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Cacutt, Len (Ed'r) CLASSICS OF THE AIR - an illustrated history of the development of military planes from 1913-1935. £15.00
Marshall Cavendish (or Haynes? or Foulis?) 1988 from 1986 Aerospace original; 29 x 23cm, 255pp, f.illus (col photos & drgs, half-tone photos, cut-aways; fine inc d/w. Well illustrated study of 31 aircraft types from the period, selected as significant examples of contemporary design.  
BN: 27515  
Cacutt, Len (Ed'r) GREAT AIRCRAFT OF THE WORLD - An illustrated history of the most famous civil and military planes £14.00
Colour Library books 1988 edn, from 1986 1st. 29 x 24cm, 456pp, f.illus; fine except f cover sl edge damaged. Super "Aircraft Spectacular".  
BN: 24281  

Caidin, Martin  BARNSTORMING -  The great years of Stunt Flying.  Duell, Sloan & Pearce USA 1st, 1965; 304pp, 25 photos; vg inc d/w

Good account of the stunt flying in America in the 1920s & '30s.  
BN: 31517  
Caidin, Martin THE SAGA OF IRON ANNIE - £12.00
Doubleday USA 1st, 1979; 28 x 22cm,243pp, f.illus; vg int, spinecloth sl torn at top & untidy inscription; good d/w .The restoration of a JU 52 and the particular aircraft's history.  
BN: 30219  
Caidin, Martin GOLDEN WINGS - a pictorial history of the US Navy & Marine Corps in the air. £8.00
Arno 1974 reprint, from Random House 1st of 1960; 30 x 23cm, 232pp, pictorial; vg, good d/w (several relevant photo cuttings stuck in, front & rear). Also 1st, 1960, without d/w, cloth sl marked    7.00  
BN: 27441  

Camm F.J. THE FLYING REFERENCE BOOK -  Pearson 1st, 1939;; 20 x 14cm, 208pp, diags, tables etc; vg int, cloth faded & untidy inscription on f.endpaper. 

Data book covering civil & military aircraft types, aerodromes & airports, clubs, numbering & markings, organisations, air routes, chronology & dictionary.   
BN: 21869  
Chancellor Press, 1994; 21 x 15cm l'scape; col boards, 160pp, col photos, 3-view line drgs.  
BN: 27294  
 Carson, Annette  FLIGHT FANTASTIC -  The illustrated history of aerobatics.  Haynes 1st, 1986; 28x22cm, 320pp, f.illus (inc much col); fine inc d/w.  £20.00
 Amazingly detailed coverage of the subject.  
BN:  22490  
Cashinella, Brian & K.Thompson PERMISSION TO LAND - the battle for London's third airport. £5.00
Arlington 1st, 1971; 135pp, 8 illus; fine, torn d/w..  
BN: 21664  
Champion, Theodore  POSTE AERIENNE   Sixieme edn, 1930  Paris, 1930; 18 x 11cm, 550pp, good. 8.00
Also - 5th edn, 1926; vg except broken binding - 5  
bn: 41899  

Chant, Chris (Ed'r)  AIR FORCES OF THE WORLD -  

Willow Books 1st, 1983; 31 x 25cm, 234pp, photos (some col), maps; nr vg inc d/w. ( Bd'g sl weak).  Serious detailed review of air forces with good illustrations.  
BN: 20930
Chant, Christopher AVIATION - AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY - £12.00
Orbis 1987, (from 1978 1st); 30 x 23cm, 352pp, f.illus (some col drgs & photos); fine inc d/w (Voyager photo). Many vg illus inc col posters. Also - 1978 1st, 320pp; nr fine, ragged d/w - £7.50.  
BN: 23926

Chant, Christopher  TOP GUN -  The ultimate in airborne action.  

New Burlington (Quintet), 1992; 29 x 22cm, 208pp, f.illus (some col); near fine inc d/w.  Covers many of the innovative aircraft designed in the search for ultimate military performance.
BN: 30888

Chant, Christopher  PIONEERS OF AVIATION -  Grange Books, 2001; 31 x 24cm l'scape, 112pp, f. illus; fine inc protected d/w.

Excellent selection of photos from the beginning till ww 2.  
BN: 31893  

Charles, David  THE STORY OF AIRCRAFT -  seven decades of powered flight.  

Octopus 1st, 1974; 29 x 21cm, 128pp, f.illus (photos, some col); fine, sl torn d/w.  Includes some good historical material & nice line drgs of Morane on f.cover.
BN: 21975
China Aviation Industry Press (pub'r)  CHINA TODAY; AVIATION INDUSTRY -   Beijing, 1989; 26 x 19cm, 560pp, col. Plates; fine inc d/w. 16.00
Detailed history of the Industry from 1951, largely covering military aircraft & engines.  
BN: 30640  

Chinnery, Philip  DESERT BONEYARD -  Davis Monthan A.F.B., Arizona.   Airlife 1st, 1987; 22 x 22cm, 1cm thick; super colour photography. Fine inc d/w.

BN: 24975  

Christy, Joe & Page Shamburger  SUMMON THE STARS -  The advance of aviation from the second World War.

Barnes (USA) 1st, 1970; 29 x 22cm, 434pp, f.illus, large biblio; fine, good d/w.  America's airmen and aircraft since 1939 - sequel to "Command the Horizon".  
BN: 24648

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