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Luftwaffe - soft cover


Classic Publications; CLASSIC COLOURS - LUFTWAFFE COLOURS; i HAVE OBTAINED A COLLECTION OF THESE (but only one of each) e.g. "Aufklarer", "Jagdwaffe (20 vols)," , "Kampfflieger (4 vols)""Sea Eagles"(2 vols) etc; some rare in UK. Please let me know if you require any from this series.   (SEE "BOOKS IN SERIES" SECTION)  

Hyland, Gary & Anton Gill    LAST TALONS OF THE EAGLE -  Secret Nazi technology which could have changed the course of World War II.  Headline 1st, 1998; , card covers, 280pp, 31 photos, 6 col drgs; vg (1 plate sl loose)

Illustrates some of the advanced-technology German projects of WW 2..  
BN: 29336  

NS Fkiegerkorps,  EINTEILUNG DER KLEIDERUNG DER LUFTWAFFE -  Heft 2   NSFK, Berlin, 1939; mcard covers, 21 x 15cm, 22pp, col illus of rank badges, uniforms etc; aircraft ; flying formations (|); German language; nr fine.

(Details of military clothing of the Luftwaffe) Rather a scarce booklet in super condition.  
BN: 32092  
Stettiner Sportflug G.m.b.H. LEITFADEN FUER DEN UNTERRICHT AN FLIEGERSCHULEN -  Stalling, Oldenburg, (Lehtpersonal) 1927; card covers.25 x 18cm; 3 vols;- Vol 1 "Kartenkunde & flug zeugortnung maps, navigation etc); Vol 2 "Messgeraetekunde" (instrumentation); Vol 3 "Das Luftverkehrsgesetz" (commercial aviation). German lang - not gothic script)  vg




BN:  30676  

Tanner, John (RAF Museum)  WINGS OF THE EAGLE -  A history of German Aviation.  nd; 22 x 19cm, 48pp, f.illus inc some col side views & medals; fine.

a general review plus listing & description of contents of RAF Museum's exhibition. Covers all periods with much WW 1 content.  
BN: 25797

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