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Pre World War 1 - softcover

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Borelli, Giovanni A.  THE FLIGHT OF BIRDS -  Aeronautical Classics No 6  Aeronautical Society of G.B. 1911; card covers, 18 x 12cm, 40pp; 11 figs; good-vg. (see also Walker)

  BN: 31757    
  Paper reprinted from the Royal Engineer's Journal of March, June & Sept 1952 ,covering the period prior to the formation of the RFC in 1912; original soft-cover edn; nr fine.    
  BN: 21889    

Bruce, Gordon  C.S. ROLLS, PIONEER AVIATOR -  The contribution made to British Aviation by Charles Stewart Rolls 1877-1910.   Monmouth Museum Service, 1978; card covers, 48pp, f.illus; fine.

  BN: 29123    

Buist, Massac  HUNTINGDON - THE AVIATION CENTRE -  Aeroplaning at Huntingdon - nature provides a fine flying ground.  Huntingdonshire Local History Soc. 1992; card covers, 24pp plus fold-out map, 23 photos; near-fine.

  Reproduction of a pamphlet of 1910.    
  BN: 29677    

Chard Corporation  JOHN STRINGFELLOW, 1799-1883 -  Centenary of invention of the first engine driven aeroplane.

BN: 24053

Croydon, A.Comm. Bill  EARLY BIRDS -  a short history of how flight came to Sheppey  Sheppey Heritage Trust, nd (c2000?); card covers,21 x 21cm, 34pp, f.illus; fine; author signed

BN: 32715

Dale, Henry  EARLY FLYING MACHINES -  British Library 1992; card covers, 25 x 19cm, 64pp, f.illus, biblio; fine. 

Nicely illustrated with interesting comment.
BN: 31973
  Gibbs-Smith C.H. THE WORLD'S FIRST AEROPLANE FLIGHTS, (1903-1908) - and earlier attempts to fly £3.00
  HMSO (Science Museum) 5th Imp 1977 (with amendments) from 1st of 1965; 8vo, 32pp, 23 photos; fine. except f cover marked.`````````````````````
BN: 22004

Goodall, M.H.  FLYING START -  Flying Schools & Clubs at Brooklands 1910-1939.

Brooklands Museum 1995; card covers, 20 x 20cm, 88pp, f.illus; fine.  
BN: 30941
  The Shuttleworth Collection, nd; 8pp, 4 photos; vg. Grimmer donated the Bleriot & Deperdussin aircraft which were the first given to the Shuttleworth Collection. Book describes his early attempts to fly.  
BN: 24075

Hackenberger, Willi  DIE ALTEN ADLER -  Pionere der deutschen Luftfahrt.  Lehmanns card-cover edn of 1st, 1960; 185pp, 134 photos; German lang; near fine inc d/w (owner's plate) 

("The old eagles - pioneers of German aviation").
BN: 29809
  Jarrett, Philip DAGENHAM DAYS - A history of the Aeronautical Society's Flying Ground. £2.50
Reprinted from R.Ae.S. Feb 1970; 10pp, photos, vg.
BN: 23662
  Ritter, Dr Wolfgang THE FLYING APPARATUS OF THE BLOW-FLY - a contribution to the morphology & physiology of the organs of flight in insects £15.00
  Smithsonian Inst. 1911; soft covers, 77pp, f.illus; vg. Detailed technical study of the flight mechanism of the fly.  
BN: 28957

Tagg A.E.  POWER FOR THE PIONEERS -  Crossprint, 1990; card covers, 25 x 18cm, 76pp, many photos, reproductions of adverts, engine data & photos; fine.

BN: 23978

Walker, Thomas  THE ART OF FLYING -  Aeronautical Society of G.B. "AERONAUTICAL CLASSICS No 3"  1910; card covers, 18 x 12cm, 40pp, figs in text; good (sl marked, owner's plate etc.

One of the set of 6 "aeronautical classics" booklets. (see also Borelli)
BN: 31756
  Wescott, Lynanne & Paula Degen WIND AND SAND - the story of the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk. Eastern Acorn Press (USA) 1983; card covers, 29 x 20cm, 189pp, f.illus (near-pictorial); near fine. £15.00
BN; 28544

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