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World War 2

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Masters,David SO FEW - the immortal record of the Royal Air Force. £14.50
E & S 1st, 1941; 340pp, 18 photos; vg. Good description of the early stages of the war. Nice copy of the 1st edn.  Also other edns at lower prices.  
BN: 21761

Maurer Maurer (Ed'r) for the USAF Historical Div.  AIR FORCE COMBAT UNITS OF WORLD WAR II -  History and Insignia.   F. Watts 1st, , for USAF Historical Division, (1961 1st); 506pp, squadron crests; vg, torn remains of d/w

WW 2 history of all USAF Groups & Divisions, with crest drgs.
BN: 24030

Men Only MEN ONLY IN THE AIR -  Pearson 1st, 1941; 19 x 13cm, 96pp, drgs & cartoons in text; vg.

Aeronautical selections from the famous wartime magazine.

BN 32017


Merrick, Ken  BY DAY & BY NIGHT -  The Bomber War in Europe 1939-45.  Ian Allan 1st, 1989; 30 x 22cm, 128pp, f.illus (photos, maps); fine, nr fine d/w. 

Descriptions of specific typical raids from both sides are used to show how tactics and technical capability developed. 
BN: 25953

Michie, Allan  LIGHTS OF FREEDOM -  A & U 1st, 1941; 190pp, 58 photos; vg (cloth sl soiled), good d/w. 

Stories of scenes typical of UK during WW 2.
BN: 31796

Michie, Allan A  THE AIR OFFENSIVE AGAINST GERMANY - Holt, New York 1st, 1943; 152pp plus 24pp photo section at rear; ex-lib with stamps on endpapers, o/w good int, cloth sl rubbed. A "Reading Copy"!

Illustrates the bombing campaign at the time it was happening, predating the official history by 18 years.
BN: 31916

Michie, Allan  EVERYMAN TO HIS POST -  A & U 1st, 1943; 20 x 13cm, 105pp, 22 photos; nr fine, good d/w. 

Sequel to "Their Finest Hour" and "Lights of Freedom" which all gave first-person descriptions of WW 2 in various theatres of war.
BN: 31795
 Middlebrook, Martin  THE NUREMBERG RAID -30-31 March 1944.  £16.00
 Lane 1980 revised reprint of 1973 1st; 369pp, 12 maps, 4 diags, 51 photos; fine inc d/w;  Full story of the raid & its high cost in aircraft & crew losses.  Also card cover edn; fine - £5.  
 BN: 23774

Middlebrook, Martin  THE SCHWEINFURT-REGENSBURG MISSION -  American raids on 17 August 1943. Lane 1st, 1983; 363pp, photos, maps; nr fine inc d/w.

BN: 30812

Middlebrook, Martin & Chris Everitt  THE BOMBER COMMAND WAR DIARIES -  An operational reference book, 1939-1945.; Viking 1st, 1985; 804pp, 55 photos; near fine inc d/w.

BN: 24759
Middleton, Drew THE SKY SUSPENDED - The Battle of Britain, May 1940 - April 1941. £10.00
Secker & Warburg 1st, 1960; 255pp, maps; nr fine inc d/w.Day-by-day diary of the period with commentary on the general scene.  
BN: 23543  

Mikesh, Robert C.  BROKEN WINGS OF THE SAMURAI -  The Destruction of the Japanese Airforce.  Airlife 1st, 1993; 26 x 20cm, 199pp, near-pictorial; fine inc d/w 

Describes the destruction of the remaining Japanese aircraft and the rescue of a few examples for museums etc.   
BN: 31273
Millot,Bernard DIVINE THUNDER - the life & death of the Kamikazes. £12.00
Macdonald 1st UK, 1971; 243pp, 28 photos, maps etc; fine, good d/w.the background, philosophy, training & actions of the suicide pilot operations.  
BN: 21198

Mitchell, Alan W.  NEW ZEALANDERS IN THE AIR WAR -   Harrap 1st, 1945; 192pp, 32 illus; nr fine inc d/w

Biographies of 17 famous pilots; chapters on the N.Z. Squadrons 75 (Lancasters), 487 (Mosquitos) 485 (Spitfires) & 486 (Tempests).
BN: 22377

Monks, Noel  SQUADRONS UP! -  Gollancz 1st (4th Imp), 1940; 256pp, 15 photos; vg, torn d/w. 

Personal account of the action in France in 1940 inc references to "Cobber" Kain.
BN: 23772

Monks, Noel  FIGHTER SQUADRONS -  The epic story of 2 Hurricane Squadrons in France.  

Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1941; 242pp, 15 photos; moderate foxing, sl worn & faded cloth.  Australian version of "Squadrons Up" - references to (& photo of) Cobber Kain).  
BN: 25409

Montgomery-Moore "M-M"   TOGETHER WE FLY -  A salute to Airmen.  Bles 1st, 1941; 19 x 13cm, 263pp plus 15 plates; nr fine, vg d/w.

Collection of stories of RAF action in early WW 2.
BN: 24936
Moore, John THE FLEET AIR ARM - A short account of its history and achievements. £15.00
Chapman & Hall 1st, 1943; 19 x 13cms, 140pp, 10 photos, 3 maps; fine, vg d/w; A WW 2 account, including Norway, the Mediterranean, the Bismark chase, the Ark Royal.   Also without d/w - 12  
BN: 22378

Moore, Lt-Cdr John RNVR  ESCORT CARRIER -  the fight against the U-boat menace.  Hutchinson 1st, nd (1940s); 19 x 13cm, 48pp, 32 photos; vg, good d/w

Operations by a typical escort carrier described.
BN: 26346

Morgan, Col Robert & Ron Powers  THE MAN WHO FLEW THE MEMPHIS BELLE -  memoir of a WW II Bomber Pilot.  Dutton (USA) 1st, 2001; 389pp, 33 photos, chronology of author's war; fine inc d/w.

BN: 31302

Morris, Jerrold  CANADIAN ARTISTS AND AIRMEN 1940-1945 -  The Morris Gallery, Toronto, undated; Edition limited to 1,000; 24 x 20cm, 207pp, paintings by Canadian artists in the Canadian War Museum, Ottawa - fine inc d/w; AUTHOR-SIGNED.

Description of the author's WW 2 experiences flying bombers  
BN: 31310

Mosley, Leonard  BATTLE OF BRITAIN -  Time-Life Books (WW 2 series) 1st, 1977; 29 x 24cm, 208pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w 

A picture of Britain at the period of the Battle.
BN: 23778
Moxon, Oliver  BITTER MONSOON -  The memoirs of a fighter pilot.  Hale 1st, 1955; 192pp, 9 plates, map; vg inc d/w d/w. 18.00
First of the trilogy describing the war experiences of Stefan James, as recorded by Moxon - this volume covering his introduction to war flying and his early days in Burma.
BN: 22379

Moxon, Oliver  THE LAST MONSOON -  Hale 1st, 1957; 174pp; fine., vg d/w 

Sequel to "Bitter Monsoon", based on fact but some operations ficticious and characters disguised. Covers the fighter actions over Imphal & Kohima.
BN: 26707

Moxon, Oliver  AFTER THE MONSOON -  Hale 1st, 1958; 160pp; fine , nr fine d/w. 

The third volume of the trilogy, a "truthful image of a young man's moral decline at the hands of the war". (Discount of 15 if all 3 of the trilogy taken)
BN: 22380
Munson K & J.W.R.Taylor (Ed'rs) THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN - £7.50
New English Library 1st, 1976; 30 x 21cm, 128pp, near-pictorial; some colour; vg.Also card-cover edn; vg - £5.  
BN: 21809

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