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World War 1

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Bowyer, Chaz (Ed'r) ROYAL FLYING CORPS COMMUNIQUES - 1917-1918 - £16.00
Grub St 1st, 1998; 258pp, 42 photos: fine inc d/w. Useful completion of the published records, following the earlier works edited by Cole on the RFC and early RAF periods.  
BN: 29153  
Bradshaw, S.O FLYING MEMORIES - £35.00
Hamilton 1st, c1936; 25x19cm, 48 full-page drawings; fine;  A collection of S.O.Bradshaw's superb drawings with descriptive text, over half of which illustrate WW-1 scenes.  
BN: 21568  
Bruce, Eric Stuart  AIRCRAFT IN WAR -   H &nS 1st, 1914; 18 x 11cm, 177pp, 7 plates; binding broken & spine cloth torn (needs rebinding) 8.00
BN: 42435  
Set of 5 vols (all 1st imp except Vol 1 which is 2nd imp) - .Brief type histories with photos & 3-view line drgs of most basic types;  all fine inc d/ws  also the 1st  imp of Vol 1(fine without d/w - 9;   also separate Vol III (fine inc d/w) 7.50;   also Vol III (vg, torn d/w d/w) 5.)  
BN: 22089 (vg inc d/w) Separate vol 1;  -   
Buckler,Julius MALAULA! - der Schlachtruf meiner Staffel (The warcry of my unit) £12.00
Steiniger, 1942 (Revised from 1939 1st); 210pp, 10 photos; spine split - .WW 1 German lang. story of German pilot from roofing apprentice to Pour le Merite officer.  
BN: 22162  
Buist,H.Massac (Aero. ed'r of the "Morning Post") AIRCRAFT IN THE GERMAN WAR - 16.00
Methuen 1st, 1914; 17 x 11cm, 128pp, diags; vg. Very early picture of WW 1 flying from the German side.  
BN: 20985  

Burge,Major C.Gordon OBE  THE ANNALS OF 100 SQUADRON - Herbert Reiach,, 1918; 29 x 21cm, 206pp, photos, drgs; vg -                   

Record of the War activities of the Pioneer Night Bombing Squadron in France during the period March 1917 to Nov 11th 1918, including its operations against German towns whilst serving in the Independent Force of the R.A.F.         Also -  1975  reprint of Bivouac facsimile of 1918 original; 29 x 21cm, photos; fine.  18  
BN: 23149  
Burgess, Christopher M. THE DIARY & LETTERS OF A WORLD WAR 1 FIGHTER PILOT - Pen & Sword 1st, 2008; 250pp, 23 photos + sketches in text; new 16.00
BN: 34232  
Campbell,Christopher ACES AND AIRCRAFT OF WORLD WAR 1 - £9.50
Blandford 1st, 1981; 30 x 24cm, 144pp, f.illus; fine, nr fine d/w. Photos & col drgs of aircraft, uniforms etc of the aces featured.  
BN: 20890

Chamier, J.A  THE BIRTH OF THE ROYAL AIR FORCE -  The early history and experiences of the flying services.   Pitman 1st 1943; 25x16cm, 199pp, 23 illus, 9 maps; good (frintis drg replaced by photocopy'covers sl creased; a "reading copy"

Essentially a short history of WW 1 in the air with attractive Roy Cross drawings. An attractive production.  
BN: 22104

Chorlton, Martyn  PLANE TO PLANE -  The Story of Frederick Sage & Co Ltd, Walton, Peterborough, 1911-1936. Old Forge Pub 1st, 2004; 30 x 21cm, 108pp, f.illus; nr fine inc d/w.

Sage started as joiners & shopfitters in London, moved to Peterborough in 1911, started making Short 184 seaplanes; a design department started in late 1915 produced the Sage 2 in 1916 and Sage Types 3 & 4A followed; BE 2c and Avro 504K aircraf were also built before the end of WW 1 and the Sage types remained only prototypes. The book covers the uses & individual histories of the aircraft produced and the use of the factory from 1936 for Aeronca production; also illustrates the factory buildings, many remaining from Sage days until demolished only this year.  
BN: 30379

Clark, Alan  ACES HIGH -  The war in the air over the western front 1914-18.  W & N 1st, 1973; 25 x 17cm, 191pp, f.illus; ex-lib with stamps, good.

BN: 31232 Also card cover edn, vg - 7'50  

Cobby, A.H  HIGH ADVENTURE -  Kookaburra, 1981; 29 x 22cms, f.illus, 108pp; nr fine inc d/w. 

1981 re-issue of autobiography, fist published 1942, now in semi-pictorial form, with many photos from the Cobby family photo albums.  
BN: 22164

Cooksley, Peter G.  ROYAL FLYING CORPS HANDBOOK -1914-1918 -  Sutton, 2007 card cover edn (from the RFC/RNAS Handbook of 2000); 26 x 19cm, 213pp, f.illus; fine.

BN: 31379

Cooper, Malcolm  THE BIRTH OF INDEPENDENT AIR POWER -  A & U 1st,1986; 169pp, comprehensive notes & biblio; fine inc d/w.

Already scarce book dealing with the birth of the Royal Air Force as an independent entity and the rapidly evolving importance of air power in warfare.  
BN: 31943
Coppens, Major the Chevalier Willy, de Houthulst DAYS ON THE WING - £30.00
Hamilton 1st c1932;  trans from French; 291pp, illus by Bridgman; vg+ (an exceptionally clean example). Adventures of famous Belgian ace.  
BN: 22165

Cuneo, John R.  THE AIR WEAPON 1914-1916 -  (Vol 2 of "Winged Mars")Military Service pub.co,Harrisburg, 1947; 505pp, many maps, comprehensive notes & references; vg. Rather scarce in UK.

The 2 volumes of "Winged Mars" comprise a serious study of the effect of air power on the pursuit of the war from both sides; Vol 1 focuses on German efforts while Vol 2 analyses the situation throughout this period. The author tries to supplement the many books on individual heroism by providing a history of the war from a tactical & strategic angle.  
BN: 31983

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