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Private Flying, Flying Training & Navigation

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"Kaspar"  TEACH YOURSELF AIR NAVIGATION -  English Univ. Opress "Teach Yourself series;, 1942; 18 x 12cm, 186pp, diags; -vg. 5.00
BN: 32096  
Allan W.J.D.    GUIDE TO THE PILOT'S 'A. LICENCE A & U, 1945; 19 x 13cm, 212pp, 65 figs inc photos; vg (spine faded) 4.00
BN: 42407  

Bergman, Jules  ANYONE CAN FLY -  Doubleday USA, 1964; 27 x 18cm, 255pp, many illus in text, glossary, aircraft type directory; vg inc d/w.

An illustrated guide to flying skills and a directory, with photos, of all currently used private aircraft.
B  N: 32050
Birch, Neville  THE INSTRUMENT RATING -  A briefing for pilots.  Pitman 1st, 1977; 23 x 12cm, 76pp, diags; fine. 5.00
BN: 27053
Birch N.H. & A.E.Bramson  FLIGHT EMERGENCY PROCEDURES FOR PILOTS  Pitman 1st, 1973; 168pp, 31 figs; vg. 5.00
BN: 27195

British Light Aviation Centre (pub'r)  B.L.A.C. MANUAL OF FLYING & GROUND TRAINING -  rev'd edn, 1969 from "ABAC Manual" of 1964; 19 x 13cm, 274 figs; f. cover loose, o/w good inc d/w. (amusing "instructor classification attached at front)

BN: 21576
 Bramson, Alan  BE A BETTER PILOT -  Dunitz 1980; 24 x 19cm, 239pp, 80 figs; near fine inc d/w.   £8.00
 Practical private flying guide.
BN: 27048

Bramson, Alan & Neville Birch  FLYING THE V.O.R. -  Aerad 1974 reprint; card covers, 19 x 13cm, 42pp, diags (some col); fine.

BN: 31544
Broad, Capt H.S.  FLYING WISDOM  a book of practical experiences and their lessons.   Sampson Low, 1930s; 19 x 13cm, 211pp, unillus; vg (some pencil annotations whicjh are aposite and removable) 15.00
Practical advice for amateur pilots.
BN: 41765
Canner W.H.P.  AIR NAVIGATION -  Brown & Ferguson 1st, 1976; 334pp, 134 figs, tables etc; fine, vg d/w.
Tha author served at the Univ. of Wales, RAF College Cranwell & College of Air Training, Hamble; The book is intended to cover the GCE syllabus on the subject. 5.00:
BN: 27196

Edwards H.H.  STUDENT AND PRIVATE PILOT'S HANDBOOK -  Pitman 1957 (reprint of 1953 1st); 19 x 12cm, 100pp, 9 plates, 49 figs; fine, vg d/w.

Includes Air Law, Navigation & Meteorology.
BN: 30608

Farr, Geoff  COUNTRY FLYING -  how to fly from a private field & operate a group aircraft.  Pooley 1st, 1981; 19 x 13cm, 76pp, f.illus (photos, cartoons); fine inc d/w.

Pleasant little book of practical suggestions & experiences.
BN: 28117
Ferguson G.W.  HOW TO FIND YOUR WAY IN THE AIR -  Pitman 1st, 1935; 19 x 13cm, 72pp, diags in text; vg 5.00
Covers the pre-war "A Licence" syllabus; some cxhapters originally published in "Air & Airways" magazine.
BN: 32095
Foster, Timothy R.V.  THE AIRCRAFT OWNER'S HANDBOOK -  Van Nostrand, 1978; soft covers, 28 x 21cm, 249pp,f.illus (photos & diags);fine. 7.50
"Everything you need to know about buying, operating & selling an aircraft".
BN: 25272
Hamilton E.R.   AIR NAVIGATION -  Nelson's "Aeroscience Manual", 1942 reprinted 1st; 19 x 13cm, 175pp, 86 figs; vg.   5.00
Harben Wg Cdr Roy THE COMPLETE FLYING COURSE - a handbook for instructors & pupils. 8.00
"Pearson    Soft cover edn, good . 29 x 22cm, 93pp, many diags; good-vg (chipped f cover)     
BN: 21835
 Holford, Ingrid  THE AIR PILOT'S WEATHER GUIDE -  Airlife 1st, 1988; 104pp, f.illus (photos, diags), col boards; fine.  Attractive & useful.  £6.00
 BN: 30643

Holland, Harvey H.  AVIGATION - McGraw-Hill, 1931; 18 x 12cm, 272pp, diags; vg. 

Book on Air Navigation, & related equipment, which the author maintained should be called Avigation.  
BN: 25060

HOME-BUILT AIRCRAFT;- Details& Plans of some American home-built types;- 

Bede BD-4 & BD-6 - 3-view plans, spec. details, detailed construction drgs, "BD-4 Information handbook" (printed 48pp booklet), newsletters & design improvement  details/drgs; vg £10.00
Bushby Midget Mustang - Some details & plans (not a set) £2.50
The EAA Biplane;- construction drgs plus large photo & article £2.50
Knight Twister - some plans & details blueprinted £5.00
Rutan Long-ez;- Section 1 (large set of drgs) + engine installation details & Oener's manual booklet £10.00
Sunderland T 18 construction drgs & some data £2.50
Vari-eze - manufacturing manual Section IIA & Section VI £2.50
Whitman W10 construction drgs £2.50
Jurca-Plans (French lang) construction GAs of various light aircraft inc reduced-scale FW 190) (I don't claim these are sufficient for building! but they may offer inspiration!  £10.00

Hurst, Ronald & Leslie  FLY AND SURVIVE -  Safety in general aviation.  Collins 1st, 1985; 166pp, photos, diags; fine inc d/w.  

Collins 1st, 1985; 166pp, photos, diags; fine inc d/w.
BN: 21574
Jeppesen FLIGHT MANUAL - £8.00
Jeppesen Sanderson, USA, 1975 (from 1973 1st);26 x 18cm, 2cm thick, many diags; fine, vg d/w. Elementary and advanced flying techniques & procedures used in 1970s USA.  
BN: 29372

Jerram,Mike  TO BE A PILOT -  Airlife 1st, 1982; 22 x 15cm, 116pp, photos, picture boards; fine.

covers private, commercial & service flying at 1982 period.
BN: 22016
 Kershner, William K.  THE FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR'S MANUAL -  5.00
 Iowa State University Press, 8th printing, 1980; (from 1974 1st); card covers, 28 x 21cm, 384pp, many diags; vg.  Also, 2nd edn, 1981 (6th Printing 1988);similar, 337pp;vg - £7.50  
 BN: 28934
 Leeming,John F.  PILOT'S "A" LICENCE   5.00
 Pitman 8th, 1938, from 1927 original; 19 x 13cm, 88pp;near fine, vg d/w. Also 7th, 1935; fine, ragged d/w - £7.50  
BN: 21678
Manning, Capt G.E.  WEATHER RADAR FOR PILOTS  HMSO, 1970; card covers, 21 x 15cm, 102pp, many figs inc photos; fine 4.00
BN: 42406

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