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Talbot, Frederick A.  ALL ABOUT AIRCRAFT OF TODAY -  Cassell, c1919; 360pp, 40 plates, nice picture boards; near-vg (cloth sl marked at edges).

Illustrated review of post-WW 1 aeronautics and aircraft & engine types; chiefly collectable for its good, very period, photos.    
BN: 27256    
Tangye, Nigel BRITAIN IN THE AIR - £10.00
Collins 1st, 1944; 23 x 17cm, 48pp, painting reproductions (some col); vg inc d/w. Some fine illustrations and some early history; reproductions of ballooning & early aviation paintings & drawings - and a few of WW 2 scenes.  
BN: 25027  
Hulton Press 1st, 1955; 28 x 22cm, 192pp, 650 photos; vg, torn remains of d/w .A really well-illustrated review of flight - recommended!. Also - 1974 edn (entitled "Flight"; Peebles Press); fine inc d/w - £14.  
BN: 20881  

Taylor J.W.R.  PASSENGERS, PARCELS & PANTHERS -  the story of our working aircraft.   Dobson 1st, 1955; 20 x 14cm, 159pp, 18 photos; fine, vg d/w.

Early John Taylor work on the freight side of the airline operations of the time.  
BN: 21660  

Taylor J.W.R. & Maurice F.Allward  WESTLAND 50 -  Ian Allan, 1965; 216pp, f.illus, (small 3-view line drgs); near fine inc d/w. 

Excellent Westland company history on fine paper.  
BN: 22043  
Taylor J.W.R. AIRCRAFT, AIRCRAFT - £7.50
Hamlyn, 1967; 29 x 22cm, 140pp, pictorial (some col); near fine inc d/w. Pictorial review of flight through the ages.  
BN: 21007  
Taylor J.W.R. & G.Swanborough MILITARY AIRCRAFT OF THE WORLD - £4.00
Ian Allan 2nd edn,1973; 240pp, f.illus; fine, vg d/w.Also - 3rd, 1975 edn (similar) - £4. Also Swanborough 1981 (nr fine inc d/w) - £5.  
BN: 21468  
Taylor, Allward, Gunston & many others THE LORE OF FLIGHT - £16.00
Chancelor Press (Tre Trycklare) 1980 (from 1970 original) ; 31 x 28cms, 426pp, f.illus; nr fine inc d/w.  Surely the ultimate coffee-table encyclopaedia!. A history of flying, aircraft design, power-plant development, systems and equipment.  
BN: 22689  
Ebury Press, 1969; 29 x 22cms, 647pp, f.illus with photos and diags; fine, vg d/w. Contains all military aircraft that had ever entered squadron service anywhere in the world, to date; photos and details of over 800 types.  
BN: 22687  
 Taylor, John W.R.   AIR BP BOOK OF FLIGHT TODAY - Book 2; Stanley Paul, 1961; 30 x 23cm, 96pp, f.illus (some col); vg  Many separate articles; good (fep clipped)  £4.50.00
BN: 25944  

Taylor, Michael & David Mondey  THE GUINESS BOOK OF AIRCRAFT -  Facts & feats.  Guiness 1984 edn; 256pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w. 

Similar to the earlier "Air facts" books but with enhanced & up-dated photos.  Also 1973 & 1977 edns, fine, vg d/w - 6 each; Also 1985 edn, nr fine inc d/w - 7.50; Also 1988 edn, fine inc d/w - 8; 7.50
BN: 26215  
Taylor, Michael J.H. THE AEROSPACE CHRONOLOGY - £12.00
Tri-Service Press 1989; 25 x 18cm, 330pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w. Originally published in 1983 as "Milestones of Flight". ALSO - "Milestones of Flight" card-cover edn, 1983; 25 x 17cm, 288pp; fine - £8.  
BN: 25255  

Taylor M.J.H.  JANE'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AVIATION -  Single volume edn, Studio Editions, 1988, reprinted 1993; (from the Jane's, 1980 5 vol original) 958pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w. 

Covers all periods.  
BN: 25928  
Thames Publishing (Pub'r) THE BOY'S BOOK OF JETS - £5.00
Thames nd (1960s?) 26 x 21cm, 92pp, artists' impressions of aircraft, space rockets, boats etc; (some col); vg int, picture covers sl rubbed at edges. Juvenile-type book, but with very "period" content; some stories as well as fact.  
BN: 27260  

Thompson, Jonathan  ITALIAN CIVIL & MILITARY AIRCRAFT -  1930 - 1945.  Aero Publishers 1st, 1963; 28 x 20cm, 304pp, f.illus (photos & 3-view line drgs) nr fine, sl torn d/w.

Now scarce.  
BN: 25718  
Thornborough, Anthony MODERN FIGHTER AIRCRAFT - TECHNOLOGY AND TACTICS - into combat with today's fighter pilots. £15.00
PSL 1st, 1995; 24 x 17cm, 204pp, f.illus, glossary; fine inc d/w.  
BN: 30210  
Thornborough, Anthony M. USAF PHANTOMS - Tactics, Training & Weapons.  
A & A.P. 1988; 25 x 19cm, 160pp, f.illus; fine, nr fine d/w.  (Also another, fine without d/w - 8) £10.00
BN: 23522  

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