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World War 2

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Guedalla, Philip MIDDLE EAST 1940-1942 - a study in Air Power. £7.50
H & S 1st, 1944; 237pp, 3 portraits, 10 maps; fine;  .Serious study of the Middle East War with particular reference to the role of the RAF.  
BN: 23485
Gunston, Bill & John Golley "SO MANY" - a folio dedicated to all who served with RAF Bomber Command, 1939-1945. £25.00
W.H.Smith, 1995 (from the original RAF Ben. Fund's original limited edn); 34 x 24cm, 276pp, photos, silhouette drgs, facsimile handwritten memoirs; fine inc d/w.  
BN: 28920
Guyton, Boone T.  AIR BASE -  Whittlesey House USA 7th printing of 1st, 1941; 295pp, photos; nr fine in protected d/w.  20.00
Personal memoirs of training for carrier-based operations in the USA, shortly before WW 2; this edn carries a brief "Note for the second printing" mentioning Pearl Harbour and the entry of the USA into the war. Fictional style - is this book fiction? Or fiction based on fact? Perhaps someone can advise me?
BN: 25437

HMSO (pub'r)  WINGS OF THE PHOENIX -  The official story of the Air War in Burma.  1st, 1949; 143pp, 21 photos, 5 maps; fine, v near fine d/w..

Unusually fine example of this official history.
BN: 22059

Hadley, Dunstan  BARRACUDA PILOT -  Airlife 1st, 1992; 198pp, 16 photos; fine inc d/w. 

Fleet Air Arm pilot's account of training, operations as pilot & flight officer; inc service in Asia.  
BN: 27235

Hagen, Louis  ARNHEM LIFT -  A Fighting Glider Pilot remembers.  

1st, 1954; 19 x 13cm, 96pp, map, diag; nr fine, good d/w.
BN: 30979

Haining,Peter (compiler)  THE SPITFIRE LOG -  a 50th Anniversary Tribute to the World's most famous fighter plane.   Souvenir Press 1st, 1985; 24 x 18cm, 144pp, f,illus; fine, vg d/w.

extracts from accounts by 23 authors plus historical chapters.
BN: 23464
 Haining, Peter  SPITFIRE SUMMER -  The people's eye view of the Battle of Britain. Selecta Books, 1995 (from 1990 original); 27 x 20cm, 208pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w.  £12.50
 Popular history with some emotive photos and reminiscences
BN: 30744
Hall, Alan W. AMERICAN FIGHTERS OF WORLD WAR 2 - Airfix magazine guide 14. £5.00
PSL 1976; 64pp, photos, biblio, col boards; fine
BN: 21030

Halliday, Hugh  242 SQUADRON - THE CANADIAN YEARS -  being the story of the RAF's all-Canadian fighter squadron.  Midland Counties UK edn, 1982, from Canadian 1981 original; 171pp, f.illusphotos, maps, drgs of aircraft markings); fine inc d/w. 

Covers 1939-1941 period inc the Battle of Britain.
BN: 23370

Halliday, Hugh A.  WOODY - A FIGHTER PILOT'S ALBUM -  CANAV Books, Canada 1st, 1987; 144pp, f.illus; fine (no d/w).

The wartime flying career of Wg Cdr Vernon C ("Woody") Woodward from pre-war training, service in Egypt; then during WW 2 in North Africa, Greece & Crete; post-war with the RAF commanding 19 Sqdn.  
BN: 31697
Halpenny, Bruce B. FIGHT FOR THE SKY - £14.50
PSL 1st, 1986; 224pp, many photos; fine inc d/w. True stories of wartime fighter pilots. Also - card cover edn, 1986; fine - £9  
BN: 26675

Hambro C.J.  I SAW IT HAPPEN IN NORWAY -  Appleton Century USA 1st, 1943; 218pp32 photos; near fine, AUTHOR-SIGNED dedication. 

The author was president of the Norwegian parliament; book describes the war in Norway from a political angle; includes a short chapter on "the air force".  
BN: 31700

Hanson, Norman  CARRIER PILOT - an unforgettable true story of wartime flying. PSL 1st, 1979; 255pp, 22 photos; near fine inc d/w.

Memoirs of the 15th Naval Fighter Wing (author was squadron commander on HMS Illustrious) on Corsairs.
BN: 25893

Harclerode, Peter  WINGS OF WAR -  Airborne Warfare 1918-1945.  W & N 2005; 656pp, 27 maps; fine inc d/w 

Despite the title, almost all of the book is WW 2 history; greatly detailed.   
BN: 31095
Harris, M. of the RAF, Sir Arthur  BOMBER OFFENSIVE -  Collins 1st, 1947; 288pp, ep maps; near vg, ragged d/w 12.00
Also - Greenhill edn, 1990; 288pp, 15 photos; fine inc d/w. 13.50 (Modern reprint of this famous account, with a new intro by Richards)
BN: 22354

Harvell, Ursel P.  LIBERATORS OVER EUROPE -  44th Bomb Group - "Flying Eight Balls".East Anglia Books reprint, nd; 28 x 22cm, f.illus; fine. 

Includes many portrait & group photos & a complete roster of members.  
BN: 24120
Harvey, Maurice THE ALLIED BOMBER WAR, 1939-45 - £15.00
Spellmount 1st, 1992; 28 x 22cm, 207pp, f.illus (photos, maps); fine, vg d/w.Some new "angles" and nice illustrations.  
BN: 26949

Hastings, Max  BOMBER COMMAND -  M. Joseph 4th Imp, 1992 from 1st, 1979; 400pp, 33 photos, ep maps; fine, vg d/w. 

The author traces the development of area bombing, through the disputes between Churchill and his air marshals and scientists. Plenty of contemporary documents,letters, diaries etc. Highlights the strategic and moral debate on British bombing policy.
BN: 22355

Hata, Ikuhiko & Y.Izawa  JAPANESE NAVAL ACES & FIGHTER UNITS IN WW 2 -  Airlife 1st English edn, 1989; 26 x 18cm, 442pp, f,illus; fine inc d/w.

Review of the operations of units & their star pilots; portraits, aircraft line drgs, lists.  
BN: 27236
Haughland, Vern THE EAGLE SQUADRONS - Yanks in the RAF 1940-1942 £16.00
D & C 1st UK, 1980 (from 1979 USA); 206pp, 36 photos, map; fine inc d/w. The first American pilots in the WW 2 RAF.  
BN: 21849

Hawkins, Ian  MUNSTER: THE WAY IT WAS -  Robinson Typographics, USA, 1984; 417pp, one tipped-in col plate, many other photos & maps; fine inc d/w; AUTHOR-SIGNED INSCRIPTION ADDRESSED TO MARTIN MIDDLEBROOK. 

Very well illustrated detailed account of the disastrous raid on Munster on 10th October 1943 which cost the 8th Air Force 30 bombers & 2 fighters; dust-wrapper shows celebrated painting by John Rayson "Royal Flush coming home"  Also another, fine inc d/w (unsigned) 18  
BN: 31701

Hawkins, Ian L (ed'r)  COURAGE, HONOR, VICTORY -  A First Person history of the 95th Bomb Group (H):  95th Bomb Group (H) Assoc., 1987; 344pp, f illus (photos, diags, maps),biblio; fine, vg d/w, AUTHOR SIGNED.
Together with the supplement "OPERATIONAL RECORD OF THE 95TH BOMB GROUP (H)" (BY Paul Andrews; card covers, 130pp, photo; fine) 

Very detailed & attractively presented story , with super illustrations.
BN: 22356
FNP (Military Div) USA 1st, 1999; picture boards, 447pp, many photos & diags; vg, AUTHOR-SIGNED .Also - card-cover version 1990, of the 1984 original "The Munster Raid - Bloody Skies over Germany"- fine - "£12.50  
BN: 30225
Odhams c1941; 400pp. f.illus (about half about RAF & FAA); near fine, torn d/w.a WW 2 picture. Also another, red cloth, vg except f. cover loose - £6.50  
BN: 21124
Hawton, Hector THE MEN WHO FLY - 15.00
Nelson "Aeroscience Manuals" reprinted 1st, 1944; 20 x 13cm, 165pp, photos; vg Iinc d/w.General description of the RAF's roles in wartime.  
BN: 23368

Helmore,Gp Capt W.  AIR COMMENTARY -  A & U 1st, 1942; 19 x 12cms, 90pp; vg, torn d/w; AUTHOR-SIGNED. .

15 Kennington portraits; broadcasts given after the nine o'clock news, Sept 1941 to July 1942.  Also another, vg (no d/w) 7.50  
BN: 22358

Hemingway, Kenneth  WINGS OVER BURMA -  Quality Press 1945 reprint of 1st, 1944; 192pp, 35 photos; lvg.

Hurricane pilot in Burma.
BN: 23770

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