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World War 2

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Author-published, new edn, 1994; 383pp, many photos, diags, maps; biblio, records of aircraft & crews etc; fine inc d/w. Record of the raids on the Romanian oil industry from Italian bases.


BN: 27759

McGivern, Cecil  BOMB DOORS OPEN -  and other radio war features.  A & U, 1941 (for the BBC); 19 x 13cm, 194pp, 14 photos (Beaton?) ; vg inc d/w, AUTHOR-SIGNED.


Radio feature programmes of the time with period photos.

BN: 28033

McIntosh, Dave  MOSQUITO INTRUDER -  Murray 1st UK, 1980; 184pp, 13 photos; fine inc d/w. 


First published in Canada as "Terror in the starboard seat".

BN: 25185

Makanna, Philip FLYING GHOSTS - A Time Remembered - Combat Aircraft of the Second World War.

S & J 1st (UK) 1979; 26 x 23cm landscape; 115pp, silhouettes, col photos; nr fine inc d/w. Features aircraft of the Confederate Air Force in colour.


BN: 24807

Makanna, Philip  GHOSTS OF THE SKIES - aviation in the second world war.Chronicle Books (USA), 1995; 29 x 29cm, 160pp, f.illus (much col); fine, vg d/w.


Fine "coffee table" picture book (part large colour photos, part historic black & white photos).
BN: 27664

McKee, Alexander  STRIKE FROM THE SKY -  The Story of the Battle of Britain.  Souvenir Press 1st, 1960; 288pp, ep maps, 63 illus; good-vg.

Both sides of the Battle with an analysis.
BN: 23685
 McKee, Alexander  DRESDEN, 1945 -  The Devil's Tinderbox.  Souvenir Press 1st, 1982; 334pp, 57 photos, ep maps; fine, sl chipped d/w.


 Full story and analysis of reasons for and arguments against the horrific raid.

BN:  24620

McLachlan, Ian  FINAL FLIGHTS -  Dramatic wartime incidents revealed by aviation archaeology.  PSL 1st, 1989; 24 x 18cm, 256pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w. AUTHOR'S SIGNED INSCRIPTION.

Stories discovered by following up references to archaeological finds. 
BN: 25452

McLachlan, Ian & Russell J.Zorn  EIGHTH AIR FORCE BOMBER STORIES -  Eye-witness accounts from American Airmen & British Civilians.  PSL 1st, 1991; 25 x 18cm, 224pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w.

BN: 25680  

McLachlan, Ian  EIGHTH AIR FORCE BOMBER STORIES - A NEW SELECTION -  Sutton Pubs, 2004; 25 x 18cm, 212pp, f.illus. biblio; fine inc d/w


BN: 31442


McLeave, Hugh  McINDOE, PLASTIC SURGEON -  Muller1st, 1961; 231pp, 15 photos; vg, torn d/w  8.00
Sir Archibald McIndoe operated at the East Grinstead hospital on numerous servicemen including some famous airmen - the story of his work, his leading assistants Jill Mullins & John Hunter and their devoted and intensive work.  
BN: 32016  



Harrap separate vols - Vol 1 (nr-vg) £7; Vols 3 & 4 (nr fine inc d/ws) £10 ea.


BN: 22371

Macmillan Company (The)  OUR FLYING NAVY -  Macmillan, New York, 1944; text prepared with assistance of the office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Air); with 80 full-colour reproductions from the paintings by Howard Baer, Adolf Dehn, Robert Benney, Don Freeman, Joseph Hirsch, Lawrence Beall Smith & Georges Schreiber. 33 x 25cm, 97pp plus 65pp of the paintings; Text section is clean but pages sl wavy; painting section has damp marks on all pages; the pages are not stuck or torn and the paintings can be enjoyed despite the marks. Priced down in view of the marks.


A collection of rather remarkable art-work depicting the flying, maintenance, training & other operations.


BN: 31527

McVicar, Don  FERRY COMMAND -  Airlife 1st, 1981; 213pp, photos, sketches in text, ep maps; , fine inc d/w 


The story of the delivery by Ferry Command of over 10,000 American aircraft.

BN: 22374


Mann, Carl  AIR HERALDRY - McBride, New York, 1944; 253pp, diags; ex-US init library with the usual stamps on endpapers but o/w clean inside; cloth marked and torn at top.


Illustrates in monochrome the insignia of the US units formed tom publication date.

BN: 31898

March, Peter R.  THE SPITFIRE STORY -  The History Opress, 2008; 18 x 13cm, 114pp, col picture boards, pictorial; fine


Useful little book for brushing up on the marks, variants & uses of the Spitfire. 

BN: 31776

Marshall, Chester W & W Thompson FINAL ASSAULT ON THE RISING SUN - Combat diaries of B-29 Aircrews over Japan.


Airlife 1st, 1995; 26 x 19cm, 224pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w.

BN: 27828

Masefield, John & Edward Seago  A GENERATION RISEN - Collins 1st, 1942; 28 x 19cm, 72pp, many Seago drawings, some full-page; nr fine, vg d/w.


 A book of brilliant Seago illustrations, very "period", with mostly poetic texts.

BN: 31794

Mason, Peter D. "NICOLSON VC" - the full biography of James Brindley Nicolson.


Geerings 1st, 1991; 164pp, f.illus (photos, maps); nr fine inc d/w.The RAF career and the "VC" action of the only pilot of Fighter Command to be awarded the VC; inc brief histories of 72, 249 & 27 Squadrons.



Mason, Tim  THE SECRET YEARS -  Flight Testing at Boscombe Down 1939-1945.  Hikoki 1st, 1998; 30 x 22cm, 320pp, f.illus (b & w photos & col plans); appendix tables etc; fine inc d/w.


Detailed description of the operations and types flown at Boscombe Down in WW 2.

BN; 27682

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