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Lighter than air - softcover

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Ader, Picard, Tajan (Paris) CATALOGUE - COLLECTION GEORGES NAUDET - "Locomotion Aerienne" £15.00
July 1984 sale of ballooning & aviation books & printed ephemera; 27 x 20cm, 112pp, photos & reprods (some col); fine .A useful reference catalogue with some most attractive illustrations.  
BN: 29422

Baker J.A. & Peter Bish  BRITISH BALLOONS -  Author-published, 1981; card covers (l'scape), 240pp, a few photos; vg.

Register of all balloons & airships built or registered in the British Isles since 1950 & UK pilots register
BN: 28730
Baker, J.A and Pritchard, Norman A. BALLOONS AND BALLOONING - £4.50
Shire pubs 1986; 21x15cm, 31pp, fully illus, card cover; fine. Brief, well-illus history with biblio; fine.
BN: 22225

Boesman, Drs J.  FABULOUS BALLOONING -  Netherlands Aeronautical Museum, 1966; card covers, 1cm thick; cartoons; good-vg ("perfect" bd'g, so pages loose.

Humorous ballooning cartoons, one per page.
BN: 31902
Davy, M.J.B. (Science Museum) AERONAUTICS - LIGHTER-THAN-AIR CRAFT - £7.50
HMSO 1950 edn; paper covers, 112pp; photos & reproduced paintings; vg (paper sl crinkled). History of ballooning & Airships; catalogue of exhibits; biblio. Also - 1934 edn;  generally vg - £12.  
BN: 22227
Guttery T.E. ZEPPELIN - an illustrated life of Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, 1838-1917: £8.00
Shire pubs "Lifelines" series, No23, 1973; card covers, 21x15cm, 48pp, f.illus, picture covers; nr-fine.
BN: 22232
HMSO  R 101; THE AIRSHIP DISASTER -1930 -  HMSO abridged card cover edn, 1999; from the original "R101 Enquiry published in 1931; 162pp, 1 airship photo; fine. 9.50
BN: 31007
Sutton 1st, 1985; card covers, 32pp11 photos; fine.19th  Century  balloonist from Malmesbury - sometimes flew with Coxwell.
BN: 27994
Hook, Thom "SHENANDOAH" SAGA - £17.50
Air Show Publishers USA (Famous Airships Series), 1973; card covers, 28x 21cm, 208pp, f.illus, map, biblio; near fine. Part of a series describing the US Navy's Pioneering large Rigid Airships. Also another example, vg except damp marks to foot of pages, not affecting text) - £12.  
BN: 29830
Kleffel, Walther & Wilhelm Schulze DIE ZEPPELIN-FAHRT - Im Luftschiff nach Amerika und zuruck. £10.00
Ullstein, 1928; card covers, 17 x 11cm, 192pp, 11 photos, 3 drgs; rear cover & fep torn, o/w good. Description of the 1928 flight of the "Graf Zeppelin", commanded by Eckener, to the USA and back. also another with some damage but essentially complete - £5.  
BN: 27733
Korzus, Bernard LEICHTER ALS LUFT - Zur Geschichte der Ballonfahrt. £18.00
Westfaelisches Landesmuseum, 1978; card covers, 27 x 21cm, 293pp, f.illus (some col); near fine except f cover sl creased. Catalogue of the 1978 Lighter-than-Air" exhibition; German language; attractive illustrations & articles on the history of balloon flight, the balloon in art, literature, polar exploration & military uses.  
BN: 28790
Masius, Hermann WIR SIND JETZT BUERGER DES HIMMELS! - bilder & berichte von dem ballonfahrten £10.00
Delphi, 1986; card covers, 30 x 21cm, 128pp, f.illus (woodcuts & diags); German lang; near fine (owner's plate). Pictures & history of the balloon travels of Glaisher, Flammarion, Fonvielle & Tissandier; trans from French.  
BN: 29922

O'Dea W.T.  AERONAUTICA -  Objets d'Art, Prints, Air Mail  HMSO, 1966; card covers, 15 x 15cm, 22pp, col illus; nr fine 

Illustrations include ballooning plates & prints, postage stamps & covers, posters & coins. An attractive little production. 
BN: 31760
Robinson, Douglas H. LZ 129 "HINDENBURG" - £7.50
Morgan-Dallas "Famous Aircraft" Series, 1964; card covers, 28 x 22cm, f.illus, biblio; near fine.
BN: 28572

Seifert, Dr Juergen    DIE LUFTSCHIFFWERFT UND DIE ABTEILUNG SEEFLUGZEUGBAU -  der Luft-Fahrzeug-Gesellschaft in Bitterfeld (1908-1920)  Bitterfelder Traditionen - (Teil 1); card covers, 72pp, f.illus (photos, diags); German lang; nr fine (owner's plate). 

Well illustrated account of airship construction & activities in the Bitterfeld region, with much on early hydrogen production, Parseval balloons & airships, visits of Zeppelin, the airship show of 1909 & the Bitterfeld airship works.   
BN: 29920
Treadwell, Terry C. & Arthur Wood  AIRSHIPS OF THE FIRST WORLD WAR 7.50
Tempus "Images of Aviation" series; 23 x 17cm, 128pp, f.illus; fine.
BN:@ 33140

Wolman, Wittman & Larson  THE BLIMP BOOK -  Square Books, 1977; card covers, 22 x 19cm l'scape; 96pp, f.illus (mostly col); binding loose, covers sl creased 

BN: 29312

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