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Postma, Thijs FOKKER - Aircraft builders to the world. £15.00
Jane's 1st, 1980; 30 x 23cms, 160pp, f.illus; fine, nr fine d/w. A profusely illustrated history of one of the most innovative aircraft companies in the world.  
BN: 22633
Potgieter, Herman & Willem Steenkamp AIRCRAFT OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN AIRFORCE - £15.00
Jane's (UK) edn, 1981 (of 1980 S. African original); 29 x 22cms, 180pp, pictorial (vg col.photos throughout); nr fine inc d/w.   A nice production with some excellent photos.  
BN: 22634
Prest, Robert F4 PHANTOM - A pilot's story. £12.00
Cassell 1st, 1979; 209pp, 16 photos, glossary; fine inc d/w.
BN: 22636
 Sampson-Low 7th (2nd Civil Air Guard) edn, 1939; 178pp, diags; good-vg (covers soiled)  A guide to entry into the aviation profession, with notes on the Civil Air Guard.  
BN:  21361
Price, Alfred SKY BATTLES! - dramatic air warfare actions. £7.50
A & A.P. 1993; 160pp, 39 photos; near fine inc d/w. The author's reflections on the nature of air warfare in a variety of conflicts.  
BN: 30454
Pringle, Patrick FIGHTING PILOTS - £5
Evans 1st, 1961; 207pp, 25 photos, biblio; near fine, vg d/w. Collected anecdotes from military aviation history (chiefly WW 2 with short WW 1 section) - some good photos.  
BN: 23925
Prior, Rupert FLYING - THE GOLDEN YEARS - a pictorial anthology. £15.00
Blossom (UK) 1991; 30 x 24cm, 144pp, f.illus (mostly col); fine inc d/w. An artistic review of flying ; pioneer days, WW 1, airlines etc; photos & many col reproductions of posters, paintings, programmes etc.  
BN: 26879
Pritchard, J.Lawrence THE BOOK OF THE AEROPLANE - £17,50
Longmans Green, 3rd, 1935;  (from 1926); 255pp, 24 plates, glossary; vg Period popular-style book with some good period illustrations; second edns onwards  have an extra chapter on later progress.  
BN: 25017
Protheroe E A BOOK ABOUT AIRCRAFT - 12.00
Epworth 1st, 1923; 19x12cm, 128pp, 10 photos; vg+   Commentary on current airships, airliners & air power; snapshot of this interesting post-WW 1 period.  
BN: 24683
Pudney, John BRISTOL FASHION - Some account of the earlier days of Bristol Aviation. £14.00
Putnam, 1960 "Private Edition"; 101pp, drgs by David Gentleman; near fine. The author depicts characters and events which featuring in first 25 years of the Bristol enterprise. (Not a full company history).  
BN: 22638

Rae, John B.  CLIMB TO GREATNESS -  The American Aircraft Industry, 1920-1960.  MIT Press, Massachusetts, 1968; 280pp, 32 photos, expensive notes & biblio; fine, vg d/w. 

BN: 32000

Raikes, Lt Col W.O.  KEITH LECTURES, 1922 - AVIATION -  A course of four lectures to the Royal Scottish Society of Arts.  Edinburgh, 1922; hard covers, 102pp, 21 photos; fine int, cloth soiled & faded.

Lectures on the pioneer years, the war effort, future prospects for military & civil flying and Commercial aviation.  
BN: 31984

Rawlings, John & Hilary Sedgwick  LEARN TO TEST, TEST TO LEARN -  The history of the Empire Test Pilots' School.    Airlife 1st, 1991; 25 x 18cm, 138pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w.

BN: 30668

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