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World War 1

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Davies, Gordon C.  WORLD WAR 1 AEROPLANES -  Ward Lock "Super Source" book, 1st 1974; 20 x 14cm landscape, 144pp, photos of all types, brief histories & data; vg , good d/w. 


One page per type, inc photo & details.


BN: 22075


Daybell, Peter  WITH A SMILE AND A WAVE -  The life of Capt Aidan Liddell VC, MC     Pen & Sword, 2005; 305pp, f.illus inc maps; fine inc d/w 15.00
BN: 33332  

Dixie, Lt.Com. A.E  AIR NAVIGATION FOR FLIGHT OFFICERS -  Gieves 1st, 1917; 224 pp, 98 figs; vg int, cloth soiled & marked. 


Navigation textbook, with notes on intercepting hostile aircraft & meteorology.


BN: 22166


Douglas, M. of the RAF Sholto, Lord, of Kirtleside & Robert Wright.   YEARS OF COMBAT -  A personal story of the First War in the Air:   Collins 1st, 1963; 384pp, 15 illus, ep maps; nr fine, without d/w.. 14.00
Vol 1 of autobiography, mainly on WW 1.  
BN: 22167  



Maclean, Toronto, 1930; 305pp, 28 illus; vg int, covers sl faded & loose; scarce. Accounts of some of the more famous Canadian WW 1 airmen inc Bishop, Collishaw, Barker, Maclaren, McLeod, Rogers, McElroy, Claxton, McCall & McKeever.  This example inscribed at front "This book belongs to Sdn Ldr Ira Jones, 119 Piccadily, London - and don't YOU forget it!!!'  Also another, without this provenance but vg - 45


BN: 30436


Dudgeon, James M.  "MICK" -  The story of Major Edward Mannock VC.  Hale 1st. 1981; 208pp, 38 illus, lists of Combats, awards etc; near-fine inc d/w. 15.00



Farre, Lt Henry  SKY FIGHTERS OF FRANCE -   Aerial Warfare 1914-1918.   Houghton Mifflin USA 1919; 28 x 21cm, 143pp, 17 mounted plates (illus (inc col frontis) from paintings by the author); bookplate of W.L McLean Jr; vg. 


"Englished" by Cat   herine Rush; the author flew with the French First Bombardment Group and was also an official artist. Nicely produced and scarce.


BN: 31523


Fitzsimons, Bernard (Ed'r) WARPLANES & AIR BATTLES OF WORLD WAR 1 -


Phoebus, 1973, from Purnell's History of the 1st WW; 30 x 23cm, 160pp, f.illus (photos, col drawings); vg inc d/w. Good general introduction to the subject.


BN: 26398


Franks, Norman, R.Guest & G.Alegi ABOVE THE WAR FRONTS -


Grub St 1st, 1997; 25 x 18cm, 218pp, 100 photos; fine inc d/w. complete record of the British 2-seater bomber pilot & observer aces, the British 2-seater fighter observer aces and the Belgian, Italian, Austro-Hungarian & Russian fighter aces 1914-1918.


BN: 29419


Franks, Norman L.R. Hal Giblin & Nigel McCrery  UNDER THE GUNS OF THE RED BARON -   Von Richthofen'#s victories & victims fully illustrated.  Grub St 1996; 26 x 22cm, 224pp, photos, maps, biblio; fine inc d/w    (Also soft cover edn, vg 12) 16.00
bn: 33351  
Franks, Norman, Frank Bailey & Rick Duiven  THE JASTA WAR CHRONOLOGY - A complete listing of claims & losses august 1916 - November 1918.  Grub St, 1998; 26 x 18cm, 288pp, 97 photos; fine inc d/w 16.00
An extension of the previous "The Jasta Pilots".  
BN: 31391  

Franks, Norman, Frank Bailey & Rick Duiven  CASUALTIES OF THE GERMAN AIR SERVICE, 1914-1920 -as complete a list as possible, arranged alphabetically and chronologically.   Grub St, 1999; 26 x 18cm, 384pp, unillus; fine inc d/w.


Also with one corner sl bumped, £14


BN: 31390


Franks, Norman  SHARKS AMONG MINNOWS -  Germany's first fighter pilots and the Eindecker period, July 1915 to Sept 1916.  Grub St 1st, 2001; 182pp, photos, maps, biblio; fine inc d/w. 16.00
The beginning of air fighting in Europe in WW 1, some of the "aces" of the time & the technical advance represented by the Fokker monoplane & the synchronised gun.  
BN: 29798  

Fuchs, Otto WIR FLIEGER - kriegserinnerungen eines unbekanntem.


Koehler, 1933; 250pp, German lang (Gothic script); details of other books at rear; vg int, cloth sl rubbed, spine slitting.  WW 1 account by a German pilot from 1917, in popular style.


BN: 29931


Funderburk,Thomas R. THE FIGHTERS - the men & machines of the first air war.


Grosset & Dunlap, 1965; 28 x 22cm, 197pp, photos & line drgs, biblio; fine, vg d/w.A good introduction to the subject.  Also UK edn (Barker, 1966); fine, damaged d/w - £12 (different colour cloth & colour drgs on eps).


BN: 24865



Gibbons, Floyd THE RED KNIGHT OF GERMANY - Baron von Richthofen, Germany's Great War Airman.


Garden City USA 1st,1927;  383pp, frontis photo, list of victories; complete but f. cover loose.


BN: 23699


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