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Tokunaga K. & Andy Stewart   THE RED ARROWS -  W.H.Smith 1st, 1991; 33 x 25cm, 128pp, pictorial (all col); fine inc d/w.

Fine photography by a master of the art.  
BN: 30183  
Treadwell, Terry C. THE IRONWORKS - Grumman's fighting aeroplanes. £16.00
Airlife 1st, 1990; 30 x 22cm, 192pp, f.illus (photos, 3-view line drgs, cut-aways), glossary, biblio; fine inc d/w. Well illustrated company history.  
BN: 26223  
Treadwell, Terry C. SUBMARINES WITH WINGS - The past, present & future of aircraft-carrying submarines. £18.00

Conway 1985; 25 x 19cm, 121pp, f.illus (photos, 3-view drgs); fine inc d/w; AUTHOR'S SIGNED dedication.

BN: 23552  

Turner, Major C.C.  BRITAIN'S AIR PERIL -  The danger of neglect & considerations on the Role of an Air Force. 

Author emphasises importance of air power and analyses the options for Britain. SEE ALSO OTHER BOOKS ON AIR POWER in my separate section.  
BN: 21120  
D & C 1st, 1994; 32 x 30cm l'scape; 98pp, lengthy intro & paintings, with captions; fine inc d/w. Excellent record of the author's fine work.  
BN: 28089  


Ian Allan 1st, 1968; 170pp, photos & references to all variants; fine inc d/w.
BN: 22698

Turner P.St John  THE VICKERS VIMY -  PSL 1st, 1969; 128pp, many photos, 3-view line drgs; vg inc d/w. 

History of the original aircraft & a description of the construction of the 1969 replica; photos include the Vimy Commercial & Vernon.  
BN: 22699  

USAF Colonels  AIR WAR VIETNAM -  A & A.P. 1978 from Arno 1st; 361pp, photos & diags in text; fine inc d/w. 

This book elaborates on the detailed air operations rather than the politics.  
BN: 29035  

van der Linden  THE BOEING 247 - the first modern airliner.    Nat. Air & Space Nuseum USA 1st, 1991; 254pp, many photos, line drgs, notes; fine inc d/w.

Good type history.  
BN: 26538  
von Braun, Dr Werner  SPACE FLIGHT PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE  (Fifth Wings Club "sight" lecture)  24 x 16cm, 27pp, 19 figs (photos) fine. 18.00
Lecture presented at the Wings Club on May 15, 1968, New York City  
BN: 34225  

von Langsdorff (ed'r)  HANDBUCH DER LUFTFAHRT -  Jahrgang 1939  

Lehmanns Verlag, 1939 edition of the German annual (on the lines of Jane's AWA) formerly von Langsdorff's "Taschenbuch der Luftflotten"; 31 x 22cm, 596pp plus adverts; vg int, bb'g broken & taped; I can arrange repair if necessary (cost added)  The German reference to the World's Aircraft for the interesting year of 1939.
BN: 29817

Vorderman, Don THE GREAT AIR RACES  -  Doubleday USA 1st, 1969; 288pp, f.illus; vg except cloth sl damp-marked, good d/w. 

Covers mostly USA racing but including the Schneider Trophy  
BN: 1621  
Macdonald Monograph 1st, 1963; 25 x 19cm, 162pp, f.illus; vg (corner bumped;, torn d/w. One of the four original Macdonald monographs, with their renowned paper & photo quality.  
BN: 22702

Wansborough-White, Gordon  NAMES WITH WINGS -  The names & naming systems of aircraft & engines flown by the British armed forces, 1878-1994.   Airlife 1st, 1995; 30 x 21cm, 206pp, f.illus, large index, biblio;near fine inc d/w

Reasons for naming, with considerable history of the selected examples;inc a 73-page index.
BN; 32087

Ward, Richard L.  PHANTOM SQUADRONS OF THE RAF AND FLEET AIR ARM -  Linewrights 1st, 1988; 30 x 22cm, 68pp, mainly pictorial (some col), col picture boards; fine.

BN: 23943
Ward, Cdr Sharkey SEA HARRIER OVER THE FALKLANDS - A Maverick at war. £14.00
BCA version of Cooper 1st, 1992; 299pp, maps, photos, combat diags; nr fine, vg d/w.
BN: 25468

Ward Lock (pub'r)  THE WONDER BOOK OF AIRCRAFT -  1st, c 1918; 25 x 20cm, 264pp, f.illus; sl grubby & worn but complete and still capable of giving amusement.

The pre-war edns, although intended as juvenile books, are gloriously "period" - with the famous Maybank cartoons on front & rear covers ("before & after the accident" drawings).  
 Ward Lock (pub'r)  THE WONDER BOOK OF AIRCRAFT  £14.00
6th, c1929: 25 x 20cm, 256pp, f.illus; (Argosy cover) vg int, spine torn.
The pre-war edns, although intended as juvenile books, are gloriously "period" - with the famous Maybank cartoons on front & rear covers ("before & after the accident" drawings).  Also 4th edn, c1924? good but with 1 col plate missing and one replaced by photocopy - 8  Also 7th edn (Argosy picture), vg int, covers sl worn - 16;  Also 8th edn, c1934 (Atlanta picture); vg, fair (Rare!) d/w - 16   Also - "Entirely New Edn" (early 1950s) vg - 12  
BN: 25314

Warne,Fred'k (pub'r)  THE BOOK ABOUT AIRCRAFT -  Warne 1st, 1933, ; 28 x 21cm; 96pp, 12 col plates, 134 text illus; vg.

More period illustrations in a basically elementary review of current aviation; some very nice colour plates; an attractive "period" work.  
BN: 22703

Warner, Graham  SPIRIT OF BRITAIN FIRST -  PSL 1st, 1996; 24 x 17cm, 204pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w; SIGNED BY AUTHOR.

The story of the second Blenhiem IV rebuild , led by the author.
BN: 31426

Weston, Richard & Ronald Hurst  ZAGREB ONE FOUR - CLEARED TO COLLIDE? - Granada1st, 1982; 198pp, 6 photos, diags; vg, good d/w 

The air collision over the Zagred beacon in September 1976, the reasons and the conclusions reached.
BN: 32020
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