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Dixon,Ronald (Ed'r) ECHOES IN THE SKY - an anthology of aviation verse from two world wars. £7.00
Blandford 1st, 1982; 19x13cm, 128pp; fine inc d/w.A good reference to the "cleaned-up" versions !.  
BN: 22505  

Gower, Pauline  PIFFLING POEMS FOR PILOTS -  Recent reprint of contents of the original "Piffling Poems" and "More piffling poems" in a single soft-back volume republished by Michael Fahie, Pauline's son, whose book on his mother's life is also recommended. 

Humorous poetry by a wonderful character - the "Hiawatha" poem one of my favourite bits of aviation writing; highly recommended if you like this kind of thing. (The originals are v scarce).  
BN: 25559  

Herbert A.P.  A.T.I. -  "there is no need for alarm"  Ornum Press London, 1944; 19 x 13cm, 32pp, sketches in text; near fine, sl marked f cover  Poetry by APH, sketches by John Nicolson. (A.T.I. was a flag signal meaning "No need for alarm", shown when France fell in 1940!).  

BN: 28964

Richardson, Anthony  BECAUSE OF THESE -  verses of the Royal Air Force.  

H & S 1942 1st; 19 x 13cm, paper covers, 62pp, fair-good.
BN: 26502

Richardson, Anthony  THESE - OUR CHILDREN -  More verses of the R.A.F.  

Harrap 1st, (reprinted) 1943; 19 x 13cm, 62pp; vg
BN: 26955

Richardson, Anthony  FULL CYCLE -  

H & S 1st, 1946; 19 x 13cm, 64pp; fine inc d/w.  Wartime poetry.  Also another without d/w - £5.
BN: 26954

White, Thomas  SKY SAGA -  A story of Empire Airmen.  

Hutchinson nd; 19 x 13cm, card covers, 60pp, glossary; fine.  Narrative poems on various aspects of the RAF in WW 2. 
BN: 25427

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