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World War 1

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Werner, Dr J. BOELCKE - der Mensch, der Flieger, der Fuhrer der deutschen Jagdfliegerei.


Koehler, Leipzig, 1932; German lang (Gothic script); 228pp, 28 photos, 4 maps; vg except binding weak.


BN: 29159


Whitehouse,Arch THE FLEDGLING - an aerial gunner's experiences in World War 1:


Vane 1st 1965 from 1st USA 1964; 307pp, 17 illus; nr fine, , vg d/w. Extended & rewritten version of biography previously pub. as "Hell in the Heavens".


BN: 22211




Macdonald UK 1st, 1960; 334pp, 29 photos; fine, vg d/w. General air war history by the prolific WW 1 author.


BN: 22210


Whitehouse Arch  THE ZEPPELIN FIGHTERS -  Hale (1st UK) 1968; 290pp, 30 illus, biblio; nr fine inc d/w. 


Another version of the Zeppelin story, and the defence forces.


BN: 22212


Williams,Capt T.B.  AIRSHIP PILOT No 28 -  Kimber 1st, 1974; 222pp, f.illus, biblio; nr fine, faded d/w. 


Author describes his experiences in submarine search in WW 1 through to his continued interest at Cardington in the '70s.


BN: 34183  
Williamson H.J.  THE ROLL OF HONOUR, RFC & RAF, FOR THE GREAT WAR -  1914-18.  Naval & Military Press 1st, 1992; 270pp; fine, vg d/w.  18.00
Lists of 6,500 Officers and 1,600 other ranks from the RFC and RAF who lost their lives in the Great War.  
BN: 27986  

Wise S.F.  CANADIAN AIRMEN AND THE FIRST WORLD WAR -  The official history of the R.C.A.F., Vol 1. Univ. of Toronto Press, 1980; 771pp, 24 maps (6 in col), over 100 photos; comprehensive notes & references; fine, vg d/w. 

Detailed account of military aviation in Canada from its inception and its development throughout WW 2 and up to l920.  
BN: 25346  

Woodhouse, Henry  TEXT BOOK OF MILITARY AERONAUTICS -  The Century Co, New York 1st, 1918; 30 x 23cm, 298pp, f.illus; vg except` sminor faults (some sl damp damage to bottom corners,not affecting text or illustrations & pages sl affected )(I'e' not quite flat). Spinecloth sl soiled/faded.

Covers the evolution of military aeronautics, uses of aircraft for bombing, artillery direction, reconnaissance & photography; details of the use of radio, hydrogen, Sperry auto pilots (!), aeronautical maps; enemy aircraft recognition by 3-view drgs; A scarce and quite important work.  
BN: 31565  

Woodhouse, Henry  TEXT BOOK OF NAVAL AERONAUTICS -  The Century Co, New York, 2nd June 1918 (from June 1917 1st)' ; 30 x 23cm,288pp, f.illus; f; vg int except sl damp damage to bottom corners of some pages (not affection text or illustrations) cloth rubbed & sl soiled.

Describes the attacking of ships at sea by aircraft; aircraft mother ships; naval AA defences; training of aviators; naval artillery spotting; evolution of the seaplane & flying boat; dirigibles & kite balloons; instruments; engines & more. An important & scarce work on the early developments in aviation in the USA with some reference to European experience (and especially engines)  
BN: 23592  
Wortley Rothesay Stuart LETTERS FROM A FLYING OFFICER - £25.00
"O.U.P. 1928 3rd Imp of 1928 1st; portrait photo, memoir by Duff Cooper & John Buchan; vg. Rather fictitious but based on author's experience.  
BN: 25651  

Wortman, Marc  THE MILLIONAIRE'S UNIT -  Aristocratic Flyboys who fought the Great War and invented American's Air Power.  Macmillan (UK) 1st, 2006; 313pp, map, 13 photos, extensive notes; fine inc d/w.

BN: 30903  
Yeates V.M.  WINGED VICTORY   Reprint Soc, Londfon, 1963; 305pp; portrait drg; vg inc d/w 12.00
The famous fictionalised description of WW 1 air fighting (Some of the text expurgated in this edn)  
BN: 41249  
 Yeats-Brown F.  BENGAL LANCER -  Gollancz 1st, 1930; 288pp; vg.  £20.00
 BN: 21095  

Zerbe J.S.  AEROPLANES -  Cupples & Leon,"Every Boy's Mechanical Library" series, New York 1st, 1915; 242pp, 91 diags; vg except bd'g sl weak

fairly elementary explanation of flight principles & practices of the time.  
BN: 31566  

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