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Ellis, Paul BRITISH COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT - sixty years in pictures. £15.00
Jane's 1st, 1980, 27 x 22cm, 190pp, pictorial; fine inc d/w.   
BN: 21134  
Emde, Heiner, (Illus by Carlo Demand) CONQUERORS OF THE AIR - the evolution of aircraft 1903-1945. £16.00
Edita 1st, 1968; 31x26cm, 201pp, photos, line drgs, super large colour sideviews; combat drgs; fine, fair d/w."Coffee table" book, full of attractive artwork. Another with same date but on thicker paper; fine, ragged d/w - £15. Also German language version "Meilsteiner der Luftfahrt" ((1971); near fine inc d/w 9.00  
BN: 22522  
Ian Allan 1st, 1995; 24 x 17cm, 128pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w. Well-illustrated.  
BN: 30199  
Endres, Gunter G. BRITISH CIVIL AVIATION - £6.50
Ian Allan 1st, 1985; 24x18cm, 160pp, fully illus; nr fine inc d/w Review of current British airlines & their aircraft.  
BN: 22523  
Ethell J. & Alfred Price ONE DAY IN A LONG WAR - May 10th, 1972, Air War, North Vietnam. £15.00
Guild (UK), 1990 from Random House New York 1st of 1989; 217pp, 63 photos; fine inc d/w.  
BN: 21611  
Ethell, Jeffrey & Clarence Simonsen THE HISTORY OF AIRCRAFT NOSE ART - WW 1 to today. £30.00
Motorbooks, 1991; 26 x 26cm, 192pp, f.illus (inc much col); fine inc d/w (SIGNED BY ETHELL).  
BN: 30087  
Eyston, Capt G.E.T. & R.S.Lyons  SPEED OF THE WIND -  Speedmen in every sphere.  Newnes1st, 1936; 25 x 18cm, 143pp, f.illus (photos, drgs) cornerss sl rubbed,, o/w vg. 16.00
Well-illustrated review of speed by car, motor cycce, railway, speed boat, aircraft and in athletics; includes chapters of speed records, Brooklands, Rolls-Royce & MG. (34pp on aviation)  
BN: 31551  
Farrar-Hockley, Gen Sir Anthony  THE ARMY IN THE AIR..the history of the Army Air Corps  Sutton 1st, 1994; 25 x 20cm, 268pp, many photos, maps; fine inc d/w.  12.00



Fay, John  THE HELICOPTER -  History, Piloting & how it flies.  D & C, 1976 revised edn from 1954 original; 223pp, photos, diags; fine inc d/w.

BN: 21265
Fedden, Sir Roy BRITAIN'S AIR SURVIVAL - £10.00
Cassell 1st, 1957; 19 x 13cm, 142p p, appendices, diags; fine, vg d/w.  .An appraisement & strategy for success (a cry about the aircraft industry - interesting in the context of Fedden's career story as written by Gunston).  
BN: 20950  
Fokker  FOKKER COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT -  from the F.1 of 1918 to the Fokker 100.    1994; 30 x 21cm, 212pp, f.illus (some col); photos, paintings, construction number list; fine inc d/w  18.00
a thorough and attractive reference book.  

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