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Lighter than air

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Abbott, Patrick AIRSHIP - the story of R 34 & the first East-West crossing of the Atlantic by Air: £16.00
Adams & Dart 1st, 1973; ; 24x17cm, 163pp, f.illus, biblio; fine inc d/w. Also - card cover edn, 1994; fine - £8.50  
BN: 22224  

Abbott, Patrick & Nick Walmsley  BRITISH AIRSHIPS IN PICTURES -  An illustrated history 1784-1998  House of Lochar, 1998; 28 x 22cm, 112pp, pictorial; fine inc d/w 

BN: 31402  
Alexander, John THE CONQUEST OF THE AIR - The Romance of Aerial Navigation. £18.00
Partridge, 1902; 19 x 13cm, 160pp, 2 photos, drgs in text, picture f.cover & spine; vg except f.cover sl loose, cloth sl soiled & pages sl browned. Theory & practice of ballooning, with short chapters on parachutes & airships.  
BN: 24842  
Andree S.A., Nils Strindberg & Knut Fraenkel THE ANDREE DIARIES - £25.00
Lane 1st UK edn, 1931, trans from Swedish; 452pp, 103 photos,6 maps, plans & diags; vg (spinecloth sl faded). The diaries & records of the authors, written during their balloon expedition to the North Pole in 1897 and discovered on White Island in 1930 together with a complete record of the expedition & discovery.  
BN: 23682  
Andree, Strindberg & Fraenkel ANDREE'S STORY - the complete record of his polar flight, 1897. £18.00
Viking Press, New York, 1930; 389pp, 56 photos,8 maps; vg int, spinecloth v faded. Essentially the same record as in "The Andree Diaries".  
BN: 26911  

Archbold, Rick  HINDENBURG -  an illustrated history.  Warner (USA), 1994; 31 x 29cm, 229pp, f.illus (some col); col cut-aways & diags; fine inc d/w. 

History of the Hindenburg but also much on earlier & later airships; an attractive production.  
BN: 26892  
Bacon, Rev J.M. THE DOMINION OF THE AIR - The story of aerial navigation. £18.00
Cassell 1st, 1902; 348pp, 24 illus, Cassell book list; vg (cloth sl soiled & f. cover loose - needs repair) price reduced.). Account of the invention of the balloon, descriptions of (mainly English) flights, possibilities of flying machines & balloons in warfare.  
BN: 25356  

Beaubois, Henry  AIRSHIPS -  An illustrated History.   McD & J 1st, 1973; 31 x 26cm, 235pp; fine, near-fine d/w 

Comprehensive and most attractive history of lighter than air travel. Drgs by Carlo Demand inc large fold-outs; hundreds of photos & smaller drgs.  
BN: 22101  
Botting, Douglas SHADOW IN THE CLOUDS - The story of Airships: £7.50
Kestrel books "Explorer series No16", 1975; 48pp, fully illus (photos, painting reproductions, some colour); fine inc d/w.Rather elementary pictorial review.  
BN: 22226  
Burney, Cdr Sir Charles Dennistoun THE WORLD, THE AIR AND THE FUTURE - £45.00
A & U 1st, c1929; 356pp, 31 photos, 2 maps; vg. Important contribution to the discussion, at this time, about the advantages of airships v aeroplanes in civil aviation; also a review of the current situation in aviation dev't. (The author was greatly involved in the design & construction of the R 100 airship, so presents the case for the airship).  
BN: 26935  

Butler, Frank Hedges  FIFTY YEARS OF TRAVEL BY LAND, SEA & AIR -  Fisher Unwin 1st,(2nd Imp)  1921; 421pp, 89 illus; cloth sl worn, mostly vg..

Author was founder of the Royal Aero Club in 1901; book describes his balloon ascents & aeroplane flights;includes log of balloon ascents, newspaper extracts & letters; also much on general travel.  
BN: 23683  

Cameron, Don  BALLOONING HANDBOOK -  Pelham Books 1st, 1980; 26 x 20cm, 174pp, f.illus (photos & diags), records, biblio etc; vg inc d/w.(fine except owner's name on fep) 

Practical guide to modern ballooning, with details of licence requirements, clubs, records, addresses etc.  
BN: 25870  

Collier, Basil  THE AIRSHIP -  a history.  Hart-Davies 1st, 1974; 25 x 18cm, 271pp, f. illus (photos, diags); notes & biblio; fine inc d/w  

BN: 27342
Cook,Hartley Kemball THE BIRTH OF FLIGHT - an anthology: £12.00
A & U 1st, 1941; 19 x 13 cm, 204pp, 8 illus; vg, fair d/w.A good collection of extracts on ballooning from books, magazines, letters etc.  
BN: 22111  
Cottrell, Leonard UP IN A BALLOON - £15.00
World's Work, 1969; 200pp, 28 illus (photos & reprods of old woodcuts), 1 map; nr fine, vg d/w.Covers mainly the early flights, up to the Andree expedition of 1897.  
BN: 28569  
W.H.Allen 1st, 1887; 19 x 13cm, 228pp, tipped-in frontis portrait photo; vg int, cloth rather damp-stained. First volume of the pair published. Excellent picture of the period and of Coxwell's achievements.  
BN: 30440  
Coxwell, Henry  MY LIFE AND BALLOON EXPERIENCES -  Second Series;W.H.Allen, 1889; 19 x 13cm (matching Vol 1)283pp, vg+; author's inscription. 75.00
BN: 32906  

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