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Munson,Kenneth AIRCRAFT THE WORLD OVER - £6.50
Ian Allan 1st, 1967; 25 x 19cm, 144pp, f.illus; good-vg.Review of 60 years of flight; chapters on air power, air transport, airports, helicopters etc.  
BN: 21002  

Munson, Phil  CONQUEST OF THE ATLANTIC -  pioneer flights 1919-1939.  Stenlake pub 1st, 2002; 28 x 21cm, 96pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w

BN: 31777  
 Munson, Russell  SKYWARD -  Why Flyers Fly.  Howell Press USA, 1989; 30 x 24cm, 208pp, pictorial; fine inc d/w   £16.00
 Some glorious examples of air-to-air photograthy by the author.  
 BN; 30645  
Murchie, G. SONG OF THE SKY - £15.00
Secker & Warburg (1st UK) 1955; 408pp, author's sketches in text; near fine, torn remains of d/w. Well-written classic on the elements and their influence on aviation.  
BN: 24703  
Myles, Bruce JUMP JET - The revolutionary V/STOL Fighter. £8.00
Presidio Press, USA, 1978; 290pp, photos in text, col boards; fine, torn d/w. Story of development, early service flying, sale to USA etc. Also - Brassey's 2nd UK edn, 1986; picture boards; fine - £7.50.  
BN: 23587  

Myles, Eugenie Louise  AIRBORNE FROM EDMONTON -  Ryerson Press (canada) 1st, 1959; 280pp, 29 photos; nr fine, good d/w. 

The development of Canadian aviation, with Edmonton as the important centre for airmail, freight and passenger services to the north. It was also the cradle for the careers of many of Canada's best known pilots. Published for the 50th Birthday of Canadian Aviation.  
BN: 28634  

Nayler, J.L. & E.Ower  AVIATION OF TO-DAY -  Its history & development.  Warne 1st 1930; 16 x 12cm; 491pp, 48 col plates, 113 photos, 47 charts, diags and maps; vg except owner's address on fep.

Super period item.  
BN: 22623  
Nayler J.L. & E.Ower FLIGHT TODAY £8.00
OUP 1rev'd edn, 1945;; 127pp, 24 plates; vg, worn d/w, Illustrated survey of current aviation (mainly civil). .
BN: 21269  
Nemecek, Vaclav VOJENSKA LETADLA - £14.00
Vol 4 of the 1979 edn, covering 1945-1950; 25 x 17cm, 2.5cm thick, many photos, 3-view line drgs; fine, nr fine d/w -  
BN: 27451  

Neprud, Robert E.  FLYING MINUTE MEN -  the story of the Civil Air Patrol.  

Duell, Sloan & Pearce, USA, 1948; 243pp, 35 photos, cartoons; fine inc d/w..  The US Civil Air Patrol, the civilian defence force that grew, from a few just before Pearl Harbour to over 100,000 people.
BN: 29209
 Nockolds, Harold  THE MAGIC OF A NAME - Story of Rolls-Royce cars & aircraft engines. Foulis 1949 (white cloth & tipped-in plates by Roy Nockolds); 283pp, 6 col plates;  near fine.  £20.00
 Essential reading for Rolls-Royce & Piston enthusiasts - originally published in 1938.  
BN:  22626  

Nordeen L.O.  AIR WARFARE IN THE MISSILE AGE -  Arms & Armour 1985, 18x25 cms, 265pp,illus. fine inc d/w.

Covers weapons, tactics & training, from Vietnam to India/Pakistan, Middle East & Falklands   
BN: 28216  
Nordeen, Lon FIGHTERS OVER ISRAEL - Story of the Israeli Air Force from War of Independence to Bakaa Valley. £12.00
Guild, l99l; 226pp, 36 photos/artists' impressions, 8 maps, aircraft type list, notes; fine inc d/w.  
BN: 24805  
Nowarra, Heinz J & G.R.Duval  RUSSIAN CIVIL & MILITARY AIRCRAFT, 1884-1969 -  Fountain Press 1st, 1971; 29 x 22cm, 288pp, f.illus (photos, 3-view tone drgs), data tables; fine, near-fine d/w. 30.00
Very comprehensive book produced to Harleyford copyright & in their normal format & style  
BN: 23557  

Odgers, George  THE ROYAL AUSTRALIAN AIR FORCE -  an illustrated history.  Ure Smith 1st, 1965; 24 x 19cm, 240pp, f.illus; fine, nr fine d/w.. 

Brief but well illustrated history with a section on WW 1.  
BN: 27453  
 Ogden,Bob  AVIATION MUSEUMS -  (Worldwide, excluding USA).  Airline pubs, 1979; 144pp, 49 photos; fine , nr fine d/w.  £7.00
 Lists of the contents of museums at time of writing, with photos at rear.  
BN:  25012  
Prion 1st, 1986; 32 x 27cm, 200pp, f.illus (some col); near fine inc d/w. Superbly illustrated review  
BN: 23194  
Ogilvy, David THE SHUTTLEWORTH COLLECTION - the official guide. £12.00
Airlife 1st, 1982; 214pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w. Useful picture of the 1982 collection and its workers.  Also card cover edn (1st, 1982); fine (AUTHOR SIGNED) - £12. Also - card cover 1994 edn (now 21 x 21cm, 1cm thick; almost all colour; fine - 6.50.And 1994 version of the same - 6.50;  Also - 1968 booklet (21 x 15cm, 112pp together with a 6-page July 1972 addendum; £5. Also 1966 booklet (24 x 18cm, 45pp, all monochrome) vg - 5; Also 18 x 14cm 18pp col brochure - vg - 4;  Also 2000 edn, card covers, 27 x 23cm l'scape; fine - 9  
BN: 23270  
Ogilvy,David (Ed'r) FROM BLERIOT TO SPITFIRE - flying the historic aeroplanes of the Shuttleworth Collection. £15.00
Airlife 1st, l977; 180pp, photos; nr fine inc d/w. Contributions by Roland Beamont, John Lewis, Dicky Martin, Desmond Penrose, Thomas Guttery, Allen Wheeler & Neil Williams. Also card cover edn, 1991; fine - £7  
BN: 21299  

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