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World War 2

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Kaplan, Philip & Jack Currie ROUND THE CLOCK - The experience of the allied bomber crews who flew from England in WW 2. £24.00
Cassell 1st, 1993; 25 x 25cm, 234pp, f.illus (some col); fine inc d/w.Also card cover version, fine - £16.  
BN: 29698
Kaplan, Philip & Richard Collier THE FEW - Summer 1940, the Battle of Britain. £24.00
Blandford 1st, 1989; 26 x 26cm, 224pp, f.illus (some col), biblio; fine, near fine d/w. Pictorial history on the lines of "Little Friends" - well-chosen illustrations.  
BN: 29021


Author-published, 1996; 388pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w; AUTHOR'S INSCRIPTION. 
Day-by-day record of the RAF airfields  Honeybourne & Long Marston through WW 2. Many personal anecdotes.
BN: 31733

Kelly, Terence  HURRICANE & SPITFIRE PILOTS AT WAR - Kimber 1st, 1986; 222pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w. 

A selection of pilots from all theatres of the war. Fine Kimber production.
BN: 30926

Kennedy, Ludovic  PURSUIT -  the chase and sinking of the Bismark.  BCA version of Collins 1st of 1974; 20 x 14cm, 239pp, 27 photos; vg, tatty d/w.

BN: 31732

Kennerly, Byron   THE EAGLES ROAR! -  Harper USA 1st, 1942; 221pp, 16 photos; vg, fep inscription by the widow of J.L.McGinnis, one of the pilots listed as a squadron member.

Very good description by an American Eagle Squadron pilot of training and flying Hurricanes in Britain, including night fighting over Coventry during its greatest raid.
BN: 31730

Kennington,Eric & Sir Ronald Storrs  DRAWING THE R.A.F. -  a book of portraits.  OUP 1st, 1942; 143pp, 52 portraits (4 in col); nr fine except inscription on fep.

The super portraits, accompanied by potted histories and the story of the assignment to produce them.
BN: 21204

Kent Aviation Historical Research  Soc.  KENT AIRFIELDS IN THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN -  Meresborough revised edn, 1982 (from 1981 original); ; 192pp, f.illus, picture covers; fine.

BN: 26176

Kilbracken, Lord  BRING BACK MY STRINGBAG -  Swordfish pilot at war 1940-45.  P.Davies 1st, 1979; 227pp, 17 photos;  fine, nr fine d/w.

The author, formerly Lt-Cdr John Godley, led Swordfish squadron on HMS Nairana as one of the youngest Lt-Cdrs in the Navy.
BN: 27420
Kucera, Dennis C. IN A NOW FORGOTTEN SKY - the 31st Fighter Group in WW 2. £35.00
Flying Machines Press 1st, 1997; 28 x 22cm, 418pp, f.illus (monochrome photos, maps, col side views of aircraft & some col photos of aircraft more recently used); colour boards; fine.  Superb squadron history.  
BN: 29699
La Farge, Oliver THE EAGLE IN THE EGG - The story of Air Transport Command in WW 2. £10.00
Arno facsimile reprint of 1949 original; nr fine.
BN: 26367
Lamb, Commander C. TO WAR IN A STRINGBAG - £10.00
Bantam Books, 1980: 22x15cm, 364pp, drgs; vg, fair d/w.U.S. Version of "War in a Stringbag" of 1977. Also UK paperback of the original "War in a Stringbag" fine 3.50  
BN: 24337

Lambermont, Paul  LORRAINE SQUADRON -  Cassell 1st UK 1956 (from French "Videz vos poches"); 196pp, 13 photos; fine inc d/w. Scarce. 

The Squadron, first called the "Free French Flight" started life at Khartoum, then bombing from the UK and finally returned to France. 
BN: 28830

Lamont-Brown, Raymond   KAMIKAZE -  Japan's suicide Samurai.   A & A.P. 1997; 192pp, 37 photos, glossary, biblio ; fine inc d/w.

The idea and the operation of the ultimate sacrifice.
BN: 31411

Lampe, Daviid  PYKE -  the unknown genius.  Scientific Book Club 1st, 1959; 224pp, vg, good d/w. 

Geoffrey Pyke was taken on by Combined Operations in 1941 as a scientific advisor to Lord Mountbatten and passed the war as "ideas man".
BN: 31790
 Landau,Rom  THE WING -confessions of an RAF officer.  19.50
 Faber 1st, 1945; 331pp; fine, nr fine d/w ) (Beautiful art-nouveau picture!)               Based on the daily diary of an Operations Officer - very personal record of a thoughtful writer, always sensitive to his situation.  Also another, vg int, cloth sl soiled, bd'g sl loose - 7.50  
BN:  21994
Lande D.A. FROM SOMEWHERE IN ENGLAND - The life & times of 8th A.F. bomber, fighter & ground crews in WW 2. £16.00
Airlife 1st, 1991; 29 x 22cm, 176pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w (except an appropriate picture cutting stuck to title page). Good illustrations, inc some (col) of remaining bases & buildings.  
BN: 25679

Large, Flying Officer W.S.  THE DIARY OF A CANADIAN FIGHTER PILOT -  Saunders, Toronto 1st, 1944; 18 x 13cm, 65pp, 4 photos, 2 reprods of paintings; fine inc d/w

Shot down on the Dieppe operation, the author was in the forefront of the allied invasions of North Africa.  
BN: 31309

Lawson, Capt Ted W.  THIRTY SECONDS OVER TOKYO -  Blue Ribbon Books 1944, from 1943 1st; 19 x 13cm, 221pp,16 photos; vg, torn d/w.

By a participant in the Doolittle raid inc his adventures after crashing.  ALSO - the 1943 1st, Random House; col endpaper maps; vg (no d/w) 15  
BN: 23367

Levine. Joshua  FORGOTTEN VOICES OF THE BLITZ AND THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN -  a new history in the words of the men & women on both sides.  Ebury Press 2006; 486pp, photos in text; fine inc d/w

BN: 32052

Lewis, Bruce  AIRCREW -  the story of the men who flew the bombers.  Cassell paper-back, 2000 (from 1999 1st); 188pp, 45 photos; fine inc d/w.

An anthology of first-hand experiences.
BN: 29896
Lhote, Gilles & Jeff Clyman COWBOYS OF THE SKY - £15.00
Airlife 1st, 1989; 32 x 24cm, 158pp, pictorial (all col); fine, vg d/w. Illustrated history of military flying jackets & their users (WW 1 through WW 2).  
BN: 26684

Lloyd, A-M. Sir Hugh  BRIEFED TO ATTACK -  Malta's part in African victory.  H & S 1st, 1949; 231pp, 31 photos, 14 maps;  vg.

good d/w d/w

Now scarce account of the war in Malta.
BN: 23768

Lockyer, Eleanor M.  ENGLISH AIRFIELD -  Chilbolton Memories 1941-1945.  Author-published, 2nd limited edn, 1997 (from 1995 1st); 30 x 21cm, 96pp, f.illus; fine, vg d/w.

Originally published as "Memories of Chilbolton Airfield 1940-1941"
BN: 31936

Look Magazine    AIR POWER -  Duell, Sloan & Pearce, New York, 1943; 31 x 23cm, 95pp, pictorial (inc some colour photos)

"A complete picture of the U.S. Army Air Forces" Past aircraft development and current equipment.  
BN: 31526

Lord, Walter  DAY OF INFAMY -  Pearl Harbour, December 7th, 1941.  Longmans Green 1st UK, 1957; 243pp, 47 photos, ep maps; vg, fair d/w. 

A minute-by-minute description of the attack and its immediate repercussions.  ALSO - USA edn, Henry Holt, 1957; near fine, good d/w - 15  
BN: 24938

Lovell, Sir Bernard  ECHOES OF WAR - the story of H2S radar.  Hilger 1st, 1991; 287pp, many figs inc photos; fine inc d/w.

Detailed history covering British & German airborne radar.
BN: 25896

Lucas P.B.("Laddie")(Ed'r)  WINGS OF WAR - airmen of all nations tell their stories 1939-1945.  Hutchinson 1st, 1983; 409pp, photos; near fine inc d/w.

Contains large number of short extracts from biographies.
BN: 22062

Lucas, Laddie  THANKS FOR THE MEMORY -  unforgettable characters in air warfare, 1939-45.  Stanley Paul 1st, 1989; 450pp, 50 photos; fine inc d/w

.Pen portraits of many of the leading WW 2 airmen & leaders.
BN: 28031

Lucas, Laddie (Ed'r)  VOICES IN THE AIR - 1939-1945.  Ted Smart, 2003 (unillustrated re-issue of the 1983 "Wings of War") ; 538pp, fine inc d/w.

"Incredible stories of the WW 2 airmen in their own words"
BN: 32053

Lukas, Richard C.  EAGLES EAST - The army air forces and the Soviet Union: 1941-1946.  Florida State Univ Press, 1970; 256pp, extensive biblio; fine, torn d/w.

 A serious study of Russian/American relations during WW 2 - with particular reference to air Operations.  
BN: 31734

Lundstrom, John B. THE FIRST TEAM - Pacific naval air combat from Pearl Harbour to Midway. Naval Inst. Press (USA) 1st, 1984; 26 x 19cm, 547pp, photos, diags, aircraft side view drgs; extensive source notes; fine inc d/w.

BN: 27672

Lyall, Gavin  THE WAR IN THE AIR 1939-1945 -  A selected & edited anthology of personal experience.  BCA 1973 from Hutchinson of 1968; (Vol 2 of Freedom's Battle Series); 422pp, 23 photos; fine, good d/w.

BN: 23680
McCrary,Capt John R. & David E.Sherman FIRST OF THE MANY - a journal of action with the men of the 8th Air Force. 16.00
Robson 1981 reprint from 1944 1st; 24 x 17cm, 242pp, photos; fine, vg d/w.Personal stories of the 8th A.F.
BN: 21257

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