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Johns W.E THE MODERN BOY'S BOOK OF AIRCRAFT - The Romance of Man's Mastery of the Skies in Picture & Story.


Amalgamated Press, c1931; 28 x 23cm, 192pp, col picture cover, f.illus;  vg exccpt front endpaper sl loose.   Scarce especially in sound condition. Articles, many by Johns; colour plates also by Johns including the super front cover painting of Schneider seaplanes ; mainly non-fiction with a few stories - a nice example of perhaps the best of this very "period" kind of book from the 1920s/30s.   Also another, vg int but bd'g sl loose & spinecloth torn for 10cm from top; (front cover not affected) - 28

BN: 22478
Hamilton 1st, c1935; 232pp, 32 photos; vg int, spine torn at top.  Ballooning, early military use of aircraft, WW 1, long distance flying etc;  
BN: 25450  

Johnson, Brian  TEST PILOT -  BCA edb, BBC Pubs 1986; 287pp, f.illus (some col); nr-fine inc d/w 

The book of the TV series.  
BN: 23895  
Johnson, J.E "Johnnie".  THE STORY OF AIR FIGHTING -  Hutchinson, 1985; 306pp,48 photos; fine, vg d/w. 14.00
Review of air fighting tactics, from WW 1 to the Falklands War, with illustrations of many of the leading participants.  
BN: 21688  

Jolly, Randy  THE USAF'S AIR COMBAT COMMAND - Global Power for America.  Aero Graphics USA 1st, 1995; 30 x 24cm, 224pp, f.illus (all col); nr fine inc d/w.

Superb photography on art paper, mostly pictorial; includes interior photos of the B 1, much on the B-2 etc.  
BN: 27448  
Jones, David THE TIME SHRINKERS - The development of civil aviation between Britain & Africa. £15.00
Rendel 1st, 1971; 273pp, 32 illus, ep maps; fine, vg d/w .Pioneers, record-breakers & airline development.
BN: 22576  
Jones, Glyn  THE JET PIONEERS -  the birth of jet-powered flight.  Methuen 1st, 1989; 228pp, 18 photos, biblio; fine inc d/w. 15.00
Describes the parallel courses of jet engine development in Germany and Britain, both suffering frustrations from governments but finally getting engines flying.  
BN: 28629  

Jones, Fred  AIR CRASH -  The Clues in the Wreckage.  Hale 1st, 1985; ; 235pp, 45 illus; fine inc d/w.

Accounts of accident investigations including some well known cases - & the interpretation of wreckage to determine the design of the V-2 from a crashed prototype.  
BN: 24999  
 Jones, Lloyd S.  U.S.FIGHTERS - ARMY AIR FORCE 1925-1980s -  Aero Pubs 1975; 28 x 19cm, 352pp, photos, 3-view line drgs; near-fine, vg d/w.  £24.00
 well-illus review of all types used inc many prototypes.  
 BN: 23532  

Jordanoff, Assen  YOUR WINGS -  Funk & Wagnalls USA 1936 1st (reprinted 1937); 25 x 19cm, 282pp, 400 figs, vg int, (cloth sl rubbed)

Technicalities & techniques of flying & Navigation.  
BN: 22577  
Jordanoff, Assen THROUGH THE OVERCAST - The art of instrument flying. £14.00
Funk & Wagnalls rev'd edn, 1943 (from 1st of 1938); 25 x 19cms, 356pp, 319 figs, some cartoons; vg. Excellent pre-war text book on the equipment and practice of instrument flying.  
BN: 22578  

Jordanoff, Assen  SAFETY IN FLIGHT -  Funk & Wagnalls USA 1941 1st; 25 x 19cm, 371pp, 326 figs; vg.

Techniques, equipment, meteorology etc.  
BN: 25000  

Jordanoff, Assen  JORDANOFF'S ILLUSTRATED AVIATION DICTIONARY -  Harper USA 1st, 1942; 25 x 19cm, 415pp, f.illus; fep removed & covers sl loose, o/w vg.

Small sketches down left of each page illustrate the terms.  
BN: 31518  

Josephy, A.M. (Gen Ed'r)  THE ADVENTURE OF MAN'S FLIGHT -  Putnam (UK) version, of the original,( titled "THE AMERICAN HERITAGE HISTORY OF FLIGHT") - from American Heritage magazine 1st of 1962; 29 x 22cms, 416pp, f.illus; vg

Attractive American-style history of aviation, inc some good colour photos, reproductions of posters & paintings.  
BN: 22579  
Joy, William THE AVIATORS - £12.00
Golden Press, 1983 edn (from Shakespeare Head, Australia 1st of 1965); 211pp, 37 photos, map; fine inc d/w. Stories of some of the great Australian flying pioneers.  
BN: 24691  
Karlson, Dr Paul DER MENSCH FLIEGT - geschichte und technik des fliegens. £12.00
Im Deutschen Verlag, 1937; 388pp, f.illus (photos, diags); vg int, f. cover broken away.  Well illustrated survey of aviation history and design features.  
BN: 29959  
Karolevitz, Robert F. & R.S.Fenn FLIGHT OF EAGLES - £16.00
Brevet Press USA 1st, 1974; 24 x 18cm, 281pp, f.illus; fine, near fine d/w. Story of the American Koscioszko Squadron in the Polish-Russian war, 1919-1920.  
BN: 25232  
Kilduff, Peter DOUGLAS A-4 SKYHAWK - £13.50
Osprey Air Combat, 1983; 28 x 21cm, 198pp, f.illus, full details of variations; fine, vg d/w.  
BN: 24663  
King H.F. & J.W.R.Taylor KITTY-HAWK TO CONCORDE - Jane's 100 significant aircraft. £12.00
Jane's 1970 (1st pub. as "100 Significant Aircraft", 1969 in limited edn); 28 x22cm, 1cm thick; photos, line drgs; fine, vg d/w. (alternative blue or purple d/ws). Also - the "100 Significant Aircraft" - attractive cloth design, without d/w - £15  
BN: 23243  
 King, Peter  KNIGHTS OF THE AIR -  the extraordinary pioneers who first built British aeroplanes.  Constable 1st, 1989; 544pp, 22 portrait photos; fine inc d/w.   £16.00
 A very readable British aircraft industry history.  
BN:  26196  

Knight, Geoffrey  CONCORDE - THE INSIDE STORY -  W & N 1st,1976; 174pp, 20 photos; vg inc d/w (fep sl cut)

Former Vice-Chairman of BAC gives his angle on the complicated technical and political developments prior to the Concorde's introduction into service.  
BN: 23897  

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