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World War 1

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Laffin, John WORLD WAR 1 IN POSTCARDS - £14.00
Wrens Park 2001 (from Sutton 1st of 1988); 201pp, pictorial; fine inc d/w. Describes the author's extensive card collection (minimal aviation reference).  
BN: 30018
Lamberton W.M. & Cheesman FIGHTER AIRCRAFT OF THE 1914-1918 WAR - 27.50
Harleyford 1st, 1960; 28 x 22cm, 224pp, f.illus (photos,3-view line drgs); fine, sl chipped d/w Drawings by Carrick & Yeoman; plans & photos of 84 types;  
BN: 21242
Lamberton,W.M. & E.F.Cheesman  RECONNAISSANCE & BOMBER AIRCRAFT of the 1914-1918 WAR -  (ed'r E.F.Cheesman; drgs by Carrick & Yeoman)  .Harleyford 1st, 1962; 29 x 22cm, 231pp, 1/72 scale line plans, many photos; v near fine inc d/w d/w; ALSO another with authors' bookplate but  worn spinecloth & owners' marks inside front & front cover sl loose - 24 50.00
BN: 33175
Lawson, Eric & Jane THE FIRST AIR CAMPAIGN - August 1914-November 1918. £20.00
Combined Books (USA) 1996; 249pp, f.illus (photos & maps); orders of battle, large biblio; fine inc d/w.  As well as the normal biblio, there's a small chapter on past publications re WW 1 in the air.  
BN: 29286

Layman R.D.  THE CUXHAVEN RAID -  The world's first Carrier Air Strike.  Conway 1st, 1985; 160pp, photos, extensive notes & biblio; ex-ref library with stamps on fep & on base of spine but otherwise near fine inc d/w.

Description of the raid pioneering ship-based aerial attack.
BN: 25867

Leigh, Howard  PLANES OF THE GREAT WAR 1914-18 -  John Hamilton 1st, 1930s; 25 x 19cm, 23 tipped-in plates by author with brief description of types;  fine in only v slightly chipped d/w (a super example!)

BN: 21597

Levine, Jochua  ON A WING AND A PRAYER -  Harper Collins, 2008; 371pp, 54 photos; fine inc d/w. 

Tha author quotes (and illustrates) many of the prominent pilots of WW 1, thus giving a vivid picture of the experience if fighting in the air .
BN; 31510

Lewis, Cecil  SAGITTARIUS RISING -  P Davies  .1966 re-issue; nr fine inc d/w

one of the most famous stories of WW 1 RFC flying; although fictitious, considered a fine illustration of WW 1 fighter pilots' life. (The author died only recently, aged 96)
Lewis, Cecil  FAREWELL TO WINGS -  Temple Press, 1964; 19 x 17cm, 84pp,6 L Bridgman plates, sketches in text; vg, sl torn d/'w 15.00
BN: 33495
Lewis, Wg Cdr Gwilym H.  WINGS OVER THE SOMME -1916-1918 -  Bridge Books1994; 25 x 18cm,208pp, 87 photos; nr fine inc d/w  16.00
Author died Dec 1996.
BN: 33497

Linecar, Howard  AEROPLANES OF WORLD WAR 1 -  Benn, 1967; 22 x 17cm landscape; 80pp, line drgs by Donald Green; fine. 

BN: 20915

Loening, G.C.  MILITARY AEROPLANES -  2nd dn, 1916 17x27cms, 182pp, diags, tables, photos, figs, graphs; vg.  

"An explanatory consideration of their characteristics, performances, construction, maintenance & operation, for the use of aviators".Nice "period" illustrations.
BN: 24376
Longstreet, Stephen THE CANVAS FALCONS - The story of the men and the planes of WW 1. £13.50
W.H.Allen 1971; 365pp, 45 photos; vg , sl torn d/w.  Good review of the war in the air.
BN: 24079

McConnell, James R.  FLYING FOR FRANCE -  With the American Escadrille at Verdun.Review of Reviews Co USA 1918 (from Doubleday Page of 1917); 176pp, 6 photos; green pictorial cloth; vg plus (remarkably good condition).

Starting as a volunteer ambulance driver, the author transferred to the Escadrille; largely a description of the various American pilots there. A vg example of a scarce book    
BN: 31291
 McCudden,J.T.B.  FLYING FURY - 1933 reprint from 1930 (1st with this title); (originally published as "Five Years in the Royal Flying Corps" in 1918);   270pp, 2  photos, 8 nice Leonard Bridgman drgs; vg int, spine faded  £22.00  
Also -  Bailey Bros 1973 (reprinted 1975) edited by Ulanoff, with notes by Trenchard & Salmond; fine, near fine inc d/w - £16;    Also Wren's Park, 2000; nr fine inc d/w - 12    
 BN: 21286
McKee,Alexander THE FRIENDLESS SKY - the story of air combat in WW 1. 16.00
Souvenir Press 1st, 1962; 256pp, 26 photos, nice aircraft line drgs on endpapers; fine, vg d/w. Well-written book based on previous literature.
BN: 21870
McManus, Peter  RICHTHOFEN JAGDSTAFFEL AHEAD -  RFC Pilots out-performed and out-gunned over the Western Front, 1917.   Grub St 1st, 2008; 25 x 19cm, 192pp, f.illus inc col artwork by John Batchelor; interesting appendices; fine inc d/w 15.00  
Much fresh material inc appendices on motor cycles, Douglas Whetton, Machine guns.    
BN: 33151    
Mason, Herbert Molloy THE LAFAYETTE ESCADRILLE - £17.50
Smithnark 1995 reprint, (from Random House, New York 1st of 1964); 340pp, over 100 photos, maps, appendices (names, victories etc); fine inc d/w. The history of the American pilots who flew with French squadrons in WW 1, prior to the official involvement of the USA in the war.  
BN: 27341

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