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World War 1

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Insall A.J. OBSERVER - memoirs of the RFC, 1915-18: £14.00
Kimber 1st, 1970; 208pp, ep maps; fine, torn d/w. Mainly 11 Sqdn RFC.
BN: 22174
Jablonski E. THE KNIGHTED SKIES - A pictorial history of World War 1 in the air. £15.00
Nelson 1st, 1964; 26x19cm, 241pp, f.illus; nr fine, vg d/w. Good introduction to WW 1 aviation.  
BN: 21900  
Jablonski, Edward WARRIORS WITH WINGS - The story of the Lafayette Escadrille. £19.50
Bobbs-Merrill (USA) 1966; 207pp, many photos; fine, vg d/w.  Story of the 38 American pilots who flew with the L.E. from May 1916 until it became the Lafayette Flying Corps of the American Air Force.  
BN: 24538  
Jackson,Robert FIGHTER PILOTS OF WORLD WAR 1 - £7.50
Barker 1st, 1977; 152pp; fine. Brief career stories of 15 "aces".  
BN: 21248  
Studio Editions, 1990; 320pp; fine, sl torn d/w. Pages copied from the WW 1 editions of Jane's "All the World's Aircraft", (originals of which are hard to find and expensive!).  
BN: 27083  

Jones, Ira  TIGER SQUADRON   (see section G)


Jones, Ira  AN AIR FIGHTER'S SCRAP-BOOK -  Nicholson & Watson 1st, 1938; 322pp, 16 illus, drgs & photos;l acks plain front endpaper, rather worn & soiled but complete.

An assembly of articles previously published in News of the World, Sunday Pictorial & Sunday Dispatch.  
BN: 22176  

Kennett, Lee  THE FIRST AIR WAR 1914-1918  Free Press, USA, 1991; 275pp,30 illus; comprehensive notes; fine inc d/w.

Modern review of the development of military aircraft & their uses, their effect on the land battles and the life of the pilots. Some good photos.    
BN: 25866    

Kiernan R.H.  CAPTAIN ALBERT BALL VC DSO -  a historical record.  

Av. Book Club 1939 from John Hamilton 1st of 1933; 223pp, 15 photos; vg. (nr fine int)
BN: 23146
Kilduff, Peter RICHTHOFEN - beyond the legend of the Red Baron. £16.00
"A & A.P. 1st, 1993; 256pp, 66 photos; fine inc d/w.  In this book the author of previous similar works uncovers extra information from new sources. "  
BN: 27326  
Kingsford, A.R NIGHT RAIDERS OF THE AIR - Experiences of a night flying pilot. Av.B.C. (1939)(from Hamilton 1st of 1934);  vg. £20.00
Also - Vintage Av. Library edn of 1988, nr fine inc d/w - £12 (Hardback). And - soft-cover version; fine - £8.  
BN: 22178  

Kingsford, A.R  WITH THE EARTH BENEATH -  J Hamilton "Airman's Bookshelf" 1st, 1936; 211pp, 4 Bradshaw plates; vg (few pages sl edge crushed, not affecting text.)

Based on the records of 20 Squadron's Cary Luke who flew FE-2bs: author claims that none of the characters were fictitious, although some names were changed.  
BN: 22179  
Kinney, Lt Curtis & Dale M. Titler  I FLEW A CAMEL     Dorrance, USA, 1972; 122pp, photos, drgs; fine inc d/w 17.50
BN: 40985  
Kroschel G. & H.Stutzer DIE DEUTSCHEN MILITAR-FLUGZEUGE 1910-1918 - in 127 Vierseitenrissen im Massstab 1:144. £24.00
Lohse-Eissing, 1st, 1977; 26 x 20cm, 195pp, line drgs, data tables; colour drg chart loosely enclosed; German lang; fine, vg d/w"  German Military Aircraft 1910-18 in 4-view drgs, 1:144 scale" (but mostly 3-view drgs & 2-view col drgs)  Also card=-cover edn, nr fine, vg d/w - £15.  
BN: 26857  

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