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World War 1- softcover

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Air Board  De Havilland 5 (110h.p. Le Rhone)  Technical Notes    Rigging Notes & Diagrams (c1918); modern card covers on original pages; 7pp plus 7 photo plates, 4 diags; vg  ALSO - similar for Nieuport 2-seater - 7.50

BN: 31715

Air Board  Technical notes for Maurice Farman "Longhorn", Martynside Scout, BE-2C, Sopwith Pup & Sopwith Dolphin (5 ea); Also similar with photos added on Vickers FB-9 (7); Also with rigging notes but no photos on Sopwith 2F.1 (8); Also inc photos & rigging notes for DH  5, SPAD S.VII & Bristol Fighter (10 ea). Also 80 hp Le Rhone (well-illustrated)  10    

BN: 23413    
Air Ministry   SYNOPSIS OF BRITISH AIR EFFORT DURING THE WAR -  HMSO, 1919; paper covers, 32 x 21cm, 17pp; vg 10.00  
An important report.    
BN :33939    

Allward, Maurice  DOGFIGHT OF WORLD WAR 1 -  4pp folded paper, photios, diags; fine. 

The story of Alan Curtis's encounter, on 7 June 1918 with a formation of German fighters - drawn in 1920 and now described bt Maurice Allward ; includes a page from the relevant logbook and details of the souvenirs still held at the De Havilland Heritage Centre, London Colney.
BN: 31858

Baker, David  WILLIAM AVERY "BILLY" BISHOP -  the man and the aircraft he flew.  

Outline Press 1990; card covers, 25 x 19cm, 127pp, f.illus (some col); fine.  Illustrated career story with col 3-view drgs of Nieuport Type 17 & Mike Roffe col painting of RE 7.
BN: 30847
Burrow, London c1918 (British adverts); card covers, 158pp, 10 photos, 6 Geoffrey Watson drgs;  Near-vg (owner's bookplate  inside f. cover), home=made slip-case.   Study of the basic factors affecting applications of aviation at end WW2; much on WW 1, almost entirely from a European viewpoint. Also another with 3 advt pages at front replaced by  copies, o/w vg. 14  
BN: 22158
Perthes, 1916; soft covers, 18 x 12cm, 124pp, 16 photos; gothic German lang; vg. Original German career autobiography.  
BN: 29160

Bromet, Draper & others  NAVAL EIGHT -  A History of No 8 Squadron RNAS - afterwards 208 Squadron RAF - 1916 - Armistice.   Naval & Military Press/Imp War Museum reprint, c2008, from 1931 original; card covers, 22 x 14cm, 207pp, 26 photos; new.

BN: 31227

Burge, Major C. Gordon   THE ANNALS OF 100 SQUADRON -  a record of the war activities of the pioneer night bombing squadron in France, March 1917 to Nov 1918.

Naval & Military Press reprint, from 1918 original; card covers, 23 x 15cm, 211pp, photos, day-by-day reports, lists of squadron members; new  
BN: 31225

Charlton, Air Comm. L.E.O.  WAR OVER ENGLAND -  Longmans Green, 1936; paper-backed proof copy; 287pp; unillustrated; fair - 

The RAF historian looks back on WW 1; then paints a picture of his vision of a possible subsequent war - a strange but interesting book!.
BN: 24063
Costello, W.Brian   A NURSERY OF THE AIR FORCE -   the story of the Carleton Place great war airmen & the Brown/Richthofen saga.Forest Beauty Products (USA) 1979; card covers, 187pp, f.illus; vg (lacks plain fep). 12.00
Some general history of Canadian involvement in the 1914-18 Air War and brief biographies of some of the Canadian pilots from the region of Carleton Place who fought; the account of the Richthofen incident unsurprisingly backs the claims of Roy Brown for the victory. :
BN: 28558  
Durkota, Alan E.  MEDAL OF HONOR  Vol 1; Aviators of World War One  Flying Machine Press, 1960; card covers, 29 x 22cm, 110pp, f.illus; fine 15.00
BN: 42393
Ersten Offizier eines Luftschiffes    Z 181 GEGEN BUKAREST -  im Zeppelin gegen Bukarest.   Scherl, Berlin, c1916; card covers, 19 x 13cm, 107pp, German lang (Gothic script); piece cut from title page, o/w near-vg. 20.00
Story of the raid.  
BN: 30026  
Franks, Norman; Hal Giblin & N.McCrery.  UNDER THE GUNS OF THE RED BARON - Record of Von Richthofen's victories & victims.  Grub St 1st, (card cover edn) 1998; 26 x 22cm, 224pp, f.illus (some col plates); nr fine 14.00
Potted histories of the combats in which v-R was successful - and the careers of the victims.  
BN: 27070  
Franks, Norman  GREAT WAR FIGHTER ACES 1914-1916  Pen & Sword 'Images of War' 2014; card covers, 25 x 19cm, 151pp, f.illus; fine 9.00
BN: 43208  

Goodland, David & Alan Vaughan  ANZACS OVER ENGLAND - The Australian Flying Corp[s in Gloucestershire 1918-1919.  Alan Sutton, 1992; card covers, 141pp, f.illus; fine.

BN: 31569
Grahame-White Company  SOUVENIR -  of Visit of their Majesties The King & Queen to the Company   .pub 1917; 26 x 20cm, 48pp, photos, bound in blue card with ribbon; fine. 15.00
Good if brief picture of the activities of 9.00the Company during WW 1, with some earlier history.
BN: 25864

Illingworth, Capt A.E. A HISTORY OF 24 SQUADRON -  Naval & Military Press/Imp War Mus. Facsimile reprint, c2008; card covers, 29 x 20cm, 104pp, photos, sketches, map, lists of members, col reprods of 3 famous Saundby paintings; new

BN: 31228
Imperial War Museum  MILITARY AND NAVAL AVIATION - 1914-1918 - Oral History Recordings.   Undated; Card covers, 38pp, vg. 3.00
Descriptive list of items;  
BN: 29002  

Jackson, Robert  ACES' TWILIGHT - the war in the air, 1918.  Sphere 1988; card covers, 174pp, vg.

BN: 31570
Leighton, Lt R.T.   NOTES FOR THE HANDLING OF WW 1 WARPLANES & THEIR ROTARY ENGINES -  Shuttleworth Collection nd; card covers, 10pp, cockpit diags; nr fine. 5.00
Covers Avro biplanes, Sopwith 1 1/2 strutter & Pup.  
BN: 23712  

Levine, Joshua  FIGHTER HEROES OF WW 1 -  Collins 2009; card covers, 374pp, 58 photos; fine.  

Previously published in hardback as "On a Wing and a Prayer"; introduces, with background , quotations from the writings of various famous WW 1 pilots.
BN: 31598

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