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Adams, Harold W.  AIRCRAFT HYDRAULICS -  McGraw-Hill 1943 (3rd Imp of 1st); 159pp, 90 figs; ex ref lib with stamps inside front & on cloth.  

A good guide to American hydraulic systems.
BN: 31045
HMSO; Bound Vols for Years - 1909/10 (reprinted 1919) vg - £30; Also an unbound  set, fair-good - 20;Also - . 1932/3 Vol II; similar subjects; 798pp plus index, figs inc photos, line drgs, fold-out diags; vg - £20.These vols illustrate current technical topics most comprehensively.  

Allen, John E.  AERODYNAMICS -  A Space-Age Survey.  Hutchinson 1st, 1963; 19 x 12cm, 128pp, 26 figs, references; fine, vg d/w; AUTHOR'S -SIGNED DEDICATION.

BN: 31969  

Arkell, Basil & John W.R.Taylor HELICOPTERS WORK LIKE THIS 

Phoenix House 1st, 1956; 25 x 15cm, 62pp, sketches. Vg.  Sl technical  review of the types & design features of helicopters.
BN 30589    
Beaumont R.A   AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING -  A practical guide for everyone connected with the aircraft industry.  Odhams c1942; 512pp, many figs  fine. 14.00
Excellent WW 2 basic text-book with period aircraft, engine & component illustrations.  
BN: 22870  

Brimm,Daniel J. & H.E.Boggess  AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE - Pitman USA 1st, 1940; 492pp, photos & many diags; vg int, spinecloth torn & f. cover marked. 

Good picture of the techniques used at this period.  
BN: 22873  

Bunhill Pub'rs  THE CARE AND MAINTENANCE OF AIRCRAFT -  A complete course of instruction for Ground Engineers & Light Aeroplane Owners.  Airways Pub'rs 4th, 1935; 26 x 19cm, 154pp + advts; figs, tables;   detatched spinecloth, o/w vg int

A period basic maintenance manual.   Also -  another, 3rd, 1931(published by Airways Ltd), bd'g loose - £5
BN: 22863

Caunter C.F.  THE TWO-CYCLE ENGINE -  Pitman, 1932; 18 x 13cm, 277pp plus 23pp booklist; biblio, 137 figs inc photos; vg (spine titling rubbed)

A general treatise on the subject.  
BN: 31360  
Fage A. THE AEROPLANE - a concise scientific study. £18.00
Griffin's Aeronautical Series; 5th edn, 1918; 188pp, 59 figs inc photos, tables etc plus many adverts; fine int, spinecloth faded.. Covers most aspects of aircraft & engine design, with some mathematics; some photos of 1914/15 period aircraft. Also - 4th edn, 1917;  good - 10.  
BN: 22882  

Gunston, Bill  WORLD ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF AERO ENGINES -  BCA version of PSL 1st, 1986; 24 x 20cm, 185pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w. 

Fairly brief coverage of the world's major engine manufacturers & their products, past & present.    
BN: 24820  
Gunston, Bill AVIONICS - the story and technology of aviation electronics. £16.00
PSL 1st, 1990; 25 x 19cm, 254pp, f.illus (photos & diags); fine inc d/w.  
BN: 30397  
O.U.P.1st, 1923; 19 x 13cm, 288pp, diags & photos; vg. .Good period work showing the 1923 state of the art, inc engines and an historical survey.  
BN: 22885  

Heywood J.E.  LIGHT AIRCRAFT INSPECTION -  Poyser, 1977; 135pp, f.illus (photos, line drgs; fine, vg d/w. 

BN: 31242  
Hill F.T.  MATERIALS OF AIRCRAFT CONSTRUCTION   Pitman 1st, 1933; 363pp plus Pitman book lists;78 figs ; vg (sl ink annotated) 18.00
BN: 42409  

Judge A.W.  AIRCRAFT ENGINES -  2-vol set; Chapman & Hall 1st, 1941; 380 & 446pp; 227 & 354 figs inc photos; vg. 

(Vol 1 covers theory & design principles; Vol 2 specific types & component design, accessories, testing etc.)  
BN: 22888  
Katz, Israel   PRINCIPLES OF AIRCRAFT PROPULSION MACHINERY   Pitman USA, 1949; 477pp, figs, photos; many refs, nr fine 18.00
Technical and mathematical analysis of (mainly cutrrent) aero engine developments.  
BN: 39346  

Kendal, Brian  MANUAL OF AVIONICS -  An introduction to the electronics of civil aviation.  Granada 1st, 1979; 276pp, f.illus (photos, diags); near fine inc d/w; AUTHOR-SIGNED DEDICATION. 

Mainly direction finding & radar.  
BN: 31970  

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