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Redermann, Hans  DIE BAHNBRECHENDEN KONSTRUKTIONEN IM FLUGZEUGBAU - (The pioneering products in aircraft construction)  Motorbuch Verlag, 1989; 27 x 23cm, 245pp, f.illus (photos (some col), 3-view line drgs; picture covers; German language; fine.

The author has chosed 37 aircraft types as important pioneers in various ways and given approx 8 pages of description of each.  
BN: 31897  
Redgrave, H. Stanley  THE AIR MAILS OF THE BRITISH ISLES  Author pub, 1940; 150pp, 25 illus inc photos; vg 12.50
BN: 40426   

Reference International  ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AVIATION -  1st UK, 1977; 28 x 22cm, 218pp, f.illus; vg inc d/w. 

Good introduction to the subject.   
BN: 26207  
Remise, Jac  LE LIVRE DE L'AEROPLANE -  Flammarion, 1979; 28 x 22cm, 191pp, f.illus; fine, vg d/w 12.00
  Mostly covering the pioneer period and WW 1, with some unusual illustrations  
Rendall, Ivan REACHING FOR THE SKIES - The adventure of flight. £12.00
BBC Books, 1988; 25 x 20cms, 288pp, f.illus (some col photos); fine inc d/w. Stories of many of the century's aviation adventurers, from the T.V series. ALSO - German language version ("Griff nach dem Himmel" VGS 1990; near fine inc d/w - £12.  
BN: 22639  

Rendall, Ivan  SPLASH ONE -  the story of jet combat.  W & N 1st, 1998; 25 x 18cm, 362pp, 33 photos (some col); vg inc d/w except  corner sl bumped & d/w sl torn. 

BN: 29043  

Rendel, David  CIVIL AVIATION IN NEW ZEALAND -  an illustrated history.  Reed 1st, 1975; 29 x 22cm, 190pp, f.illus (photos & maps); near fine inc d/w..

Well illustrated record of all periods; inc list of registrations.  
BN: 29044  

Roberts, Leslie  THERE SHALL BE WINGS - A history of the Royal Canadian Air Force.  Clarke Irvin (Canada) 1st, 1959; 24 x 16cms, 290pp, 60 photos, biblio; near fine inc d/w.

A serious history of the RCAF's exploits in WW 2, Korea, NATO and the United Nations Emergency Force.  
BN: 22642  
Guild, 1989; 31 x 26cm; 256pp, f.illus, biblio, glossary, USAF aircraft tailcodes; fine inc d/w. Some superb photographs.  
BN: 24298  

Roberts, Michael L.  UNITED STATES NAVAL AVIATION PATCHES -  Aircraft Carriers, Carrier Air Wings, Support Establishments.  Schiffer, 1995; 29 x 22cm, 158pp, pictorial (all col); fine except one cnr sl bumped.

BN: 31263  
Robertson, Bruce THE ARMY AND AVIATION - A pictorial history. £14.00
Hale 1st, 1980; 255pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w. Sections on pre-1914 and WW 1 flying.  
BN: 22648  
Robertson, Bruce  BRITISH MILITARY AIRCRAFT SERIALS 1912-1966 - Ian Allan rev'd, 1967 (from 1964 1st); 327pp,, illus; nr fine inc d/w 6.00
Also the original 1964 edn, good except spinecloth splitting away. - 3  
BN: 35259  
PSL 1st, 1982; 153pp, photos, diags; nr fine inc d/w. General reference book & glossary on all aspects of aviation.Also soft-cover version, fine - £7  
BN: 27142  
Robertson, Bruce AVIATION ARCHAEOLOGY - £10.00
PSL 1st, 1977; 156pp, photos, maps; nr fine inc d/w. Accounts of successful research & excavation.  
BN: 22647  Also 2nd edn, 1983; fine inc d/w - 10  
Robertson, Bruce AIRCRAFT MARKINGS OF THE WORLD, 1912-1967 - £24.00
Harleyford 1st, 1967; 29 x 22cms, 232pp, photos, side-views (some col), col insignia; near fine inc d/w. Other copies available including simi;ar but with SIGNATURE PLATE - £30  
BN: 22645  

Robertson, Major F.A. de V.  AIRCRAFT OF THE WORLD -  Humphrey Milford 1927 2nd edn; 28 x 22cms, 99pp, plate photos (some col); vg (cloth sl rubbed).

Good plates of Aldershot, B & P Bourges, Siskin, D.H.34 & 50, R-36 Airship, Atalanta, Sea Eagle, Flycatcher, Peyret glider, Wren, Gloster (l923), Fokker F.7 Navy Curtiss racer & engines. Some are excellent colour reprods of paintings, others b & w photos; quite scarce.  
BN: 22650  

Robinson, Anthony (Ed'r)  THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN AIRCRAFT -  Orbis 1st, 1979; 30 x 23cm, 416pp, photos, col drgs etc; vg (fine int).

BN: 27751  
Robinson, Anthony NIGHT FIGHTER - a concise history of night fighting since 1914. £12.00
Ian Allan 1st, 1988; 24 x 18cm, 144pp, f.illus (photos, maps & diags); fine inc d/w.  
BN: 28085  
Robinson, Anthony (Ed'r) AIR POWER - the World's Air Forces. £10.00
Orbis 1982 reprint of 1980 1st; 30 x 23cm, 304pp, f.illus (mostly col) (col side views, photos); fine, sl torn d/w.  
BN: 27143  

Robinson, Anthony  DICTIONARY OF AVIATION -  Eighty Years of Powered Flight.  Goild (BCA) 1st, 1984; 30 x 23cm, 304pp, f.illus; (some col); fine inc d/w. 

Brief illustrated entries under many headings, arranged in alphabetical order.  
BN: 32054  
Robinson, Douglas H. THE DANGEROUS SKY - A history of aviation medicine. £15.00
Foulis 1st, 1973; large 8vo, 292pp, 40 illus; fine, vg d/w. Extensive study with many references. SEE ALSO MY SEPARATE AERO MEDICAL LIST.  
BN: 22653  

Rolt L.T.C.  THE DOWTY STORY -  Parts 1 & 2; 1961-1971  

Newman Neame 2 vols, 1st, 1962 & 1973; 90pp & 64pp; , 36 & 24 photos; fine, (Vol 1 with vg d/w; Vol 2 vg without d/w) .  Company History, with many references to aviation products & photos of aircraft equipped. pair
BN: 27144
 Ross, Frank Jr  FLYING WINDMILLS -  The story of the Helicopter. Museum Press, 1956; 192pp, diags in text inc photos; near fine, vg d/w   £12.00
 Non-technical story of the helicopter's development, from ancient ideas to date of writing,  
 BN: 25024  

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