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World War 1

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Sullivan, Alan (Lt, RAF) AVIATION IN CANADA, 1917-18 -  

Rous & Mann, Canada 1st, 1919; 318pp, many photos, diags, pictorial titling on f.cover; vg int; boards sl chipped at corners).  "A brief account of the work of the Royal Air Force, Canada, the Aviation Department of the Imperial Munitions Board & the Canadian Aeroplanes Ltd." A scarce work, partly on flying training.  ALSO - another, with badly damaged cover cloth & titling; but complete and good internally - 20
BN:, 26852
Sutherland, L.W ACES AND KINGS - £18.00
Aviation Book Club version of John Hamilton 1st; c1934; 276pp, 29 photos; near fine, vg d/w.  Life in No 1 R.A.A.F sqdn, W.W.1, Palestine; references to Lawrence.  
BN: 22205

Sykes,Sir F.H.  AVIATION IN PEACE AND WAR -  Arnold 1st, 1922; 139pp; very near fine (page edges show signs of separation, (as frequently found in books that were published with pages uncut)

The air war from the point of view of one of the chief creators of the RFC.
BN: 21073
Taylor, Sir Gordon  SOPWITH SCOUT 7309 -  Cassell 1st, 1968; ;177pp, 23 photos, nr fine, vg d/w 18.00
BN: 33673

The Times  THE BRITISH AIRCRAFT INDUSTRY -  Its Industrial & Commercial Potentialities:   Hodder & Stoughton 1918; 305pp; good (pages sl browned & slight foxing.

Interesting comments on many aspects of the design, development, manufacture & uses of aircraft; includes a brief history of aviation to date, a survey of engine & airscrew design and a large section on airships. Rather scarce.
BN: 22208

Thetford O.G. & E.J.Riding  AIRCRAFT OF THE 1914-1918 WAR -  Harleyford, 1st, 1946; 29 x 22cm, 126pp, plans, photos; vg+   

On same lines as "Aircraft of the Fighting Powers" with 1/72 scale plans of 80 types plus details & photos of many more.  
BN: 20989
Thompson, Sir Robert THE ROYAL FLYING CORPS - £15.00
H.Hamilton 1st, 1968 ("Famous Regiments" series); 151pp, photos, drgs; nr fine, vg d/w. Short history of the formation & service of the RFC.  
BN: 23173

Tredrey F.D.  PIONEER PILOT -  The great Smith Barry, who taught the world to fly.   Peter Davies 1st, 1976; 164pp, 18 photos, biblio, notes; near fine inc d/w.

A pre-WW 1 flyer, Smith Barry became C.O. of 60 Sqdn; appalled by the wastage of young pilots entering squadron service with inadequate training, he created, with Trenchard's support, the Gosport School of flying, revolutionising RFC training methods & setting training standards for the future.  
BN: 24570  
Turner,Charles C. AIRCRAFT OF TODAY - a popular account of the conquest of the air. £20.00
Seeley, Service 1st, 1917; 315pp, 17 plates inc 2 fold-outs with dozens of the Geoffrey Watson drgs of current types; vg Description mostly of pre-war developments with chapters on WW 1.  
BN: 20995  

von Richthofen, Manfred Freiherr  DER ROTE KAMPFFLIEGER -                £16

Im Deutschen Verlag, Berlin, 1933; 20 x 13cm, 262pp, 22 photos; German lang, Gothic script; near-vg (owner's bookplate etc).The original German of "The Red Air Fighter"; foreword by Goering.   Also - Ullstein 1st, 1917; card covers, 16 x 11cm, 183pp, 11 photos; binding broken but repairable, o/w vg - the rare early edn! - £24.  
BN: 24483

von Richthofen,Rittmeister Manfred Freiherr  THE RED AIR FIGHTER -  

The Aeroplane & General 1st (UK) 1918; 19 x 13cm, 140pp, 6 photos ;  browned pages & spinecloth missing - 16.00    Also - translation by Kilduff "The Red Baron" (Bailey Bros 1974); fine - £14; AND - Aero Publishers USA edn of the same (picture boards) fine - £14.
BN: 22197 

Von Richtofen, Captain Manfred Freiherr  THE RED BATTLE FLYER -  McBride, New York, 1918; 222pp, vg int but cloth badly stained. 

Scarce US translation by J. Ellis Barker, of "Der Rote Kampf-flieger" with C.G.Grey's preface  
BN: 31555  

Wade W.L. (Ed'r)  THE FLYING BOOK -1917 edn   Longmans Green, 1917; 291pp plus adverts; vg (fine int except 1st page of advts sl soiled).   30.00
Contains a few photos, many side-view drgs of aircraft types, records, companies, who's who, service personnel & awards, diary for 1916, honours lists, glossary etc; a very "period" publication..  
BN: 21864  
Wade W.L.  THE AEROPLANE IN THE GREAT WAR -  a record of its achievements.  Virtue 1st, c1919; 25 x 19cm, 229pp, 20 illus (4 photos, 16 G.Watson drgs, 4 in colour); picture f.cover; pages sl browned, cloth sl crumpled,  damp-marked endpapers, o/w vg. 18.00
Attractice covers & 16 good Geoffrey Watson pictures (4 in colour);   A very "period" work.  
BN: 22209  
Kelly 1st, 1917; 270pp, 8 illus; near vg (soiled front endpaper & spine sl faded). Popular-style account of WW 1 in the air.  
BN: 24756  
1914 (reprint with additions of 1912 original; stiff covers, 18 x 12cm, 102pp plus 25 plates (some fold-out); vg. (More military than aviation!)  
BN: 30374  

Wellman, William A. (Marechal des Logis of the Lafayette Escadrille)  GO, GET'EM! -  Page Company, USA, 1918; 284pp, picture front cover (nice clear image but sl corner-bumped), 16 photos; spine lettering worn, one loose front endpaper marked. o/w vg. Scarce.

Wellman trained at Avord & Pau; flew with Escadrille S.87 Dec 1917 till March 1918; after being wounded returned to the USA and served as an instructor in the USAF; later, filmed at Hollywood.  
BN: 31298  

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