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Luftwaffe (mostly WW 2)

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Aders, Gebhard   HISTORY OF THE GERMAN NIGHT FIGHTER FORCE, 1917-1945  Jane's 1st UK, 1979, trans from German 1978; 284pp, f.illus (photos, maps etc);details of units, aces etc; fine inc d/w

Almost all on WW 2, with brief mention of WW 1 & inter-war developments.    
BN: 23817

Angolia, John R. & Adolf Schlicht  UNIFORMS & TRADITIONS OF THE LUFTWAFFE -  Bender, USA 1st, 1996/7 Vol 1 587pp;  f.illus, picture hard covers; fine.

A most comprehensive record of the clothing & insignia worn by Luftwaffe personnel from the pre-Luftwaffe Luftsportverband of the 1930s 
BN: 31486
Kookaburra 1st, 1985; 29 x 22cm, 172pp; f.illus (nearly pictorial); fine inc d/w. Super Kookaburra production with many contemporary colour photos, shaded drgs & many original photos.  
BN: 26817
Baumbach, Werner BROKEN SWASTIKA - The defeat of the Luftwaffe. £13.50
1986 reprint of Hale 1st English edn of 1960 (from 1949 German); 224pp, 13 photos, appendix on aircraft types used by the Luftwaffe; fine inc d/w. Bomber Commander's view of Germany's air war.  
BN: 25884
Bekker, Cajus THE LUFTWAFFE WAR DIARIES - £12.00
Macdonald 1st UK, 1967, trans from German "Angriffshohe 4000" of 1964; 399pp,f.illus (photos, maps and diags); rather worn cloth and some minor marks inside (OK for reference). History of the war-time Luftwaffe based on the war diaries of leading officers, official archives and collections etc.  
BN: 22321
Bender, Roger James THE LUFTWAFFE - Air Organisation of the Third Reich. £24.00
 2nd, 1972; author-published;  320pp, f.illus (some col), biblio; vg inc d/w except some collection stamps on one page only; .Expanded edn from 1967 original; uniforms, rank badges, medals, aircraft markings.  Also  -  1st, author-published, 1967; fine - 18.  
BN: 29146
Davis, Brian L. BADGES AND INSIGNIA OF THE THIRD REICH 1933-1945 -  (1933-1945) £15.00
A & A.P. card covers, 1992;  208pp, f.illus; fine ; ALSO - "German Army Uniforms and Insignia 1933-1945" hard covers; A & A.P. 1993 reprint; 224pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w - £16.  
BN: 28609
 Dierich, Wolfgang  KAMPFGESCHWADER "EDELWEISS" - the history of a German Bomber Unit, 1939-1945.  Ian Allan 1st UK, 1975 (from German 1973); 128pp, photos, ep maps; fine. near-fine d/w.   £15.00
 The wartime history of KG 51 in Europe including, finally, the Me 262 operations  
BN:  21407
Donald, David (Ed'r) WARPLANES OF THE LUFTWAFFE - 17.50
Aerospace (UK) 1994; 31 x 23cm, 254pp, f.illus (photos, some col, cut-away drgs, col drgs); aircraft type data; fine inc d/w ."Complete guide to the combat aircraft of Hitler's Luftwaffe from 1939 to 1945"  
BN: 27370
Dressel J. & M. Griehl BOMBERS OF THE LUFTWAFFE - £15.00
A & A.P. 1st, 1994; 28 x 22cm, 192pp, f.illus (near-pictorial); fine inc d/w.  
BN: 29855
Dressel, Joachim & M.Greihl FIGHTERS OF THE LUFTWAFFE - £15.00
A & A.P.1993; 29 x 23cm, 160pp, f.illus (near-pictorial); fine inc d/w. Detailed descriptions of the WW 2 Luftwaffe fighter types including variations.  
BN: 25392

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