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Rotundo, Louis  INTO THE UNKNOWN -  The X-1 story.  

Airlife 1st, 1994; 324pp, 42 photos; notes; fine inc d/w.  A rather biased account of the development of jet and supersonic flight in the USA, (with no mention of Whittle or the Miles M 52!).  
BN: 28636
 Rowe, Percy  THE GREAT ATLANTIC AIR RACE -  Angus & Robertson 1977;  224pp, 46 illus, biblio; vg except one corner worn.  £8.00
 The dream of cross-Atlantic flight, the attempts and the conquests. Also - Canadian edn, McClelland & Stewart, 1977; fine, vg d/w - 14  
 BN: 22654  

 Royal Aero Club (C.G.Burge) -     THE AIRMAN'S YEAR BOOK & LIGHT AEROPLANE MANUAL -1934/5 -  Pitman, 1935; 142pp, records etc; loosely inserted map of Great Britain;  vg.

 Includes navigation & legal information, awards etc.   . Also - Year Book 1927-8-9-30; card covers, vg - £25  
BN: 22657  

S.B.A.C. (pub'r)  THE BRITISH AIRCRAFT INDUSTRY, 1948 -  8vo, 279pp, vg (pages browned).

Lists & details of member companies & their products.
BN: 21825
SBAC, c1984; 31 x 21cm, 144pp, f.illus; col boards; fine. Pictorial directory of British aerospace products & manufacturers.  
BN: 23929
Saab-Scania THE SAAB-SCANIA STORY - £15.00
Streiffert, Sweden 1987; 28 x 22cm, 168pp, f.illus (some col); fine, near fine d/w. Attractive Company history covering cars and aircraft; English language.  
BN: 24673
Sanabria, Nicolas  STANDARD CATALOGUE OF AIR POST STAMPS  Sanabira, 8th edn, 1938; 19 x 14cm, 577pp, fine 15.00
BN: 41898
Sanabria, Nicolas  SANABRIA'S AIR POST CATALOGUE  1946 edn  New York, 1946; 19 x 13cm, 1168pp, nr fine 15.00
BN: 41897
Sargent, Eric & E.C.Talbot-Booth FIGHTING PLANES OF THE WORLD - £15.00  
Sampson Low "dumpy book"; 1st, 1938; 14 x 11cm, 613pp; ; vg .Photos & data; chapters on RAF history, organisation, ranks, squadrons etc. Also 2nd, bd'g loose& cloth sl worn, o/w vg - £7.50  
BN: 22662
Sargent, Eric (Ed'r) AIRCRAFT AND THE AIR - £12.00
Sampson Low 3rd, c1941; 14 x 11cms, 733pp, photos; bd'g loose, o/w vg.;The 1st version of this "dumpy" book contained the pen & ink drgs, (replaced in the later edns by photos). Covers aircraft and airships, manufacturers, airlines, aviation and RAF history. The 3rd & 4th edns have the photos. Also - 4th edn (767pp, photos - bdg sl loose, o/w vg, poor d/w - £16.  
BN: 22661
Saundby, A.M. Sir Robert   AIR BOMBARDMENT -The Story of its Development.    Chatto 1st, 1961; 276pp, 19 photos; near fine. 15.00
BN: 38018
Schieldrop, Prof Edgar B. THE AIR - 8.00
Hutchinson "Conquest of Space & Time" series No 4; 1st, 1940; 327pp;  f.illus (photos, drgs, maps etc);vg.   Good picture of the  current "state of the art"  and some earlier history.  Also 2nd, 1957, updated - 256pp - vg, torn remains of d/w - 7.50  
BN: 21500

Scott, Stewart A  ENGLISH ELECTRIC LIGHTNING -  Vol 2.   GMS Enterprises, 2004; 28 x 21cm, 692ppf.illus (mainly monochrome but some col plates at rear; fine int, covers shop-marked; (no d/w) 

Both volumes of this massively researched work now scarce. The projected Vol 3 was never completed.
BN: 32010
Scutts, Jerry HOT JETS - Supersonic fighters of USAF. £5.00
Hamlyn 1st, 1989; 22 x 16cm landscape; 80pp, col photos, col drgs; fine.
BN: 26361
Pawlak 1st, 1973; 31 x 22cm, 200pp, f.illus (photos, 3-viewaircraft type drgs, diags; near fine inc d/w. (owner's bookplate). An aviation encyclopedia NOT written by Bill Gunston! A few unusual photos amongst the common ones.  
BN: 29942

Seo, Hiroshi  MILITARY AIRCRAFT OF THE WORLD -  Jane's 1st, 1985; 26 x 19cms landscape, 96pp, pictorial with excellent photos; col boards; near fine.

Also - card cover Japanese language version, 1979; fine - 4.50.
BN: 22667
Jane's 1st, 1985; 26 x 19cm, landscape; 79pp, pictorial; col boards; nr fine. Superb colour photography.
BN: 23931
Janes 1st UK, 1985; 79pp, 26 x 19cms landscape, pictorial with excellent (all colour) photos; col. boards; fine.
BN: 22668  Also card covers "Airliners of the world" 1980; 96pp, pictorial;  (all col); nr fine - 5  

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