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Pre World War 1

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Jack's Scientific series, nd (c1905); 18 x 12cm, 125pp, drgs, diags; vg, (cloth & f. cover lettering rubbed, near fine inside.)  the majority of this very period little book covers lighter-than-air flying, with some mention of the Wright Brothers & Maxim.  
BN: 23236

Bacon,Gertrude  ALL ABOUT FLYING -  Methuen 1st 1915; 17 x 11 cms, 115pp, 22 illus;near-fine!. 

Review of early flying 1903 to 1919.
BN: 22107
Berget, Alphonse THE CONQUEST OF THE AIR - Aeronautics, Aviation; History, Theory, Practice. £40.00
Putnams, New York, 2nd English language edn, 1911; 249pp, 48 plates (many different from the 1st edn), 81 diags in text; vg except spinecloth splitting Well illustrated early work describing ballooning, dirigibles (flights & operation) & the early aeroplane types. Also another, 2 plates replaced by photo-copies, some foxing - £25  
BN: 21903

Brett, R.Dallas  HISTORY OF BRITISH AVIATION 1908-1914 -  Aviation Book Club 2-vol edn, (from Hamilton 1st of 1933); vg.

Excellent, readable description of the early British scene; some line drawings of aircraft; appendices of data on records etc; this is the book that first triggered my interest in pre-WW 1 flying. pr
BN: 22109
Brewer, R.W.A  THE ART OF AVIATION -  A handbook upon aeroplanes and their engines:   Crosby Lockwood 1st, 1910; 253pp plus 12 fold-out plates (line drgs of aircraft & engines), 94 figs (mostly photos), ; bd'g sl loose & 1 plate replaced by photocopy & 1 page marked, o/w vg. 30.00
One of the classics on early British aviation; well illustrated, inc excellent line drgs etc.
BN: 22110

Broomfield G.A.  PIONEER OF THE AIR  the life & times of Colonel S.F.Cody   Gale & Polden 1st, 1953; 19 x 13cm, 164pp, 30 photos; , nr fine, (no d/w). 

Now a somewhat scarce biography of the famous pioneer.
BN 21682

Brown C.L.M.  THE CONQUEST OF THE AIR -  an historical survey.  O.U.P. 1st, 1927; 19 x 13cm, 126pp, 8 illus; vg+.

Good pocket survey of the development of aeronautical knowledge up to c1910.
BN: 25326
Claxton W.J. THE MASTERY OF THE AIR - £25.00
Blackie 1st, 1914;  260pp, 23 plates, figs in text; f. cover sl edge-rubbed, o/w vg. More attractive & useful than the later versions of the same title. The 1st recently seen on E-bay at a high price!  
BN: 22163
Claxton W.J. THE AIRMAN AND HIS CRAFT - £22.00
Blackie 1914; 19 x 13cm, 80pp, 4 vg col plates, 9 photos, diags; vg except spinepaper splitting; ."Rambles among our industries" series. mostly descriptive of pre-WW 1 period.  
BN: 21510
Davy M.J.B.  HENSON AND STRINGFELLOW -   Their work in aeronautics, 1840-1868.    HMSO 1st, 1931; 115pp, col frontis, 6 fold-out diags, 25 plates; vg int, boards spotted.. 15.00
Illustrated account of the work of the two British pioneers, including much on the Steam Carriage.
BN: 25327

Driver, Hugh  THE BIRTH OF MILITARY AVIATION -  (Studies in History - Britain, 1903-1914)  Royal Historical Society, 1997; 356pp, 24 photos, large biblio; nr fine inc d/w.. 

Thorough study, from the earliest attempts to fly to the formation of the Flying Corps; the potted biographies and extensive bibliography particularly useful.
BN: 31387

Duchene,Capt   THE MECHANICS OF THE AEROPLANE -  a study of the principles of flight:   Longman's Green 1st U.K, 1912, trans from French by Ledeboer & Hubbard; 230pp,91 figs, tables; vg int ,spinecloth faded.

Discusses the principles of flight, illustrates current state of the art.
BN: 22113

Elliott, Brian A.  BLERIOT - HERALD OF AN AGE -  Tempus 1st, 2000; 255pp, many photos & source notes; fine inc d/w. 

BN: 30014
Batsford 1st, 1980; 26 x 19cm, 116 captioned photos & brief introduction; fine inc d/w.Based mainly on British activities.  
BN: 26397

Fairlie,Gerard & Elizabeth Cayley  THE LIFE OF A GENIUS -  Sir George Cayley, Pioneer of Modern Aviation. 

H & S 1st, 1965; 192pp, portrait; vg inc d/w.  The work of Britain's "Father of aviation".  
BN: 23161
Ferris, Richard  HOW TO FLY -  Nelson 1st, 1910; 475pp, photos & diags in text; mostly vg, cloth sl faded. 28.00
Nice period work covering the history so far of lighter-than-air and heavier-that-air flight.
BN: 31991

Gibbs-Smith,Charles H.  A HISTORY OF FLYING -  Batsford 1st, 1953;; 304pp, 161 illus, extensive biblio; vg inc d/w.

One of the author's excellent histories, covering mainly the pre-1914 period.
BN: 22530

Gibbs-Smith C.H.  SIR GEORGE CAYLEY'S AERONAUTICS 1796-1855 -  HMSO 1st, 1962; 269pp, 84 figs, portrait photo; vg, inc d/w; AUTHOR'SSIGNED INSCRIPTION TO "Fitz"(believed to be "Fitz Cowley)

BN: 24057

Gibbs-Smith C.H.  CLEMENT ADER  his flight-claims & his place in history  HMSO (Science Museum) 1st, 1968; 214pp, figs; nr fine inc d/w

Detailed examination of the claims for Ader's alleged 1897 flight & the legal battles with the Wright Brothers re the "First Flight".   Also en ex-lib example  - vg except the usual marks on fep & totle pages only - 16  
BN: 21153

Gibbs-Smith C.H.  THE AEROPLANE -  an historical survey.  HMSO, 1960; 375pp, 22 plates, 45 figs in text, glossary, references, chronology, addenda; fine int except (well-known) owner's names on fep; sl corner-bumped, (no d/w.)

Covers all periods to date of publication but a large part is on pre-WW 1 aviation and aviators.  
BN: 21895

Gibbs-Smith, C.H  THE REBIRTH OF EUROPEAN AVIATION -  1902-1908.  HMSO 1st, 1974; 378pp, 59 illus, good bibliography; fine, inc d/w.

Detailed description of developments, 1902 to 1908, in Europe.
BN: 22532
Usborne Pub. (UK) 1975; 29 x 22cm, 48pp, photos, col drgs; fine, vg d/w. Childrens' picture book on aviation through the ages.  
BN: 23927

Gimbel, Richard (Tom Crouch & other editors)  THE GENESIS OF FLIGHT -  the aeronautical history collection of Colonel Richard Gimbel.  Perpetua Press USA, 2000; 31 x 24cm, 372pp, f. illus (mostly colour) biblio, CD in pocket at rear; as new.

Beautiful illustrations of this remarkable collection of early books, pictures, posters, manuscripts, seals and other aeronautical ephemera. A useful and attractive record.  
BN: 31446
Gollin, Alfred NO LONGER AN ISLAND - Britain & the Wright Brothers 1902-1909. 16.00
Heinemann 1st, 1984; 24 x 16cm, 478pp; fine, near fine d/w. Monumental study of the effect of early flights on attitudes & politics in the UK.  
BN: 21634

Goodall, Michael H. & Albert E Tagg  BRITISH AIRCRAFT BEFORE THE GREAT WAR -  Schiffer 1st, 2001; 28 x 22cm, 392pp, f. illus (photos, line drgs; biblio; fine inc d/w.

A well researched and attractively presented history; the standard reference book on the subject.  
BN: 31962

Grahame-White,Claude & Harry Harper  WITH THE AIRMEN -  H & S 1st, 1913; 283pp, 6 col plates by Cyrus Cuneo, 5 b & w photos, picture f.cover & spine; this one only "good" (cloth faded & marked, one plate replaced by photo-copy. READING COPY ONLY!

Early record of flying.
BN: 23197

Grahame-White,Claude & Harry Harper  THE AEROPLANE -  Jack's Romance of Reality series, 1914; 280pp 16 plates, photo on f.cover; school prize plate & embossed school badge on front cover, o/w tight and clean example.

Fairly basic description with good period illustrations..
BN: 22121 Also another, vg ext but binding weak and fairly heavy foxing - 15

Grand-Cartaret, John & Leo Delteil  LA CONQUETE DE LAIR VUE PAR LIMAGE, 1495-1911 -  Librarie des Annales, Paris, c1911; 32 x 25cm, 176pp, f.illus (monochrome photos, drgs, cartoons & some full-page plates, (some monochrome & tinted, some full colour) Professionally rebound with new eps matching the originals, original (superb) picture boards & spine re-attached to new cloth; first title page moth-eaten at extreme edges only) and one other page with chipped edge. Carefully checked for completeless by comparison with my collection copy.

An rare and attractive work illustrating graphically the history (mainly) of ballooning with illustrations , cartoons, advertisements etc from many period publications. Occasionally appears at auction at high prices.  
BN: 31830
Green, H. Gordon  THE SILVER DART -  the authentic story of the Hon F.A.D.McCurdy, Canada's first pilot. Atlantic Advocate (Brunswick Press), 1959; 208pp, 43 photos; record of first aeroplane flights; vg. 13.50
"Golden Anniversary edn"
BN: 32323

Grey C.G. ("Aero Amateur")  FLYING - THE WHY AND WHEREFORE -  The Aero, 1st, c1909; 19 x 13cm, 96pp, 8 photos of "Practical Machines actually in use"; diags in text; good-vg, rather marked rear cover.

CGG's first book; covers principles of flight & stability with illustrations of early types.  
BN: 22122

Hamel, Gustav & Charles C.Turner  FLYING -  Some practical experiences.   Longmans Green 1st, 1914; 341pp, 72 photos, biblio;front & rear loose endpapers lost & half-title page torn & soiled,; otherwise vg( (the many photos vg-fine); a somewhat tired (and therefore cheaper) exampl  (all plates checked).

Good description - a classic of the period, with vg illustrations.
BN: 23138

Harper, E.H & Ferguson, A.  AERIAL LOCOMOTION -  Cambridge University Press 1911; 164pp, 12 x 17cms, 26 figs inc some photos; vg (near-fine int). 

General principles & history of flight to 1911.
BN: 22123
 Harper, Harry  LORDS OF THE AIR -  Lutterworth 1st, 1940; 216pp, 52 photos; vg+.   £18.00
 Personal memoirs. One of Harry Harper's several books on early flying   More than half the book describes pre-WW 1 flying; continues mainly about civil airline development to date of writing.  
BN:  26386

Harrison, Michael  AIRBORNE AT KITTY HAWK - story of the first heavier-than-air flight made by the Wright Brothers 17/12/03:   Cassell 1st 1953; 19 x13 cms, 114pp, 30 illus; vg.

BN: 22124
Hayward, Charles B. & others  CYCLOPEDIA OF AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING - Vol 4 (Aeronautics);   American Technical Society, Chicago, 1913; inc 3 chapters 'Types of Aeroplanes' (148pp), 'Aeronautical Motor'((76pp) and "Buiulding & Flying an Aeroplane' (185pp) + large glossary & 'Review questions' (examination questions re the content!); recased retaining original marbled endpapers, with titling on label on the spine.;vg (fine int) 50.00
A classic of its time, inc the "Building & Flying an Aeroplane' usually found as a separate book.
BN: 41764

Hayward, Charles B.  BUILDING AND FLYING AN AEROPLANE -  A practical handbook covering the design, construction & operation of aeroplanes   American Technical Society, 1912 (this example shows 1916 but appears exactly the same as the 1912 original); 142pp, 52 figs inc photos; vg except covers  loose. 

Includes some nice illustrations, both photos & diags.
BN: 31040
Hearne R.P. DER LUFTKRIEG - £50.00
Siegismund, Berlin, 1909 (trans from "Aerial Warfare", UK, 1909); German lang (Gothic script); 255pp, 57 illus (photos, drgs, diags); near fine (owner's bookplate at front); attractive picture cover. History of airships & aeroplanes so far - their potential as weapons of war.  
BN: 29934

Hoernes, Lt Col H.  A COMPENDIUM OF AVIATION AND AEROSTATION -  Balloons, Dirigibles & Flying Machines.   Griffin, London, 1911; 14 x 10cm, 179pp, 54 illus inc plates; near-vg (spine lettering faded, corners sl bumped)

A rare and attractive little book, about half on aerostation & half aeroplanes with chapter on helicopters.
BN: 21702

Hoffman, Paul  WINGS OF MADNESS -  Alberto Santos-Dumont and the Invention of Flight.  Fourth Estate 1st UK, 2003; 369pp, 35 illus; extensive notes; fine inc d/w.

The genius of Santos-Dumont, the Brazilian hero worship and his sadness at the results of aviation.  
BN: 31529

Hubbard, T.O'B, J.H.Ledeloer & C.C.Turner.  THE AEROPLANE -  An elementary text-book of the principles of dynamic flight.  Longman's Green, 1911; 127pp, 35 figs, tables, glossary; near fine.

Illustrates the current thinking re aeroplane design.
BN: 31982

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