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Most of these books have been signed by the author but there are some exceptions. The details of each are shown here, and in their respective categories.


Mellor, Capt .C  THE AIRMAN -  Experiences while obtaining a Brevet in France:  Lane 1st, 1913; 123pp, 8 photos; vg, AUTHOR-SIGNED. 

    A rather scarce personal account of flying training before WW 1.  
BN: 22185
World War  1

Roger Vee (Vivian Voss)  "FLYING MINNOWS" -  A & A.P. 2nd edn,1977 (with new preface by Voss) from J.Hamilton 1st of 1935; 320pp + appendices; 14 photos; fine, stained d/w; picture from front of original d/w stuck to fep; written dedication by Norman Franks to Chaz Bowyer.

    Memoirs of a World War 1 fighter pilot, from training in Canada to the Front Line, 1917-18  Also - J Hamilton c1935; 14 photos; sl foxing to some pages, cloth sl stained - 16.    
    BN: 22152    
    Lamberton W.M. & Cheesman RECONNAISSANCE & BOMBER AIRCRAFT OF THE 1914-1918 WAR -   £45.00
    Harleyford 1st, 1962; 231pp, plans & photos of 72 types plus photos of 40 more;  vg, sl ragged  d/w. authors' signature plate; A fine production, now scarce.    Also another,  vg, torn d/w £35    
BN: 21715
    Lamberton W.M. & Cheesman FIGHTER AIRCRAFT OF THE 1914-1918 WAR -   £35.00
    Harleyford 1st, 1960; 28 x 22cm, 224pp, f.illus (photos,3-view line drgs); fine, vg d/w; Drawings by Carrick & Yeoman; plans & photos of 84 types. Also - 1st with signature plate, good d/w  £30.. Other examples also available.    
    BN: 21242  
  World War 1 (soft covers)

Bowyer,Chaz  ALBERT BALL V.C. -  Crecy soft cover edn, 2001 (from 1st of 1977) with new (1994) preface; Author-signed; fine  Life & RFC career story of the famous "ace".   BN 22055


Draper, Major C. THE MAD MAJOR - the autobiography of Major Christopher Draper DSC;  . Air Review 1st, 1962; 231pp, f.illus; AUTHOR-SIGNED, fine (without d/w) with well-known test-pilot's bookplate.

    BN 21590    

Hotson, Fred W.  THE BREMEN -  Canav Books, Canada 1988; 224pp, photos, maps, 3-view line dregs of the aircraft; biblio; fine inc d/w; author-signed dedication.  

    Story of the first East-West flight across the North Atlantic & its landing on a remote Canadian island in the Gulf of St Lawrence, by modified Junkers W 33.    
    BN: 28594    

Kimber, Wg Cdr Charles T.  SON OF HALTON -  Book 1 - The Memoirs of an ex-Brat.  Thorley Pubs, 1977; 376pp, 56 illus;nr fine inc d/w; scarce.AUTHOR-SIGNED.

    Author trained at Halton 1928-31; became Observer and Fitter Grade 1; later Master Navigator as well as Chartered Engineer; retired from the RAF 1956.    
    BN: 23529    

Luff, David  MOLLISON -  the flying Scotsman.  Lidun 1st, 1993); 399pp, photos in text; fine inc d/w; SIGNED DEDICATION TO RAYMOND BAXTER.

    "The life of pioneer aviator James Allan Mollison" - the long-distance star flyer of the '30s, married to Amy Johnson. Foreword by Raymond Baxter.    
    Also the Smithsonian US-published edn, fine inc d/w - £16.    
    BN: 29010    

Rickenbacker, Edward V.  RICKENBACKER -  an autobiography:  Prentice-Hall USA 1st, , 1967; 458pp, 108 photos; nr-fine, good d/w (sl ragged at top only); EASTERN AIRLINES EMPLOYEES' SPECIAL EDITION, AUTHOR SIGNED. (Bookplate dedicates the book to the employees of "one of our country's great airlines")

    This life story covers mainly the authors famous exploits in WW 1 & WW 2, with some motor racing content.    

BN: 22288


Spooner, Tony  CLEAN SWEEP - the life of Air Marshall Sir Ivor Broom.  Crecy Books 1st, 1994; 244pp, 37 illus; fine, nr fine d/w; SIGNED BY SIR IVOR BROOM.

    Seargeant Pilot to Air Marshall, KCB, CBE, a DFC, three DSOs an AFC illustrate the success of the author through WW 2 and in post-war record flights and various senior commands.    
    bn: 28011    

Wood, Michael  GO AN EXTRA MILE -  the adventures and reflections of a flying doctor.

  Collins 1982 reprint from 1978 1st; 160pp, 18 photos, ep maps; fine inc d/w - AUTHOR-INSCRIBED  

Young-James, Douglas  MEMOIRS OF AN ASP -  Spearman 1st, 1965; 20 x 14cm, 128pp, 11 photos; fine, nr fine d/w, AUTHOR-SIGNED. 

    Biography covering 25 years in the RAF (from 1939); (A.S.P. is "Aircraft Stores Park").2    
    BN: 28986    
  Biography (soft covers)

Mitchell, Gordon  R.J.MITCHELL -  Schooldays to Spitfire Card-cover edn of Nelson & Saunders 1st, 1986; 25 x 19cms, 350pp, many illus; near fine inc d/w Author-signed dedication to Raymond Baxter; also signed by Lady Bader.

    Edited and part-written by R.J.Mitchell's son, with contributions by Sir George Edwards, Quill, Henshaw, Johnson, Deere, Lettice Curtis & others.    
    BN: 24094    
   Lighter-than-Air  Davey, Major C & Don Cameron ZANUSSI - TRANSATLANTIC BALLOON - Sports Promotions, Jersey 1st, 1982; 179ppf.illus (some col) ; near fine inc d/w; signed by both balloonist/authors   BN;28789    £20.00

Whale, George  BRITISH AIRSHIPS PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE -  J Lane 1st, 1919; 244pp, 24 illus; vg, signed in Jan 1930 by a previous Petty Officer RNAS (Airships) 1915/1918. 

    Scarce book, largely on British airships.    
    BN: 22245    
  World War 2

Adams, Geoffrey Pharaoh  NO TIME FOR GEISHAS -  Journeys of a Far East Prrisoner of War.  Leo Cooper 1st, 1873; 217pp, 18 photos, 2 maps; near fine inc d/w, Author signed presentation to Sir Douglas Bader "to a distinguished ex-kriegie from an unknown ex-Furyho - the bursar of Uplands School." (provenance reliable - book was purchased by me with a small collection of other books from the Bader family from a reliable dealer)

Interesting connection with Bader.

Allison, Les   CANADIANS IN THE ROYAL AIR FORCE -  Author published, Canada, 1978; 28 x 22cm, 225pp, f.illus (photos, maps); fine, vg d/w; AUTHOR-SIGNED (unproven signature)

    Half of the book is a list, with details, of the Canadians who served.    
    BN: 31647    

Bednall, Dundas  SUN ON MY WINGS -  Paterchurch pubs, 1989; 140pp, photos, maps; fine inc d/w (AUTHOR-SIGNED).

Recollections of pre-war training & RAF war service, mainly in Sunderlands.
BN: 29834
    Bowyer, Chaz  AIR WAR OVER EUROPE, 1939-1945 -  Kinber 1st, 1981; 235pp, biblio; , f.illus; fine inc d/w; AUTHOR-SIGNED,   £25.00
    Also unsigned; fine inc d/w £14     
BN: 31443
    Bowyer, Chaz IMAGES OF AIR-WAR, 1939-45   £15 .00
    Batsford 1st, 1983; 26 x 19cm, 120pp, pictorial; nr fine, vg d/w (AUTHOR-SIGNED).    
    selected photos from the author's comprehensive collection.    
 BN: 23346
    Bowyer, Chaz  BOMBER BARONS   £17.50
    L Cooper, 2001 edn, from Kimber 1st of 1983; 222pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w; AUTHOR-SIGNED.    
    Stories of some of the most successful bomber aircrew, some still well-known, some less    
.BN: 21111

Bowyer, Chaz  FIGHTER PILOTS OF THE RAF, 1939-1945 -  Kimber 1st, 1984; 223pp, 64 photos, biblio; fine inc d/w; AUTHOR-SIGNED.

    Contains separate chapters on 17 pilots plus general chapters.    
    BN: 25383    

Bowyer, Chaz   MEN OF THE DESERT AIR FORCE -  1940 - 1943.  Kimber 1st, 1984; 256pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w; AUTHOR-SIGNED.

BN: 24963

Bowyer, Chaz  MEN OF COASTAL COMMAND - 1939-1945 -  Kimber 1st, 1985; 272pp, f.illus; nr fine inc d/w; SIGNED BY AUTHOR

The varied operations of the Command, with many anecdotes.
BN: 26163

Briggs, Homer & James L Bass  FAIT ACCOMPLI -  a historical account of the 457th Bomb Group (H).    Published by authors, 1995; 408pp, a few photos in text, Glatton airfield map, attached addemdum listing burial locations for some of the aircrew; colourful picture boards; fine; SIGNED by both authors & dedicated to B. Bains, who was the enthusiastic local historian in Peterborough for the Group and is mentioned in the book as a contributor to the history and a "Friend of the 8th".

    Largely a "mission-by-mission" account of the actions of the Group    
BN: 31496

Bass, James L.  FAIT ACCOMPLI II -  Author-published, 1998; 224pp, pictorial; col boards (no d/w); fine; SIGNED BY AUTHOR, DEDICATED TO BERNARD BAINS

    A Picture Album to accompany "Fait Accompli" .    
    BN: 31961    

Brown, Sqn Ldr A.J.  GROUND STAFF -  (a personal record).  E & S 1st, 1943; 183pp; fine inc d/w; AUTHOR SIGNED & INSCRIBED

    Account, by a Bomber Command Intelligence Officer, of pre-war Austria & Poland and life in Ops Rooms, Messes etc.     
BN 23466

Bryant,Arthur & Edward Shanks  THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN - AND - THE FEW -    Hard-bound, 32pp; reprinted from "The Daily Sketch of Sept 25, 27 & 28th 1944; fine; No 20 of SPECIAL EDITION OF 300; SIGNED BY BRYANT

    "The Few" comprises 4 poems by Shanks.    
    BN: 21810    

Bushby, John  GUNNER'S MOON -  A memoir of the night assault on Germany.  Ian Allan 1st, 1972; 189pp, 25 photos; fine inc d/w; AUTHOR-SIGNED (on small plate stuck to title page; other cuttings stuck in at front - squadron crest & note re author's death; stamped Chaz Bowyer collection.

    Ground crew with 601 Sqdn pre-war & through the Battle of Britain - then as an air gunner in Manchesters & Lancasters; rather scarce.    
    BN: 24008    

Deighton, Len  FIGHTER -  The true history of the Battle of Britain.  BCA edn of Cape 1st, 1977; 304pp, 62 photos; fine inc d/w; AUTHOR-SIGNED

Story from the British and German points of view.
    BN 21241    

Downing, Taylor & Andrew Johnston  BATTLE STATIONS -  Decisive weapons of the Second World War.   Leo Cooper 1st, 2000; 232pp plus 16pp of col photos; many other monochrome photos in text; near fine inc d/w with AUTHORS' SIGNATURES to dedication and a written note thanking recipient for helph the series.

Stories about the wartime contributions of the Spitfire, Dakota, Sherman tank & DUKW.
    BN; 31511    

Franks, Norman  THE GREATEST AIR BATTLE -  Dieppe, 19th August 1942. Kimber 1st, 1979; 256pp, 36 photos, 2 maps; fine inc d/w, SIGNED BY AUTHOR.

    Air Marshall Leigh-Mallory comanded 61 fighter squadrons which flew nearly 3,000 sorties in protecting the Dieppe operation; a detailed account with many personal reminiscences.    
    BN: 26671    
     Franks, Norman L.R.  THE BATTLE OF THE AIRFIELDS -  1st January 1945.  Grub St, 1994, from Kimber 1st of 1982; 224pp, 48 photos, maps, appendices (units, losses etc), biblio; fine inc d/w; AUTHOR-SIGNED     £20.00
     Describes an "eleventh hour" attack by 800 Luftwaffe fighters on allied airfields in Holland, Belgium & France.   Also Kinber 1st, fine, nr fine d/w - £17.50.    
 BN: 24616

Fry, Garry L. & Jeffrey Ethell  ESCORT TO BERLIN -  

  Arco (USA) 1st, 1980; 226pp, many photos (some col), col scale drgs, individual personnel histories; nr fine inc d/w; SIGNED BY JEFF ETHELL  Story of the 4th Fighter Group, formed from the "Eagle Squadrons", flying Spitfires, Thunderbolts, then Mustangs.  
BN: 27374  

Green,William  FAMOUS FIGHTERS OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR -  Second series, 1st, 1962; fine, nr fine d/w (covers 12 further types) - £8. Also 1st, AUTHOR-SIGNED; (no d/w) -

BN; 22345

Grimwood A.R.  FLIGHTS AND FANCIES -  New Zealand, 1943; 19 x 13cm, 180pp, cartoons in text; near fine, torn remains of d/w; AUTHOR-SIGNED.

Selected short stories about service life in both world wars.(mostly WW 2)
BN; 28826


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