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World War 2

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Hurren B.J.("Fougueux" of The Aeroplane) NO SPECIFIC GRAVITY - £10.00
Temple Press 1st, 1944; 140pp; vg, torn d/w.  More amusing stories from the FAA & RAF.  
BN: 21637  

Hurren B.J. (Fougeoux of "The Aeroplane")    SECOND DOG -  a collection of ward-room tales with an aeronautical flavour   Harborough 1st, c1942; 157pp; nr-vg int, spine faded.

BN: 27282  

Hurren B.J.  EASTERN MED -  a personal narrative.  Muller 1st, 1943; 19 x 12cm, ep maps, vg

BN: 31761  
Huston, James A. OUT OF THE BLUE - U.S. Army airborne operations in World War II. £25.00
Battery Press USA 1st, 1972; 327pp, photos, maps; fine, nr fine d/w.Rather scarce in UK.  
BN: 29697  
Hutchinson (pub'r) BRITISH, GERMAN & ITALIAN AIRCRAFT - How to spot them. 8.50
c1943; 19 x 13cm, 96pp, pictorial (photos, silhouettes, 3-view line drgs); vg (From the original small paper-covered pocket-books).  
BN: 24024  

Hutchinson (pub'r)  HUTCHINSON'S PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE WAR -  7th Feb - 11th May 1943.   single vol, 25 x 18cm, 288pp, pictorial; vg int, cloth sl soiled, corners bumped. 

One volume from the series; Includes many contemporary aviation photos.  
BN: 31705  

Hutton, Stephen  SQUADRON OF DECEPTION -  The 36th Bomb Squadron in World War II.  Schiffer, 1999; 29 x 22cm, 216pp, f.illus, biblio; fine inc d/w. 

Fine illustrated USAF squadron history  
BN: 31269  
Hynes, Samuel FLIGHTS OF PASSAGE - Reflections of a WW 2 aviator. £15.00
US Naval Inst. Press, 1988; 270pp; fine inc d/w. Personal story of his own and his friends' attitudes to the war against the Japanese. Also - Bloomsbury edn, 1988; fine inc d/w - £15.  
BN: 23766  

Ilfrey, Jack (with Max Reynolds)  HAPPY JACK'S GP-BUGGY -  A WW II Fighter Pilot's Personal Document.  Exposition Press USA, 1979; 167pp, 33 photos; fine, nr fine d/w; SIGNED DEDICATION by "Jack Ilfrey, former C.O. of 20th F. Gp, Kingscliffe, 1944" 30.00
The author flew 142 combat missions with 1st Fighter Group USAF, was the first "ace" of the 94th Squadron with many decorations. His story includes P-38 flying from UK, escape in France, baling out into the North Sea and many other adventures.     
BN: 31706    
Irving, Edward J.R.  AIRCRAFT CLASSIFIED - IRVING'S AIRCRAFT RECOGNITION HANDBOOK  Simplified data relating to the best-known Alliked & Enemy Aircraft  Harper, London, 1940s (?); hard covers, 17 x 10cm, 71pp, vg (fine int) 7.50  
BN: 36625    

Irving, Lawrence  GREAT INTERRUPTION -  An autobiography 1939-45.  Airlife 1st, 1983; 235pp, f.illus, appendices; fine inc d/w.

As senior Intelligence Officer in 35 Wing, the author developed photo-reconnaissance and effective liaison prior to and during Operation Overlord.    
BN: 24589    


Jablonski, Edward TERROR FROM THE SKY - (Airwar, Vol 1). £15.00
Doubleday USA, 1971; 29 x 22cm, 175pp, f.illus; near fine, good d/w. The Luftwaffe's winged assault on Europe & the Battle of Britain.  
BN: 25403
Jablonski, Edward WINGS OF FIRE - (Airwar: Vol IV) £12.00
Doubleday, New York 1st, 1972; 29 x 22cm, 243pp, f.illus; fine except base of spine crushed, good d/w.Last volume of the set, covering the campaigns in the Mediterranean, Western Europe and the Far East  
BN: 25180

Jackson, Francis  AIRGUNNER -  the adventures of Flying Officer H.Lyver.  Reed (New Zealand) 1st, 1944; 19 x 13cm, 164pp, 11 photos; fine, good d/w. Rather scarce. 

Names of actual people used but bases and fields fictionalised for security reasons. Photos are of Whitleys, Wellingtons, Halifaxes & a Lancaster. Two tours of bomber ops over Europe and Africa are described by the New Zealander, as told to the author.  
BN: 28026

Jackson, Robert  AIR WAR OVER FRANCE 1939-40 -  Ian Allan 1st, 1974; 154pp, 63 photos, orders of battle, aircraft type details; fine, nr fiine d/w. 

The early days of WW 2; strengths of opposing air forces; the early operations.
BN: 31714

Jackson, Robert  STORM FROM THE SKIES -  The strategic Bombing Offensive, 1943-45.  Barker 1st, 1974; 174pp, 16 photos, data appendices; fine, torn d/w.

BN: 24622

Jackson, Robert  FIGHTER! -  the story of air combat 1936-1945. 

An overview of air fighting from the Spanish Civil war to the end of WW 2.
BN: 27379

Jackson, Robert   THE HAWKER HURRICANE -  Blandford 1st, 1988; 28 x 23cm, 160pp, f.illus (160 photos, 1/72 scale drgs ofall marke, variants & armament types). fine  inc d/w. 

Type development & action history.
BN: 23767
Jackson, Robert MUSTANG - the operational record. £15.00
Airlife 1st, 1992; 25 x 18cm, 156pp, f.illus; nr fine inc d/w. Full type history inc all variants.  
BN: 26952

Jacobs, Peter  THE LANCASTER STORY -  

Cassell 1st, 2002; 28 x 23cm, 192pp, f.illus, lists of bases & raids; fine inc d/w. Also 1996 edn, vg inc d/w except fep removed - £10
BN: 30780
E & S 1st, 1946; 189pp, 54 photos; vg.Resume of the actions in which the R.A.A.F. was involved, with many mentions of individuals.  
BN: 21699

Jaworzyn J.F.  NO PLACE TO LAND -  A pilot in Coastal Command.  Kimber 1st, 1984; 205pp, 47 photos; nr fine inc d/w.

Author managed to join the RAF at 16 years of age with no English and a failed medical; flew Wellingtons on anti-U Boat search - movingly personal story. 
BN> 25181

Johnson,Frank (Ed'r)  R.A.A.F. OVER EUROPE   E & S 1st, 1946; 189pp, 54 photos; vg

Resume of the actions in which the R.A.A.F. was involved, with many mentions of individuals.    Also another, vg (no d/w)
BN: 21699
Johnson,Gp Capt J.E. ("Johnnie") WING LEADER - 4.50
Reprint Soc "reading copy" - with the illus - vg  
BN: 23364

Johnston, Wg Cdr Tim ("A fighter pilot")  TATTERED BATTLEMENTS - a Malta Diary.  

Kimber, 1985 (from 1943 1st).P.Davies reprinted 1st, 1943; 333pp, 28 photos; fine inc d/w.   Diary of Malta air fighting, March-May, 1942.  Also 2nd edn, 1943 of the original; vg, ragged  d/w - 15
BN: 21485

 Jonsson T.E.  DANCING IN THE SKIES - Grub St 1st, 1994; 227pp, 64 photos; maps; fine, vg d/w; author-signed dedication. 25.00
 Icelandic pilot in the RAF; 17 Squadron Hurricanes; 111 Sqdn Spitfires; 65 Sqdn Mustangs & 187 Sqdn to end of WW 2.
 BN: 27232
Jubelin,Rear Adm. Andre THE FLYING SAILOR - £11.00
Hurst & Blackett 1954 reprint of 1st UK, 1953; 272pp, 33 illus; vg (spine lettering sl worn).Trans from French "Marin de Metier - pilote de fortune" of 1951; author served with day and night fighter squadrons before returning to Naval duties.  
BN: 22266

Judd, Donald    AVENGER FROM THE SKY -  Kimber 1st, 1985; 204pp, many photos, maps; fine inc d/w. 

Memoirs of Fleet Air Arm bombing - Albacores in Egypt, Grumman Avengers in the Indian Ocean & the Pacific region.
BN: 25678

Jullian, Marcel  THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN -  July-Sept 1940.  Cape 1st UK, 1967, trans from French of 1965 ("La Bataille d'Angleterre"); 295pp, 25 photos, ep maps, biblio; fine, nr fine d/w. 

Author studies the battle as viewed from both sides; covers strategies and personal experiences.
BN: 23809

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