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General Historical - softcover

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Aeroplane & Armament Experimental Establishment  BOSCOMBE DOWN -  M.o.D , 1980; 30 x 21cm,48pp,

Illustrated description of the current establishment. ALSO - "Boscombe Down Bulletin Issue 9", 1992; f.illus 1; ALSO - "Facilities at Boscombe Down" , 1980; 12pp brochure - fine - 2  
BN: 32060  
Aeroplane magazine  OUTPACING THE SUN -  1,132mph   22 page article (plus advts) from The Aeroplane. Photos, 3-view drgs, maps; vg.  4.00
BN: 30853  

Agostinelli, Giampaolo  WHERE SEA MEETS THE SKY -  Tomcat, 2002; card covers, 30 x 21cm, 157pp, pictorial; fine - 

U.S. Navy carrier "Harry S Truman" and its aircraft.  
BN: 31860  
Air Force Museum Foundation UNITED STATES AIR FORCE MUSEUM - £5.00
c1977; card covers,28 x 21cm l'scape, 128pp, pictorial; fine.  
BN: 30537  

Alexander R.T.  HIGH ADVENTURE -  from balloons to Boeings in New Zealand.  

NAC, 1968; card covers, 28 x 21cm l'scape; 94pp, f.illus (sketches); vg.  Nice illustrations, evocative of the times.  
BN: 30914

American Aviation Historical Society  MUSEUM & DISPLAY AIRCRAFT OF THE WORLD -  Undated (c1970?); card covers, 28 x 21cm,70pp; Author Stephen Muth; f.ullus; vg

Also by AAHS (author B.W.Orriss) "Museum & Display Aircraft of the United States" 75pp, f.ullus, vg - 5;; ALSO - by Mikesh & pub by N.A.S.M., "AIRCRAFT IN MUSEUMS AROUND THE WORLD"  Aug 1983; card covers, 1.5cm thick; vg - 7.50
BN: 32068  

Antwerp aviation clubs  75 JAAR LUCHTVAART - 1909 - 1984 ANTWERPEN -  1984; card covers, 24 x 17cm, 0.7cm thick (no pagination); photos, many adverts; fine.

A celebration of 75 years of Belgian aviation.  
BN: 32102  

Biddle, Wayne  BARONS OF THE SKY -  From early flight to Strategic Warfare; story of the American Aerospace.  

Holt ("Owl Book") card cover edn, 1993, from hardback Simon & Schuster 1st of 1991; 366pp, 40 photos, biblio; fine.  The development of the industry and the part played by the major pioneering leaders and organisations.
BN: 30889

Birtles, Philip & Allan Burney  CONCORDE -  Ian Allan1986; card covers, 29 x 21cm, 48pp, pictorial; fine. 

BN: 31717  

Black, Ian  COMBAT AIR PATROL -  Airlife card covers, 2003; 27 x 23cm, 112pp, pictorial; fine.

Illustrations of the modern jet aircraft of around 2000, "pushing the envelopes" in performance and operation.  
BN:  31430  

Booklets; British Airfields  VARIOUS -  Booklets on Boreham, Duxford, Hurn Airport, New Forest Airfields, Rochester Airport; Also - "British Isles Airfield Guide (Merseyside, 1976). Sandown - please ask.

BN: 32062  
Bowman, Martin/John Dibbs  SHUTTLEWORTH -  The Aircraft Collection     Airlife, 2000; card covers, 27 x 23cm, 128pp, pictorial; fine  9.00
BN: 33700  

Braybrook, Roy  HARRIER -  The Vertical Reality  

RAF Benevolent Fund, 1996; card covers, 28 x 22cm, 160pp, f.illus (mostly col), individual histories; fine.  
BN: 30813

Brooks, Robin J.  AVIATION IN KENT - A pictorial history to 1939. Meresborough Books, 1983; 31 x 23cm, 48pp, f.illus; nr fine.

B.N. : 25577  
Also - Kent Aviation Historical & Research Soc. "Wings over Kent" 1983, card covers, 21 x 15cm, 64pp, f.illus; fine - 4.50      Also "Prelude to War - Kent Aviation 1938-39" fine - 4.50  

Brooks, Robin J.  FROM MOTHS TO MERLINS -  The story of West Malling Airfield.  Meresborough Books, 1987; card covers, 21 x 15cm, 119pp, f.illus; vg.

BN: 25561  
Airlife 1st, 1994; card covers, 276pp; fine.uide to terms, codes & abbreviations.  
BN: 30419  

Cauter, Gaynor  INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT -  Octopus, 1980; 28 x 21cm, 127pp, photos, diags; fine. 

Design of airports & airliners including details of passenger & cargo handling equipment, navigation & air traffic control; illustrations include Concorde.  
BN: 22720  
Christies SALE CATALOGUES - £5.00 ea
Catalogues of Aviation sales dated 30/9/71 ("Aeronautics & Motoring"), 28 April 1990, 4 October 1990 & 29 April 1991. (all 27 x 21cm, f.illus (much col). (Oct-90 neatly marked with prices reached; others clean) Contain illustrations of aircraft, engines, models & ephemera, paintings etc.  
BN: 30536  

Cieslak, Gawrych & Glass  SAMOLOTY MYSLIWSKIE WRZESNIA 1939 -  Aerohobby, Warsaw, 1987; card covers, 29 x 20cm, 150pp, f,illus (photos, plans, drgs; Polish lang; vg.

Intended for scale modellers, covers PZL P.7a & P 11, Messerschmitt Bf 109 & 110; as well as some 1939 history; v. detailed drgs & col. Markings. Also - Mietelski "Samoloty Mysliwskie 1935-1937"  (card covers, 29 x 20cm,48pp; fine) - 7.50
BN: 31112

Coles D.J.  THE TRAVELLER'S GUIDE TO BRITISH AIRFIELDS -  Aviation Hobby Shop, 1982; card covers, 108pp, diags; fine.

BN: 29224  

Crawford, O.G.S.  AIR-PHOTOGRAPHY FOR ARCHAEOLOGISTS -  Ordnance Survey Professional Papers, New Series No 12.  HMSO, 1929; soft covers, 32 x 25cm, 19 full-page plates with captions opposite and a 2-page intro; dog-eared corners, o/w vg. 

Examples of the evidence of historical buildings showing under grass & crops.  
BN: 31766  

Crosnier, Alain & J-M Guhl  L'ARMEE DE L'AIR EN INDOCHINE -  Vol 1, Transport et Bombardement 1945-1954.  SupAir, 1981; card covers, 30 x 21cm l'scape, 58pp, pictorial; French & English langs; fine.


BN: 27930  

Dixon G.M. & J.Rippon  WINGS OVER EASTERN ENGLAND -  Minimax Books, 1980; card covers, 30 x 21cm, 64pp, f.illus; fine. 

From WW 1 onwards.  
BN: 27912  

Dorr, Robert F.  A-6 INTRUDER -  carrier-borne Bomber   A & A.p. 1991; card covers, 24 x 19cm, 56pp, photos, line drgs, cut-away; fine.

BN: 31916

Eaton Manufacturing Co, Cleveland.  A CHRONICLE OF THE AVIATION INDUSTRY IN AMERICA; 1903-1947 -  Company publication, 1948; card cover edn, 31 x 23cm, 98pp, f.illus (many photos);vg int, boards sl worn & rubbed at edges.

 Some uncommon photos.
BN: 25699

Ethell, Jeffrey & Alfred Price  AIR WAR SOUTH ATLANTIC -  S & J card-cover version of 1st, 1983; 260pp, 72 photos, 6 maps; near fine.

The Falklands air war.
BN: 20965

Fahey, James C.  U.S. ARMY AIRCRAFT -  (Heavier-than-air), 1908-1946. "Ships & Aircraft" 1st, 1946; 64pp, hundreds of small type photos, tables of data; nr fine.  

A really good reference & identification record. ALSO - "USAF Aircraft 1947-1956" (1st, 1956); similar layout to the above; vg - 5
BN: 26510
Fahey, James C.  THE SHIPS AND AIRCRAFTY OF THE U.S. FLEET -  US Naval Institute 8th edn,, 1965; ; card covers, 64pp, f.illus; vg 6.50
BN: 35464  

Farley, Edward J.  U.S. ARMY - AIR FORCE FIGHTER PLANES - P-1 to F-105  Aero Pubs 2nd, 1957; card covers, 26 x 18cm, 0.7cm thick; photos, 3-view line drgs; vg (fine int)

plans suitable for modelling.
BN: 31107  

Flight International (T. Hall)  BENEATH THE SKIN -  a history of aviation cutaway drawings from "Flight".  1998; card covers, 30 x 21cm, 48pp, many cutaways; near fine (central pages loose).

The artists and examples of their work; Max Millar & Jimmy Clark onwards.  
BN: 29399  

Fozard J.W.  THE HARRIER - an engineering/Operational Commentary.  Hawker Siddeley, undated; card covers, 30 x 21cm, 32pp, 3-view drgs of P.1127 & Harrier, detail drgs of design features, photos; fine.

Illustrated the evolution of the Harrier from the P.1127 and through its development stages; Together with - "The Mighty Harrier" (giant colour poster with col 3-views, history & data.  
BN: 30875  
 Frawley, Gerard  THE INTERNATIONAL DIRECTORY OF MILITARY AIRCRAFT -  1998/99   Airlife, 1998; card covers, 28 x 21cm, 191pp, f.illus (all col), glossary; fine.   £9.00
BN:  30654  

Gibbs-Smith C.H.  A BRIEF HISTORY OF FLYING -  From myth to space travel.  Science Museum, 1967; 78pp128 illus; glossary; vg.

BN: 25571  
Golley, John GENESIS OF THE JET - Frank Whittle and the invention of the jet engine £8.00
Airlife card covers, 1996 (first published as "Whittle - the true story" 272pp, 49 photos,, diags; fine (f.cover sl creased).
BN: 30574  

Goodrum, Alastair  BALLOONS, BLERIOTS AND BARNSTORMERS -  200 years of flying for fun.  History Press, 2009; card covers, 287pp, f.illus; fine. 

History of local aviation in Eastern England with special references to the Spalding, Stamford & Peterborough region  
BN: 31973  

Green, Peter, Mike Hodgson & Bill Taylor  WINGS OVER LINCOLNSHIRE -

Midland, 1994; card covers, 20 x 21cm, 60pp, pictorial (many previously unpublished photos); fine.
BN: 26820

Green, William & G.Swanborough  THE INDIAN AIR FORCE AND ITS AIRCRAFT -  (The I.A.F.Golden Jubilee, 1932-82)  Pilot Press, 1982; 28 x 21cm, 80pp, f.illus (cutaways of Jaguar, HS.748, Hawker Hart & Tempest II, Lysander, Mystere IVA; col photos etc) nr fine.

BN: 26011  

Guild of Aviation Artists (John Blake Ed'r)  FRANK WOOTTON -  a career in perspective 1911-1998.  Guild of Aviation Artists 2000 (Exhibition catalogue); card covers, 30 x 21cm l'scape; 68pp, painting reproductions with historical notes; fine.

BN: 30076  

Hilliker, Ivor J  A SOLENT FLIGHT - Kingfisher Pubs 1st, 1990; card covers, 27 x 21cm, 128pp, near-pictorial; fine.

Flying boat aviation in the Solent area inc much on Saunders Roe.  
BN: 29356  

Hobbs, Jack  BRISTOL HELICOPTERS -  a tribute to Raoul Hafner.  Frenchay Pub'rs 1st, card covers, 1984; 158pp, f.illus; "perfect" binding which is somewhat fragile!; vg; AUTHOR-SIGNED.

a well-illustrated history.  
BN: 28496  

Hodgkinson,Vic  "BEACHCOMBER" -THE STORY OF A SANDRINGHAM - and Sunderland civil conversions operated in Australia. Privately pub. In support of maintenance costs at Southampton Hall of Aviation;23pp, photos; fine.

BN: 22726  

Holder, Bill & Mike Wallace  F/A-18 HORNET -  a photo chronicle  Schiffer, 1997; card covers, 28 x 22cm, 78pp, (all col photos); fine.

BN: 29442  

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