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Kopenhagen W & Dr R.Neustadt DAS GROSSE FLUGZEUGTYPENBUCH - £35.00
Motorbuch 1st, 1977; 34 x 24cm, 553pp, f.illus (photos - som col - 3-view line drgs, data; fine, vg d/w in sl torn slipcase.. Massive German language reference book to world aircraft types.  
BN: 28865  


Lambermont, Paul & A.Pirie  HELICOPTERS & AUTOGIROS OF THE WORLD -  Cassell 1st ,1958; 255pp, f.illus; ex-lib with unobtrusive stamps, cloth sl marked, o/w vg. 

Details of types, arranged by country & maker.    
BN: 25705    
Langewiesche, William INSIDE THE SKY - a meditation on flight. £11.00
Pantheon Books, New York 1st, 1998; 240pp, 1 diag; fine inc d/w. Written by the son of Wolfgang L., author of "Stick & Rudder" and other books on air travel etc.  
BN: 30200
Larkins, William T.  THE FORD STORY -  a pictorial history of the Ford Tri-motor 1927-1957   Longo (USA) 1st, 1957; Card covers, 28 x 22cm, 178pp plus fold-out detailed plans; f.illus; vg. 18.00
BN: 30629

Law, Major Bernard  FIGHTING PLANES OF THE WORLD -  Random House.New York new & revised edn, 1942 (from 1940 original); 29 x 22cm, 72pp, many colour & monochrome drgs, some full-page. Illus by Barry Bart. Fine int, corners sl splitting, attracti   e f. cover painting; ragged d/w.

Scarce early U.S. WW 2 picture book.
BN: 31791

Lawson, Robert L.  THE HISTORY OF U.S. NAVAL AIR POWER -  From 1911 to the present day.  Temple Press 1985; 31 x 23cm, 256pp, f.illus (photos & drgs, mostly col); vg inc d/w except relavant picture cuttings added to endpapers & other front pages by previous owner Owen Thetford - with his bookplate.

Comprehensive, well produced & illustrated review, over half dealing with Vietnam & more recent period; also covers the Battle of the Atlantic, the Pacific War, Korea, & the Mid-East.  
BN: 23576
 Lee,Asher  THE SOVIET AIR FORCE -  £8.00
 Duckworth 1st, 1950; 19 x 13cm, 227pp, 12 illus; fine, good d/w. Largely WW 2 history.  Also John Day USA, 1962; 288pp, 14 photos, nr fine inc d/w - 7.50  
 BN: 21967

Lerma, Duke of (Capt Jose Larios)  COMBAT OVER SPAIN -  Memoirs of a Nationalist Fighter Pilot 1936-1939.  Macmillan USA 1st, 1966; ; 308pp, 28 photos, ep maps; fine inc d/w.

The Nationalist point of view; author completed 278 missions flying mainly Fiat fighters. Scarce example of the American 1sr edn with pleasant sepia tinted photos.  
BN: 22590
Lucas, Laddie OUT OF THE BLUE - The role of luck in Air Warfare, 1917-1966. £15.00
Hutchinson 1st, 1985; 24 x 16cm, 308pp; fine inc d/w.
BN: 22487

Luff, David    BULLDOG -  The Bristol Bulldog Fighter.  Airlife 1st, 1987; 25 x 19cm, 188pp, f.illus (photos, col views for markings); near fine inc d/w.

Appendices contain details on squadrons, serials etc. Also similar but with signed dedication to Raymond Baxter - 40
BN: 25238

Lukins A.H.  THE BOOK OF MILES AIRCRAFT -  Harborough 1st, 1945; 29 x 23cm, 88pp inc advts; 1/72nd scale plans, photos; vg, torn but mostly complete d/w

Now rather scarce especially with d/w.
BN: 25239        Also another, near fine without d/w - 30   ALSO - the rare 2nd edn with green cloth and 5 extra aeroplanes included; nr fine - 45  
Harborough 1st, 1944; 28 x 22cms, 92pp, photos, data, plans of 39 basic types; near fine, good d/w.. Another good company history with illustrations and 1/72 plans of all types.  Also - vg without d/w - 17.50  
BN: 22597

Lukins, A.H. THE BOOK OF BRISTOL AIRCRAFT -  Harborough, 1946; 28 x 22cms, 141pp, photos, data, plans of 56 basic types, list of type numbers, company history; near fine  rather ragged  d/w.

Scarce company history with the usual 1/72 scale Harborough plans.
BJN: 22596

McCaffery, Dan  BUSH PLANES AND BUSH PILOTS -  Lorimer, Toronto, 2002; 24 x 22cm, 96pp, f.illus; (mostly colour); fine inc d/w. 

Well illustrates the Canadian bush flying from early times to date.    
BN: 31081    

McDaniel. William H.  BEECHCRAFT -  The History of Beech.  McCormick-Armstrong, 1971; 336pp, f.illus; near fine, with presentation plate signed by Olive Beech, Charrman of the Board.

A thorough and well-illustrated company history with a nice provenance. .    
BN: 31373    

McDonough, Kenneth  ATLANTIC WINGS, 1919-1939 -  Model Aeronautical Press 1st, 1966; 29 x 22cm, 132pp, photos, col plates, diags & data tables; nr fine, vg  d/w.

Attractive account of the early Atlantic flights; inc double-page col drgs of the aircraft as well as other sketches, maps & photos.    
BN: 25004    

McKay, Stuart  THE TIGER MOTH -  a tribute.  Airlife 1st, 1987; 28 x 22cm., 159pp, pictorial; fine, sl torn d/w. 

Excellent photography inc much col.    
BN: 28631    
 Macmillan, Capt Norman  AN HOUR OF AVIATION -  Lippincott USA, 1930; 19 x 11cm, 158pp, vg.   £10.00
 Rather basic review.   
BN:  21037  

Macmillan, Capt Norman  THE ART OF FLYING -  Duckworth 3rd, 1930; 19 x 13cm, 176pp, 24 photos, 11 diags; nr fine.

The author's first book inc some good period pictures (eg WW 1 & Schneider aircraft, HP slots on a Bristol Fighter)..  
BN: 21515  

Macmillan,Capt Norman  BEST FLYING STORIES -  Faber 1941 (from 1940 1st); 494pp; vg. 

Contains 21 extracts from books by Fokker, Tredrey, Snowdon-Gamble, Vigilant ("A Taube in China") & others.  
BN: 21096  
Macmillan, Norman  WINGS OF FATE -  Strange true tales of the vintage flying days.  Bell 1st, 1967; 191pp; vg inc d/w. 12.00
Mostly previously unpublished stories including some WW 1 material plus the author's own experiences.  
2BN: 2599  

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