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Lindbergh Books

Winston (USA) 1st, 1928; 320pp, 32 photos, maps, diags; vg (cover picture sl rubbed but intact, title page sl foxed)  Rather scarce book describing Lindbergh's Atlantic flight.  
BN: 29474
Berg, A. Scott  LINDBERGH -   £18.00
Macmillan UK, 1998 (from Putnam USA 1st of 1998); 628pp, 82 photos; fine inc d/w.   Biography.
    BN: 29319
Davis, Kenneth S.  THE HERO - CHARLES A. LINDBERGH -  The Man and the Legend. £16.00
Longman's 1st, 1959; 445pp, 20 photos; fine, near fine d/w.  
BN: 24584
Gill,Brendon  LINDBERGH ALONE -  May 21, 1927;   £14.00
Harcourt Brace 1st, 1977; 26 x 20cm, 216pp, f.illus; fine, vg d/w.  Biography and the Atlantic flight.  
BN: 21437
Grierson, John  I REMEMBER LINDBERGH -   £15.00
Harcourt Brace, New York 1st, 1977; 192pp, many photos, diags; fine, nr fine d/w.  Grierson collapsed while giving a lecture to the Smithsonian, based on the text of this book, and died hours later. Foreword by Anne Lindbergh
BN: 28593
Herrmann, Dorothy  ANNE MORROW LINDBERGH -  a gift for life.   £18.00
Houghton Mifflin 1993; 382pp, 31 photos, extensive notes & biblio; fine inc d/w.  
BN: 30824
Harcourt Brace 1st, 1970; 1038pp, 75 photos, glossary inc aircraft types; near fine inc d/w.Massive record covering years 1938-1945.  
BN: 23830  

Lindbergh, Charles A.  OF FLIGHT AND LIFE -  

Scribners USA 1st, 1948; 56pp; near fine.  A post-war statement of philosophy.  
BN: 29009
Lindbergh, Charles A. THE SPIRIT OF ST LOUIS - £18.00
Murray (1st UK) 1953; fine, sl torn d/w.the planning and completion of the trans-atlantic flight of May 1927.  
BN: 25156  
Lindbergh, Charles A. "WE" - £16.00
Putnam's 29th Imp, 1928 from 1st of 1927; 318pp, 48 photos; spine lettering worn away; vg int.Lindbergh's story of his life, trans-Atlantic flight & his views on the future of aviation.  
BN: 23440  
Lindbergh,Anne Morrow LISTEN! - THE WIND - £19.50
Harcourt Brace USA 2nd Imp of 1st, 1938; 275pp, foreword & maps by Charles Lindbergh; vg inc d/w.The Lindberghs' 1933 Africa-Brazil flight.  
BN: 21439  
Lindbergh,Anne Morrow NORTH TO THE ORIENT - £16.00
Chatto 1st, 1935 ; 248pp, ep maps, photo, smaller maps in text; fine.Story of the Lindberghs' 1931 flight by great circle route via Alaska to Asia.  
BN: 21638

Lindbergh, Anne Morrow  THE STEEP ASCENT -                                                                                              £10.00

Chatto 1st, 1945; 104pp; vg+.  Musings about what flying is like, by the famous long-distance flyer.  
BN: 28006

Lindbergh, Anne M.  BRING ME A UNICORN -  Diaries and letters, 1922-1928.  Wolff USA, 1972; 236pp, 40 photos; fine, vg d/w.                                                                                                                                             £15.00

BN: 28603

Lindbergh, Anne M.  HOUR OF GOLD, HOUR OF LEAD -  Diaries & Letters 1929-1932.  

Harcourt-Brace USA 1973; 340pp, 54 photos; fine, nr fine d/w.  Stories of flights, visits and friendships.£16.00

Lindbergh, Anne M.  LOCKED ROOMS AND OPEN DOORS -  Diaries and letters 1933-1935.  

Wolff USA 1st, 1974; 352pp, 60 photos; fine, vg d/w.                                                                                         £15.00
BN: 28600

Lindbergh, Anne M.  THE FLOWER AND THE NETTLE -  Diaries and letters 1936-1939.  

Harcourt Brace 1976; 605pp, 52 photos; fine inc d/w                                                                                        £16.00
BN: 28602

Lindbergh, Anne M.  WAR WITHIN AND WITHOUT -  Diaries and letters 1939-1944.  

Wolff USA 1st, 1980; 471pp, 41 photos; near fine inc d/w.                                                                                £16.00
BN: 28601

Miller, Francis Trevelyan    LINDBERGH - HIS STORY IN PICTURES -  

Putnams USA 1st, 1929 ("Anniversary edition"); 320pp, pictorial; vg (fine int)  Much scarcer than the matching volume "We" by Lindbergh.                                                                                                                                     £30.00
BN: 28146

Milton, Joyce  LOSS OF EDEN -  a biography of Charles and Anne Lindbergh.  

Harper Collins USA 1st, 1993; 520pp, 36 photos, notes; fine inc d/w.  A new "intimate portrait" of the famous couple.                                                                                                                                                                        £18.00
BN: 29754

Mosley, Leonard  LINDBERGH -  A biography:  

H & S 1976 from 1976 USA 1st; 24 x 16cm, 446pp, photos; fine inc d/w.                                                        £17.50
BN: 22279

O'Brien P.J.  THE LINDBERGHS -  story of a distinguished family.  

Long (UK edn) 1936 (from USA 1st of 1935); 285pp, 39 illus; vg.  Lindbergh's early career & much about the famous kidnap of his son.                                                                                                                                        £16.00
BN: 21908


Harper & Row, USA, revised & enlarged edn, 1976 (from 1964 1st); 403pp, 27 photos; fine inc d/w           £15.00
BN: 30823

West, James E (Chief Scout Executive)  THE LONE SCOUT OF THE SKY -  

Boy Scouts of America, 1928; 275pp31 illus (mainly photos); near-vg.  Popular style version of the Lindbergh story so far.                                                                                                                                                                  £8.00
BN: 30821

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