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World War 1

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Robertson, Bruce SOPWITH - THE MAN AND HIS AIRCRAFT - £22.00
Air Review 1st, (Harleyford) 1970; 29 x 23cm, 244pp, f.illus;  vg inc d/w. Contains 3-view line drgs of 29 types, photos of these & others and much detailed history. Also another, nr fine, attached d/w; authors' signature plate - 30  
BN: 21768
Robertson, Bruce (Ed'r) & others. AIR ACES OF THE 1914-1918 WAR - £22.00
Harleyford 1st, 1959; 29 x 23cm, 211pp, f.illus; vg except reviews attached to front endpapers (no d/w)  Short biographies of many of the "aces" & aircraft photos.  
BN: 23665
"Roger Vee" (Vivian Voss) "FLYING MINNOWS" - £25.00
A & A.P. 2nd edn,1977 (with new preface by Voss) from J.Hamilton 1st of 1935; 320pp + appendices; 14 photos; fine, sl stained d/w; picture from front of original d/w stuck to fep; written dedication by Norman Franks to Chaz Bowyer. Memoirs of a World War 1 fighter pilot, from training in Canada to the Front Line, 1917-18  Also Hamilton 1st, nr-vg - 16  
BN: 22152
Rosher, Harold IN THE ROYAL NAVAL AIR SERVICE - £22.00
Chatto 1st, 1916; 17 x 12cm, 149pp, 22 photos; good-vg  Letters sent by the author to his family, August 1914 to Feb 1916. Also card-cover edn, 1917 with extra letters; pages browned, o/w good-vg - 24  
BN: 22721

Royal Flying Corps TECHNICAL NOTES -  Original comprehensive set of rigging notes, in khaki-cloth hard-back; covering BE-2C, BE 2D, Bristol F.2A & F.2B, DH-4, DH-5, DH-6, DH-9, Martynside Scout, M.Farman Shorthorn & Longhorn, Nieuport Scout, RE-8, SE-5A, Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter, F.1 & 2F.1, Dolphin, & Pup, SPAD S.VII. & Vickers F.B.9; signed inside f. cover by T. Moore, 2/Lt; near fine (superb copy)

Also separate Rigging Notes for DH 5, Spad S.VII, Bristol Fighter F.2B, with diags, photos etc - 10m ea; Also Sopwith 2F.1(rigging diags bot no photos - 8); Maurice Farman "Longhorn" (notes only) 7; Also (notes only - all at 5 ea); Martinsyde Scout, BE-2C, Sopwith Pup,  Vickers FB.9
BN: 23413
Samson, A.Comm. Sharles R.  FIGHTS AND FLIGHTS -   Benn 1st, 1930; 372pp, 32 photos, 3 maps; vg except front cover sl loose.  35.00  
The author was commander of the R.N. Flying School at Eastchurch from its inception in 1912; he led the first RNAS unit to Ostend in 1914. His memoirs cover armoured cars in Belgium, RNAS actions from Dunkirk, 1916/17 action in the Dardanelles, the seaplane carrier 'Ben-my-Chree' and the Great Yarmouth Air Station, where the author was CO and finally in 1918 the Felixtowe base.    
BN: 28613    
Schroeder,Hans AN AIRMAN REMEMBERS - 17.50
Hamilton A.B.C. edn(1930s); 320pp, 30 photos; nr fine, sl torn d/w. Memoirs of a Russian Front observer of Flying Section 58, flying Aviatiks, 1916-17, and later as intelligence officer; Translated from German by Sykes.  
BN: 22200
Slessor, J.C. (then Wg Cdr)  AIR POWER AND ARMIES -  OUP 1st, 1936; 222pp, maps of Western theatre of war of 1915 enclosed at rear; near fine.. 16.00
Based on RAF college lectures of 1931-34, deals with the RAF as part of a possible Empire expeditionary force - but largely an analysis of air operations in WW 1.
BN: 20944
Smithers,A.J. WONDER ACES OF THE AIR - the flying heroes of the great war. 8.00
Gordon & Cremonesi 1st, 1980; 212pp, 13 photos, drgs; fine, vg d/w. An anthology of potted biographies with tinted photos.  
BN: 24877
Springs,Elliott White (Ed'r) WAR BIRDS - DIARY OF AN UNKNOWN AVIATOR - £30.00
Doran USA "large edn" 1st, 1926; 277pp, illus by Clayton Knight (plates inc 5 col, endpaper drgs & other drgs in text); vg (nr fine copy ex my collection; .Diary of J.M.Grider, edited & arranged by Springs after author's death. Also cheaper copies of various editions e.g. ; John Hamilton UK (1926)(with sl torn spinecloth)  18 and Temple Press "Classics" £7.50.  
BN: 22202

Springs, Elliott White   NOCTURNE MILITAIRE -    see FICTION SECTION



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