  Harborough 1st, c1944; 134pp, 29 illus; vg, torn d/w.

One of the many fine stories of the Air Transport Auxiliary.
BN: 21366

Philpot, Oliver  STOLEN JOURNEY -  H & S 1st, 1950; 412pp, 34 drgs by Ronald Searle, maps, frontis photo; nr fine, ragged d/w. 

escape story of a Beaufort captain with super Searle drgs.
BN: 23409

Polish Air Force Association.  DESTINY CAN WAIT - The Polish Air Force in the Second World War.     Heinemann 1st, 1949; 402pp, 8 col plates, 109 photos, drgs by F.Topolski; vg inc d/w (slight foxing to page edges only).

The history of the Polish Air Force in WW 2 - a major work based on combat records, squadron diaries etc; includes the part played by Poles in the Battle of Britain, the re-organisation of the Polish Air Force in Britain, its support of the Warsaw uprising & the uncovering of the V 1 threat by Polish Air Intelligence. Scarce.
BN: 24028

Pollard, Capt A.O. VC  EPIC DEEDS OF THE R.A.F. -  utchinson 1st, 1940; 287pp, 32 photos; nr fine except sl foxing, sl torn but very attractive "period" d/w.

Now quite scarce account of the early months of WW 2 including the Norwegian Campaign, & the Battle for France. A serious history despite the over-popular title.
BN: 31807

Pollard,Capt A.O. VC  BOMBERS OVER THE REICH -  Hutchinson 1st, 1941; 208pp, 32 photos; vg, v ragged d/w.

Now fairly scarce account of the early WW 2 bombing operations.
BN: 21114

Pollock, P.Hamilton  WINGS ON THE CROSS -  A padre with the RAF.  Clonmore & Reynolds 1956 reprint of 1954 1st; 199pp, 9 illus; vg, fair d/w; AUTHOR-SIGNED. 

BN: 22393

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