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World War 2

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"Auspex"  VICTORY FROM THE AIR -  Bles 1st, 1941; 234pp; near fine.

The build-up of aircraft production on all sides & the strategies adopted in early days of the air war.  
BN: 21517    

"Herbert, Flight Lieutenant" (Janusz Merszmer)  G FOR GENEVIEVE -  Polish Book Depot, 1944; edn; 254pp; fine.vg (spinecloth faded, small stains inside f cover)

Narrative description based on author's experiences & those of other members of the Polish Air Force Squadrons.  
BN: 23828  


Adam, Wg Cdr Ronald ("Blake")  READINESS AT DAWN -  the veil lifted from a fighter station's operations room.  Gollancz 1st 1941; 144pp, 16 photos; vg. 

By ex-RFC Camel pilot in WW 2 ops rooms; characters imaginary, incidents based on fact.  
BN: 28759  

Adam, Wg Cdr Ronald (Blake)  WE RENDEZVOUS AT TEN -  Gollancz 1st  1942; 160pp, 16 photos; nr fine, good d/w 

Fighter pilot stories; characters imaginary, incidents based on fact.  
BN: 22041  

Allen H.R.  BATTLE FOR BRITAIN -  The recollections of H.R. "Dizzy" Allen DFC  A Barker 1st, 1973; 175pp, 17 photos; fine, sl chipped d/w. 

Squadron Commander at 21 years old, the author commanded several other squadrons, continued from Spitfires to Meteors - post-war was a Queen's Messenger flying the world as passenger.  
BN: 31648  

Allison, Les  CANADIANS IN THE ROYAL AIR FORCE -  Author published, Canada, 1978; 28 x 22cm, 225pp, f.illus (photos, maps); fine, vg d/w; AUTHOR-SIGNED (unproven signature) 

Half of the book is a list, with details, of the Canadians who served.  
BN: 31647  
Anthony, Gordon (with biographical notes by J Macadam)  AIR ACES -  Home & van Thal, 1944; 24 x 19cm, 40pp of text plus 32 full-page plates; vg, good d/w  
collection of photographic studies of leading British & Commonwealth air aces and RAF leaders. 25.00
BN: 23467  
Arct, Sqn Ldr B. PRISONER OF WAR - my secret journal. £14.00
Webb & Bower, 1988; 24 x 18cm, 153pp, cartoons, maps & sketches (mostly col); fine inc d/w.Most artistic and attractive product of the author's time in Stalag Luft 1, Germany, 1944-5.  
BN: 30053  

Ashman R.V,  SPITFIRE AGAINST THE ODDS -  Memoirs of a Fighter Pilot.   PSL 1989 edn (from Kimber (PSL) 1st of 1989); 192pp, 36 photos; fine inc d/w. 

Enlisting at 16, Ashman achieved the almost impossible in becoming a wartime fighter pilot; much on the obstacles NCO pilots found.  
BN: 25666  

Astor, Gerald  THE MIGHTY EIGHTH -  "The air war in Europe as told by the men who fought it."   D I Fine Books USA, 1997; 464pp, 49 photos, map; fine inc d/w.

BN: 31303  
Austin A.B. FIGHTER COMMAND - £9.50
Gollancz 1st, 1941; 248pp, 8 illus; vg. Story from outbreak of war to May 1941.  
BN: 21243  
Ayling, Keith THEY FLY FOR VICTORY - £16.00
Nelson USA 1943; 22 x 15cm, 215pp, vg drgs in text by G.Congdon; vg (nr fine int). First third of the book full of anecdotes from aviation up to WW 2; remainder WW 2 stories. Interesting American view from early in the US war; scarce in UK.  
BN: 23369  

Ayling, Keith   COMBAT AVIATION -  Military Service Pub Co, USA, 1943; 20 x 12cm, 254pp, photos, map; vg int, spine worn & faded.

Some accounts of RAF experience early in WW 2 and some theories on how it should be done.  
BN: 31325  

Bacon Adm. Sir Reginald, Maj Gen Fuller & A-M Sir Patrick Playfair   WARFARE TODAY -  how modern battles are fought on land, at sea & in the air.    Odhams c1944; 256pp, f.illus; vg

.  almost half on the war in the air.  
BN: 22037  
Bader,Gp Capt Douglas FIGHT FOR THE SKY - the story of the Spitfire & Hurricane. 12.00
BCA from S & J 1st, 1973; 25 x 19cm, 192pp, f.illus (some col); fine inc d/w.  
BN: 23182  
Bailey, Jim THE SKY SUSPENDED - £10.00
H & S, nd; 166pp; fine, vg d/w. Born in the UK of South African parents, the author examines the experiences & feelings of his fighter pilot career. (This was first published in 1964 with the title "Eskimo Nell" Also - Bloomsbury edn, 1990; fine, near fine d/w  - 15 and fine without d/w - 12  
BN: 25883  

Balchen, Bernt, Corey Ford & Oliver Lafarge    WAR BELOW ZERO - the battle for Greenland.  Houghton Mifflin USA 1st, `944; 20 x 13cm, 127pp, 13 photos, col picture endpapers; vg, remains of d/w.

Includes the destruction of a weather station made pre-war and the rescue of the crew of a crashed Fortress which was being ferried.  
BN: 31641  

Barclay, George  FIGHTER PILOT -  a self portrait.  Kimber 1st, 1976; 224pp, 43 photos, 3 maps; fine, nr fine inc d/w. 

A volunteer reservist, the author flew in the Battle of Britain, evaded capture in France, was given command of a Squadron on the Middle East & was killed leading his squadron in July 1942.   
BN: 27363  

Barker,Ralph  DOWN IN THE DRINK -  true stories of the Goldfish Club.  Chatto 1st, 1955; 253pp, 8 photos; nr fine.

Some amazing stories of rescue and escape.  
BN: 21203  

Barker, Ralph  THE HURRICATS -  Pelham Books 1st, 1978; 207pp, 21 photos, maps, cartoon; fine inc d/w

Story of the Hurricanes carried on merchant ships, to be catapulted to oppose the FW Condors.  
BN: 23747  

Barker, Ralph  THAT ETERNAL SUMMER -  unknown stories from the Battle of Britain  Collins 1st, 1990; 241pp, 20 photos, map; fine inc d/w


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